Brom dug a huge hole on the ground and placed all the bodies he could find into that hole. He wasn’t sure which one were his parents, his aunt, and uncle. All the bodies have been torn, burnt, or eaten. There was no possible way to verify who was who.

Roselia looked at all the dead bodies and was no longer able to hold it in and started to cry. Seeing his little sister act that way, Brom had no words to comfort her. So he continued to pile up the bodies into a mass grave. Once he was done he started burying them under the land.

While Raymond’s group was getting sidetracked, a group of three youths wearing gambesons and had short swords on their waist were heading to the same town, Raymond and his group were heading to.

« Hey, are we really doing this? » One of the youths spoke a little bit hesitant.

« If we don’t do this, then we’ll never match up to those upper-class snobs. Even though we’re not the firstborns, we’re still children of nobility. We got to show those b*stards that we can do better than them. » Another youth with a fierce look on his face responded while raising his fist up in the air.

« Daniel is right Rei, we gotta do this. » The tallest of the three youths spoke with determination in his tone.

« But wasn’t this quest the highest difficulty. It clearly stated that third to fourth-year knight apprentices were recommended to take the quest. Are you sure about this, Lux?  » Daniel still looked a bit scared.

« That’s just a recommendation, it doesn’t mean we can’t take it. Also, if it wasn’t this hard, then it wouldn’t be worth doing it. Don’t worry Daniel, we’re just going to scout the area. If it looks like it’s too much for us then we retreat. » Lux smiled reassuringly at Daniel. Hearing what Lux said finally calmed Daniel down a bit.

The three were knight apprentices from the custodians of iron, a local knight academy of the city of Scorchrun. After taking a quest from school to subjugate the bandits near the borders of the human kingdom and demi-human kingdom, they headed town that requested for the subjugation.

It was a bustling town with a lot of security, as they saw a lot of local watchmen. As the trio walked through the streets, they noticed an abundance of crippled homeless people. Some of which approached them, unfortunately, they had nothing to give. They might be knight apprentices and noble children, but they were broke. They were only slightly better of the peasants, in fact even a merchant was better than them. They had no money, no claim to a noble title, and were only barely allowed to attend the knight academy.

After evading more of the beggars, the trio headed to the mayor’s house. Unlike nobles, the mayor was an elected individual who governs a small piece of land. Upon arriving at the mayor’s house the first thing that came to to their minds was ‘what a big house.’

Though the mayor was a powerful individual within his town, he was an ordinary citizen except for the title. But this mayor seems to be loaded, the trio then thought that the mayor might be a merchant. Since only nobles and rich merchants could afford to live in such a house.

Lux then knocked on the door, and the one to open it was a very attractive woman wearing what looks to be a modified maid’s uniform. This maid uniform emphasized the parts that were supposed to be emphasized on a female body.

« How can I help you my dear Sirs? » The maid smiled seductively at them.

« We’re here to meet the mayor. We’re the knight apprentices from the Custodians of Iron. » Hearing Lux’s answer the maid showed a surprised expression. She then led the three into the house and made them sit in a waiting area.

« Please wait as I call the master. » The maid bowed deeply showing off her cleavage. The three youths had different reactions. Daniel averted his gaze, Rei shrugged his shoulders, and Lux stared at it intently. Seeing their varied reactions made the maid giggle as she left.

Once the maid left the three looked around the area. There were a lot of decor and finery in this area alone. It would mean that the mayor was richer than they expected. In fact, it looks like he was richer than most barons.

« This guy is sketchy, do you think he’s one of those scum that takes some liberties in his position? » Rei frowned as he continued to look around.

« It doesn’t matter if he is or he isn’t that isn’t part of our mission. Also, this level is pretty normal. In fact, finding a kind-hearted noble or politician is rarer than finding a flying horse. » Lux shrugged his shoulders as he answered.

« Then do you think that’s the reason he posted that quest in our academy? Instead of hiring mercenaries he decided to ask the nearby knight academy for the cheaper knight apprentices to do the job. » Daniel shared his opinion with his friends while still blushing.

« I said let’s stop talking about that. How about we talk about that maid instead, did you see those bouncing knockers of hers? »

« Yeah, those things look super heavy. » After that the trio talking about the very attractive maid until the mayor arrived.

The mayor was as they expected a person that looked like a giant pervert. He was all smiles when they said they came from the knight academy, but when the three stated they were first-year students, the mayor showed a dissatisfied face. He then started to talk faster as if he wanted to end the conversation immediately. The mayor gave the three of them information about where to find the bandits. Once that was done the mayor quickly and politely shooed them away.