Raymond who saw the notifications pop out was feeling a bit weird. Aside from the first time he saw a dead human body back in the siblings’ village, he no longer felt apprehensive seeing dead bodies.

‘I know humans are adaptable but aren’t I being too adaptable?… Hmm, whatever, Let’s not think about it too much.’ Raymond once again dismissed the idea.

He then pressed the Y button and he received the rewards for finishing the task. When he pressed on it and received his reward he got another notification.

[Level Up]

It has been quite some time since he last leveled up. The monsters near the guild house weren’t strong enough and no longer gave him any EXP. Though he understood that there were more powerful monsters deeper into the forest, but as long as he didn’t have the undying body like Brom and Roselia, Raymond didn’t want to risk it. He might’ve died once already, but dying this early in his second life wasn’t something he wanted.

When he was about to check on his status screen, the siblings approached him and knelt on the ground. If the siblings were loyal before because of Raymond’s miraculous deeds and him saving them. But after helping them get their revenge even though there was no need to do so, it made them absolutely loyal to him to the point that Raymond could do anything to them and they won’t mind.

In the eyes of the siblings, Raymond was now something akin to a God. He was powerful, can do miracles, and he helped them in their most dire moments. Even if he wasn’t a God, he was a God in their hearts.

This time they were willing to fight for Raymond, they were willing to die for Raymond, they would never allow anyone to slander him. This time they weren’t doing this because of the contract but because they wanted to do it from the bottom of their hearts.

« Guild Master, thank you for granting us our revenge. »

« Guild Master, thank you for giving us the strength to have our revenge. »

« No problem, we are now one guild one family, » Raymond answered while laughing heartily as he was in a good mood after leveling up.

While the three Guildmates were talking to each other, the knight-apprentices were releasing the locked up people. Once they were done they looked at each other trying to discern what the other was feeling.

« What do you guys think? » Lux asked the other two.

« I haven’t seen anyone fight like that, especially with one’s fist. The combat energy he was releasing was different. Also, the last technique he used that made that horrific noise was awesome! » Rei excitedly gave out his opinion.

« Do you guys think they were taught by Sir Raymond? » Daniel asked his two companions.

« Sir Raymond uses a sword, Brom uses his fist, and Roselia is a priestess. The three of them have nothing similar except they claim to be from the same Guild. We don’t even know what a Guild is. »

« The siblings look to be a bit younger than us as well. So instead of guessing, how about, we ask them how they became so strong? » Hearing Lux’s suggestion the other two nodded their heads.

Raymond who was about to check on his status screen was once again interrupted. This time the ones who interrupted him were the three knight apprentices.

« Sir Raymond, may we ask you a question? »

« What is it? »

« Were you the one who trained those two? » Lux looked at Brom and Roselia who were standing behind Raymond.

« … I guess you could say that, why are you asking? » Hearing his answer the three knight apprentices looked at one another and nodded their heads.

« Can you make as strong as well? » Rei asked with a face full of resolve.

« If you’re asking if I can make you guys like Brom and Roselia, then yes I can. But if you’re asking to become as strong as them then that will depend on your efforts. »

Wasn’t becoming like the siblings the same as them asking to be as strong as them. What was the difference? The three were getting too excited to think further on the topic as the three knelt on one knee and placed their right hand on their chest. This was the Knights way of showing respect to their liege.

« Please Sir Raymond, make us stronger. » Hearing the three youths speak at the same time with such resolve in their tone surprised Raymond. He looked at each one of the knight-apprentices and asked.

« Aren’t you guys going to be knights? Are you three willing to let go of such an opportunity to follow me? »

« Yes! »

« Are you three willing to let go of everything you have just to follow me? » Raymond ask once more just to be sure.

« Yes! »

The three knight apprentices answered without hesitation. Seeing them act like that, Raymond shrugged his shoulders and told the system that he wished to appoint the three as guild members.

Raymond then lifted his arm and three scrolls appeared out of nowhere. Seeing this the three knight apprentices felt that their decision was truly the right one. Knowing that if they stayed in the knight academy the best they could do was to become some third rate knights that would do nothing more than doing some guard duty. Now that a new path was before them, why not have a gamble and take it?

« Since you are willing to forsake everything to follow me and gain the strength you desire. I acknowledge your resolve. Say your names and pledge your allegiance to me, Raymond, proclaim me as your Guild Master. »

Raymond said almost the exact same thing as he said to the siblings, with some minor differences. Also the same as the siblings the three understood what to say.

« I Lux, pledge my allegiance to you Lord Raymond my Guild Master. »

« I Rei, pledge my allegiance to you Lord Raymond my Guild Master. »

« I Daniel, pledge my allegiance to you Lord Raymond my Guild Master. »

Same as before their names were being written on the scrolls. The scrolls disappeared and a stream of information came flooding into their minds.

[Congratulations on becoming a Guild member. Please choose your class.]