Brom saw a lot of notification windows appeared one after another.

[Received a fatal attack] [You have died] [Will Respawn in ten minutes] [Exp decrease 20%]

Those were the last things he saw before he lost consciousness.

Brom who felt like he took a nap suddenly heard a voice speaking in his mind. It was the soulless voice of a woman.

[Debuff: All stats are lowered 20% for the next thirty minutes]

After that, he felt somebody suddenly lunged at him. Brom slowly opened his eyes and he saw his little sister hugging him. He noticed that she was screaming something but he couldn’t hear it, in fact, he couldn’t hear anything.

He then saw the Guild Master approach him. Once the Guild Master was near, he could suddenly hear what his little sister was screaming.

« Brother! Don’t scare me like that, I thought I lost you! » Brom was confused at first, but then he remembered what happened. He died while doing the PVP, no he was killed by the Guild Master. Though he revived he should be angry at the Guild Master that he made his little sister cry, but for some reason, he just didn’t feel that way. He couldn’t get angry at the Guild Master, in fact, he didn’t feel any negative emotion towards the Guild Master.

Even Roselia felt like she was supposed to be mad at Raymond for killing her brother wasn’t even a little bit angry at the Guild Master. She even thought that the Guild Master was rather handsome, even though her mind was telling her his face was average. As the siblings were getting a bit confused about why they were feeling this way, Raymond looked at Brom. He was trying to see if there were any changes in his looks after reviving.

Seeing as there were no visible changes in his outer appearance Raymond sighed in relief. He then scratched his head as he spoke to Brom and Roselia.

« Sorry, you two… It’s been a while since I fought anything aside from monsters. So I wasn’t able to control my strength properly. Though I do know you guys can revive I still made a mistake and I apologize for that. »

« … Guild Master… Are you a God, or perhaps a Demi-God?… » Brom and Roselia looked at Raymond with both reverence and fear. If Raymond was a God everything would make sense. He was the one who granted them abilities, and not only that he even gave them a body that couldn’t die. If he was not a God or someone related to one, then how was he able to do such miraculous things?

‘How can the host be a God, when he can’t even upgrade this system. This system is the one doing all the work and the host is the one getting praised, how illogical.’ The robotic system actually sounded a bit sulky. Raymond didn’t bother answering the system as he shook his head.

« I am no God nor am I a Demi-God. I’m just a Guild Master of a nameless Guild. » Listening to his answer the siblings didn’t believe him.

« Well, though I’m sorry for killing you, we need to go out and hunt. You two need to level up quickly. Once you two are at an appropriate level, we can go and kill those bandits that took everything from you. »

When the siblings heard that they could take revenge, their eyes lit with a deadly fire. They wanted to quickly get stronger.

« Alright, seeing as you guys are all fired up. Let’s go out and level up! »

Six hours after they started their journey to level up, the siblings were already tired. They had killed numerous monsters near the Guild House.

While they were beating one monster after another, Raymond noticed that the level up of the siblings was different from his. When Raymond level-ups he gets attribute points in which he can use to increase his stats. On the other hand, when the siblings level up, they get a specific boost on their stats, they are unable to control it. The only thing they could control was their skill tree.

Though each level up gave them an incredible feeling of getting powerful, it didn’t help Brom and Roselia deal with their fatigue. The first time they killed one of the monsters in the forest, the siblings felt ecstatic, but as they continued doing it continuously for six hours without any breaks, they felt exhausted.

Raymond and John didn’t join in the fight, as the monsters Brom and Roselia were killing no longer gave them Exp. So the only time they joined in was when they saw that the siblings were in danger. They did this since dying was inefficient.

Even though they could revive, they would be revived in the Guild House and lose Exp, so they needed to walk back to their current location. That would be very inefficient, so Raymond and John became something like bodyguards.

Raymond could kill all the monsters, but if he parties with the siblings and they share exp the leveling of the siblings would slow down considerably. Also, this was so they can practice their co-op skills.

After ten hours of continuous grinding, Raymond was satisfied with how much the siblings leveled up. Once they reach a certain level, he could finally leave the forest and explore the new world he was in.