Once Raymond was done with his task he approached the twenty captured women. Some of them looked at him devoid of emotion, others looked at him in fear, and the few seems to be broken.

« Do you guys have a place to return to? » Hearing Raymond’s question the captured women had no answer.

« if you have someplace to return to, then I will gladly bring you home. But if you don’t have anywhere else to go, how about following me? If you follow me I promise that you will never have to fear anything again. So what do you say? »

Some of the captured women agreed without hesitation, the others thought about it for a while and decided that they had no choice. While the few of them were unable to answer at all. Raymond could only sigh, as he looked at the ones who couldn’t answer. Those women have already been broken, to the point that they might not be able to live normally anymore.

‘Better ask the system if there’s something in the system shop that could help. Seeing as I have the money now I could probably buy something useful.’

After getting the answer he wanted from the captured women, Raymond and his group set off to the forest of Elisora.

As Raymond and his group left the bandit hideout someone was looking at them from afar. A man with messy orange hair and sheepish looking black eyes was watching the whole situation take place. He scratched his head while he sighed.

« Well, this is a problem. Henry is going to kill me if he finds out someone else took the mountain bandits gold… Well, nothing I could do about it now. Though there is the option of stealing it back… Nah, that’s too troublesome. Still, that guy… Is he perhaps another one of the Gods chosen? »

The orange-haired man looked at Raymond, who suddenly turned his head in the orange-haired man’s direction. The man quickly hid behind the tree he was standing on.

« Did he noticed me? Heh, a chosen one of the Gods or not that guy looks like he’ll be doing pretty interesting things. Should I report this to Henry? »

The orange-haired man smiled slyly while shrugging his shoulders. He backed away into the forest and vanished

In the knight academy of the Custodians of Iron, a woman wearing full plated armor with two short swords dangling at her waist was angrily walking through the quest hall. Though her aura was menacing that didn’t lessen her beauty. With wavy blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and skin so soft, she was as beautiful as she was deadly. She was one of the knight commanders in the Custodians of Iron.

« Where is he?! » The lady knight smacked her hand onto the receptionist’s desk. If she didn’t control her strength the marble desk would’ve been crushed. The scared receptionist trembled before the angry knight. The receptionist couldn’t answer as no words could come out of her mouth. The lady knight was once again going to yell angrily but someone interrupted her.

« Is that the way a knight commander of the Custodians of Iron should act? » A burly old man with bunch of scars on his face and a great sword on his back appeared in the quest hall. Seeing these two mighty figures the students were in a frenzy.

« Two knight commanders appeared, and it’s Lady Clarise and Sir Guillemot! »

« This is the first time I’ve seen Lady Clarise the Iron lady and she’s as beautiful as the rumors say. »

« Sir Guillemot the indomitable wall is the whole reason I’ve come to the Custodians of Iron. »

As the students were getting rowdy Claris glared at Guillemot.

« Stay out of this old man! My brother, my beloved brother went out and did a dangerous mission and one of these fools allowed him to take it! If anything happens to my brother Daniel, then I-« 

« Enough Clarise! » Another person appeared within the quest hall. It was a man with an immense aura of dignity. He was wearing ceremonial clothes and on his waist was a thin short sword. The moment he appeared all the students, the receptionists, and even Clarise and Guillemot knelt on the floor.

« Grand Commander! » All of them placed their right hand on their chest, this was the knight’s salute.

« Clarise I understand your worry but being too overprotective of Daniel won’t help him in the long run. How is he to grow if you do not allow him to. »

« … » Clarise clenched her fist and lowered her head while biting her lips. Seeing her act like this the Grand Commander sighed.

« Very well, I shall allow you to fetch your brother from his quest. But if it’s not yet done allow him to finish, also only support him when absolutely necessary. » Hearing the Grand Commander’s words, Clarise beamed as she stood up and once again gave a knight’s salute.

« Thank you for your benevolence Grand Commander. I shall leave at once! »