Two days after their gruesome leveling spree, the siblings finally hit level twenty. Raymond didn’t know how strong the bandits were, but with their current levels he feels like he could take them. Also, he wanted to leave the forest already.

Raymond was quite excited going on his first adventure in this new world. The siblings weren’t’ useful regarding information. They were normal everyday villagers that didn’t even step foot outside their village, before they were attacked by bandits.

The only information they had about the outside world was from things traveling bards and merchants told them. The information by the bards were pretty much hit and miss, as they tend to exaggerate certain things. On the other hand, the information given by the traveling merchants were also a subject of doubt. Since they admitted that most of what they were saying were basically rumors.

‘I wonder what the dwarves look like here, are they the same as the dwarves the people of my world imagined? How about the demi-humans, are they the legendary cat people! Will I finally get a cat girl waifu!’

The system’s robotic voice interrupted his daydreaming.

‘The host should stop daydreaming about catgirls and start thinking more about how to improve. The stronger the host gets the better it is for you and me.’

As Raymond was about to respond to the system he saw the siblings running towards him wearing their new armor set. Brom was wearing eastern style clothing with gauntlets, he looked like the monk from Di*blo 3.

Roselia, on the other hand, was wearing a priestess outfit similar to the beginner priestesses in R.O. The two got the equipment from Raymond, who in turn got it from the system. He found out that the system had a cash shop, but he was unable to access it due to him having no money.

The system needed the currency used by the people of this world. Even with a system and in a different world, he still needed money to enjoy himself.

This was one more reason why Raymond wanted to go out of the forest, so he could get money. So he then started haggling with the system, I asked for a loan. Once he gets the money he would immediately pay for the equipment.

The party of three finally set off on their first adventure from the Elisora forest to the nearest town. John the NPC knight was left in the Guild House to protect it.

After leaving the forest the first place they headed was the former village Brom and Roselia lived in. Upon arriving at their old village, they saw nothing but burnt houses and fields. They even saw dead bodies that attracted some wildlife. They already knew that this was what they would see, but seeing it in person still affected the siblings.

Roselia was trying hard to hold her tears from falling, while Brom clenched his fist. He then looked at Raymond and asked.

« Guild Master, can you revive them? If you can revive them they can join the guild and help you in whatever you want to do. » Brom didn’t know how powerful Raymond was, but he knew that he was powerful enough to grant his sister and him undying bodies. Maybe he could do the same to these dead people.

« I cannot do that… Like I said before, I am no God. Even the strongest ability of the Priest class, Ressurection cannot revive people that have been dead for a long time. »

Though Raymond answered with a face full of indifference the truth was he was also affected by the sight of dead bodies. In fact he almost puked when he saw the dead bodies. He already knew that this world wasn’t all fun and games. He has even killed numerous monsters by now and was about to kill some bandits. But seeing a dead human body that was killed this way was a first for him. He had tried to prepare himself mentally but it was no use. The scene before him was a real-life fantasy horror.

« If you want you can offer them a proper burial. I’ll be waiting at the Village’s exit, once you’re done we’re leaving. » After saying that Raymond left the scene no longer able to handle it. Brom simply nodded his head and started working.