The bandit leader that was in a berserk state roared loudly and charged at the nearest person he could find. The first person the bandit leader spotted was Brom. Seeing the charging bandit leader, Brom wanted to move but was shocked to see that the speed of the bandit leader tripled and in his surprise, he had no time to evade.

[Iron Skin] [Lvl 2] Brom quickly used his strongest defensive skill. His martial artist class had a lot of skills that were dived within the realm of offense and defense. But he had limited SP and couldn’t afford to acquire all of them, so he asked the Guild Master of what he should do. Raymond then explained to him that he needed to focus on either being an offensive type martial artist or a defensive type martial artist.

Depending on what he chose he needed to use his SP on that side of things, and only save one for the other side. Listening to the Guild Master’s advice made things simpler for Brom and he decided to become an offensive type martial artist, and he only added one defensive skill which was [Iron Skin].

The bandit leader in his enraged state punched Brom’s body. Even while using [Iron Skin] Brom was pushed back and coughed up a bit of blood. He then saw that one attack depleted a quarter of his health points. Before he could get his bearings back, Brom saw that the bandit leader was about to initiate another attack.

Still unable to evade the incoming attack Brom had no other choice but to grit his teeth and once again use [Iron Skin]. As he was about to get hit, Brom was enveloped by another golden light.

« [Fortify]! » Roselia used a buffing skill to strengthen her brother’s defense. With greater defensive power Brom was able to withstand the bandit leader’s second strike. Brom wasn’t knocked away this time and was able to keep his balance. Brom then quickly moved behind the bandit leader and with his sister buffing skill [frenzy], he was able to strike the bandit leader six times before retreating.

The bandit leader then swiped his arms trying to hit his opponent. Brom jumped upwards to evade while doing a flying spin kick hitting the bandit leader’s head. Upon contact Brom felt that even the head wasn’t as vulnerable as he thought it would be.

It doesn’t seem like normal attacks were going to work on the bandit leader. As he was devising a plan, Brom saw the bandit leader’s sword which he tossed aside, and he got an idea. Brom skillfully evaded the bandit leader’s attacks while running towards the sword. As he was getting near Brom shouted at his sister.

« How many more heals can you do?! »

« Just two more! »

Brom picked up the sword and just stood there waiting for the bandit leader to attack him. « Roselia, the moment I get hit heal me with everything you have left! » After shouting that, the bandit leader attacked the stationary Brom.

Brom’s HP dropped to a dangerous level and Roselia used [Heal] bringing his HP back to a little bit more than half his health, Roselia used her last remaining heal, and Brom’s HP was back to full health.

After getting hit by the bandit leader’s attack Brom held his ground and pushed forward stabbing the bandit leader in his chest. Due to the immense combat energy being released by using the berserker state, Brom was unable to thoroughly pierce the bandit leader’s chest. But he was already expecting that.

Brom then started punching the sword’s hilt trying to push it into the bandit leader’s chest. He repeatedly kept on punching it at close range. Of course, while he was doing this the bandit leader was also attacking him.

For every five strikes, Brom was able to do the bandit leader was only able to get in one strike. When Brom’s HP was nearing zero, he felt the sword was able to penetrate a bit into the bandit leader’s chest. When he felt that he immediately used his strongest attacking skill, [Thudering fist.] With a loud boom Brom’s attack hit the sword hilt pushing it deeper into the bandit leader’s chest piercing his heart. After he was finally able to do what he wanted Brom backed away.

The red aura that surrounded the bandit leader slowly dissipated and his body fell to the ground unmoving. The very moment this happened, a bunch of notifications appeared before Raymond.

[New Task: Help the siblings in their revenge. (Completed)] [Special Requirement: The siblings need to have the most bandit kills. (Completed] [Task Reward: +2 attribute points, +1 SP, 50000exp, and one Gacha roll. Do you want to receive your reward, now? Y/N]