Raymond’s group followed the three knight apprentices to the hideout of the bandits. While the six of them were walking, they started talking to one another. At first, Brom and Roselia were wary of the knight apprentices. The first impression they got from them wasn’t really good.

But after talking with them for a while, the sibling saw that the three knight apprentices were actually good people. Even though they were noble sons, they didn’t act anything like the rumors the siblings heard regarding such prodigal sons of nobles. In fact, they found the three knight apprentices rather endearing. The group of youths were now talking happily with each other, while Raymond was walking at the rear talking with the system.

« So what’s the deal with that guy? » Rei lowered his voice as he asked Brom.

« Who? The Guild Master? »

« Guild Master, what’s that? » Hearing Daniel’s question, Brom thought about it for a little while. The knowledge he gained when he became a guild member was rather shallow, so he wasn’t really too sure. But he had his own view of things, so maybe he can just say that.

« It’s like the leader of a mercenary group. Though I’m not entirely sure if you want you can just ask the Guild Master. »

« Wait, that’s not what I wanted to ask at all. It doesn’t matter if he’s the Guild Master, or a mercenary lord or something like that. What I want to know is how strong is he? »

When the siblings heard Rei’s question the two of them looked at each other confused as to how to answer. The Guild Master was strong, but how strong he was they didn’t really know. Most of his battles they Guild Master had would end with one hit.

« We don’t really know how strong the Guild Master is. We’ve never actually seen him go all out before. Even against huge monsters in the forest of Elisora would only take one to two hits from the Guild Master, before they die. »

« Wait! You mean the monster-infested forest of Elisora! »

« Yeah, we live there with the Guild Master. » Roselia happily answered trying to join in the conversation. The three knight apprentices looked at Brom then at Roselia and finally at Raymond at the back. These guys actually lived in such a dangerous place that only senior knights and lord knights would even think about venturing in it.

The trio couldn’t help but look at Raymond’s group in a different light. The three couldn’t help but get even more curious as they asked Brom and Roselia more questions. The siblings tried their best to answer.

The group finally reached the hideout of the bandit group. The hideout was located near the borders of the human kingdom, it was at a mountainside hidden within a rather thick forest. The group didn’t get too near as they observed the hideout from afar.

Looking at it from a distance it doesn’t look like they could sneak in and attack from behind. Due to the hideout being built at the base of a mountain it had a lot of natural defenses. Well, it’s not like they were trying to sneak in, they came here to annihilate the bandits.

Aside from the mountainside, the bandits built a wooden defensive wall around the hideout. Which made any potential attacker forced to use the one entrance into the hideout. The entrance didn’t have a gate or anything blocking it and it was guarded by four bandits who were wearing relatively good armor.

« So what’s the plan? » Raymond asked Lux who seem to be the leader of the other group. Hearing Raymond’s question Lux awkwardly scratched his head.

« … Actually we don’t have a plan. We just thought that we could directly attack the bandits from the front. »

« Nice and simple, I like it, » Raymond responded with a confident smile. If it was before, when he first came to this world, Raymond would’ve been more cautious. But now that he had a lot of skills that increased his defense he wasn’t as afraid as before. Also, if things really turn sour he could still run for it. He even got a teleportation scroll, that would instantly teleport him back to the Guild house. He got this after doing a GACHA spin, back before he met the siblings. He saved it just for situations such as this.

Seeing how confident Raymond was made the others feel confident as well. Even the timid Daniel was feeling a bit more courageous just by looking at Raymond. This was a side effect of the charm skill.

« Alright then, if no one has any objections let’s just storm the place. » Rei’s adrenaline was over the roof at this point.

« Before we attack can you leave the bandit leader to us? » Raymond asked Lux, hearing the question made the siblings clench their fist.

« Sure, we don’t really care as long as all the bandits in that base are eliminated, » Lux responded not really caring about this. With that out of the way the group were about to raid the hideout.

Raymond who was supposed to be reluctant about the idea of killing another human being wasn’t actually feeling that way anymore. He found it weird but decided not to be too bothered by it. He still hasn’t realized that his moral standards were slowly being changed.