When the three knight apprentices got their first notification, Raymond also received a new notification.

[New Task: Upgrade the Guild] [The new Guild Master has gotten the basics down. Now that he has enough members it’s time for an upgrade] [Requirement: 0/1000 Gold] [Task Reward: System Upgrade]

When Raymond saw the task reward he got really excited. But when he saw the requirement his excitement lessened. He was broke and had no money to speak of. Then he saw the pile of treasure the bandits had accumulated.

‘Well since my guild members and I were the ones that took them down, their treasures should belong to us now… But why does the system need gold to level up the guild?’

‘The host should know it takes money to make a better guild.’ The system’s robotic voice answered.

‘I thought that you can make things out of nothing.’

‘The system isn’t almighty, also I’m not the one who makes the rules and assigns the tasks.’

‘Wait, if you’re not the one who makes the rules and assigns the tasks then who’s the one doing it?’

‘The system only knows what it’s supposed to know.’ This was basically the system’s way of saying that it had no idea.

‘Well, whatever I’ll just talk it out with Lux and the others later. For now, I need to check the new skills I can get.’ Raymond no longer bothered asking anything further and quickly opened his UI. He was now level 40 and he was finally able to see one of his Guild Master skills was unlocked.

[Guild Master’s Influence.] It had only one level like all the other Guild Master skills. The Guild Master’s Influence is an ability that gives him 10% Exp that guild members get from killing monsters or completing missions. He could adjust it by lowering it up to 5%.

Raymond quickly used his SP to get the new Guild Master skill. ‘As expected from the Guild Master skills they’re all awesome.’

Raymond was happy upon gaining the new skill. He then looked at the three new Guild Members. He also looked at the captured women. The new Guild Members were still trying to pick the class they want, as for the captured women they look like they were waiting for Raymond and the others to make a decision on what to do with them.

‘I guess, while I wait for the three to finish picking a class I can do a GACHA roll. I can finally do a x10 GACHA roll!’

Raymond quickly went and opened the GACHA function. He then pressed the button that says x10 rolls. The counter started rolling for a bit and Raymond pressed stop. A bunch of notifications popped up.

[Normal: Healing Potion x3] [Normal: Energy Potion x3] [Rare: Sun Strike] [Rare: Lion Piercer] [Rare: Heavy gauntlets] [Super Rare: NPC card Blacksmith]

‘Fuck! The hell, there’s no UR, not even an SSR!’ Raymond wanted to rage but held it in. It took him a few missions and a couple of days to get as many as ten GACHA rolls. Yet he didn’t get an SSR. He could only sigh at his misfortune.

‘Well, at least I got an SR NPC card, it’s even a blacksmith. I guess I can settle with that for now.’ Raymond then looked at the other things he got in his inventory. Sun Strike was a two-handed longsword, Lion Piercer was a spear, and Heavy gauntlets were basically steel gauntlets.

While Raymond was checking out the stats on his new weapons, the three new guild members were almost ready to pick their classes.

After talking it out for a while, the three finally decided which classes they would get. Lux chose the swordsman class since that was the class closest to being a knight.

Rei chose the martial artist class the same as Brom. He chose it since he thought that the martial artist in the demo looked powerful.

Finally, Daniel chose the archer class, since it was a class that attacks from a distance. Also, Daniel had a basic understanding of how to use a bow and arrow, which made him feel like he had an affinity with the archer class.

Once they were done picking their classes Raymond spoke to them. « Alright, now that you’re part of the guild, how about we talk about what to do with the treasures and the captured women. Since you three won’t be returning, how about you don’t report to the mayor about the completion of this quest of yours, and we keep the treasure and help the women ourselves? »

Hearing Raymond’s suggestion Lux and his group looked at one another. Rei and Daniel gave their consent to the plan.

« Let’s do that, there’s always knight apprentices dying when doing quests so us not reporting will make the mayor think we died. Seeing as the quest was not appropriate for us, they’ll easily believe that we failed and died. We’re also pretty insignificant third sons and fifth sons, so they won’t be sending a search party. As for the treasure, yeah, let’s take it, that greedy pig of man has enough embezzled money. No need to make him richer. As for the women, I hope the Guild Master helps them. If we bring them back to that perverted mayor who knows what he’ll do. »

Raymond nodded his head happy that they agreed to his proposal. He then went near the pile of treasure and placed it into his inventory. When the three new guild members saw the huge pile of treasures disappear they weren’t shocked to see such a scene anymore.

[New Task: Upgrade the Guild] [The new Guild Master has gotten the basics down. Now that he has enough members it’s time for an upgrade] [Requirement: 5230/1000 Gold] [Task Reward: System Upgrade]

‘Those bandits were richer than I expected.’ Raymond then clicked on the Guild Upgrade button.

[New Task: Upgrade the Guild (Completed)] [The new Guild Master has gotten the basics down. Now that he has enough members it’s time for an upgrade] [Task Reward: System Upgrade. Do you want to receive your reward, now? Y/N]]

Raymond clicked on the Y and another notification popped up.

[The system will now begin to upgrade, estimated upgrade time 24:00. Some functions will be suspended as the System Upgrades.]