Clarise exited the stronghold of the Custodians of Iron and saw someone at the gates. He was wearing very light clothing and had an air of arrogance. The arrogant looking man was accompanied by two rank seven warriors. The moment he saw Clarise he showed a creepy smile.

« Clarise, I have heard what happened to your brother. I’m also worried about him. You know me and Daniel we’re like brothers. So I hope you allow me to help you bring him back. »

« Hmph, you’re well informed Aldis, were you able to bribe one of the students to be your spy? » Clarise squinted her eyes as she spoke.

« Does it matter how I got the information? I’m here to offer you my help. »

« I do not need your help. » After answering Clarise started walking away, but then the two subordinates of Aldis blocked her path.

« What do you think you’re doing? » Clarise looked at Aldis with eyes as cold as ice. She started emitting bloodlust that shook the two rank seven warriors.

« Clarise, why do you keep on denying me? Don’t you know how much I adore you? If you just accept my feelings, you would no longer need to be a knight. You could be the wife of a duke. » Aldis looked at Clarise with crazed eyes.

« Aldis tell your men to move aside and leave me be. If they don’t move I’ll move them for you. » Clarise’s hands were touching the hilt of her swords.

« You dare to threaten me?! Woman, you might have caught my interest, but you’re nothing more than the daughter of a lowly baron. I, on the other hand, am the firstborn son of a duke! Despite knowing this you continue to disrespect me! You continue to deny me! » Aldis could no longer hold it in as he started to shout at Clarise. Seeing him act that way made Clarise sigh.

« I might need to show a bit of respect to your father, but not to you. Now move out of my way! » The two rank seven warriors felt intimidated by Clarise and stepped aside.

« What the f*ck are you two doing?! Stop her from leaving?! » Aldis shouted at his two subordinates. Clarise past by Aldis’s subordinates and they did nothing to stop her.

« Clarise, I command you to stop! » Hearing what Aldis said, Clarise who was about to leave stopped walking and spoke to Aldis.

« You have no right to order me Aldis son of Duke Brian. Only the Grand Commander and the king my order me… I’m letting you go now, Aldis. Because of our past, I will overlook what you did here today. But remember this, you might be a son of a duke, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything. You’re just a son, not the duke himself. I’m a knight commander of an order of knights. Unlike you, I have actual power both physically and politically. So you better think twice before you decide to do something idiotic like this. » Once she was done saying her piece Clarise left.

Aldis gnashed his teeth as he angrily looked at Clarise’s fading silhouette.

Raymond and his group finally arrived in Elisora forest. Upon entering the forest’s domain some of the women were frightened and even the three former knight apprentices were unnerved, especially Daniel. The reason they were acting this way was because of the many gruesome rumors surrounding Elisora forest. From the monsters that live in it, to the spirits that lead people astray making them unable to return.

As the group were walking through the forest, a few monsters had appeared. At first, some of the women panicked but before the monsters could do anything, Raymond was able to kill them.

He kept on spamming the [quick draw] skill while buffing himself with [frenzy]. With his current level and his rather high AGI and DEX, none of the people present could even see his hand move.

All everyone could see was him passing through and the monsters being split in half. When everyone saw what was happening they felt that they made the right decision in following Raymond.

After walking for a bit the group was finally able to reach the area where the Guild house was located. When they arrived everyone was shocked by the sight they saw, even Raymond.

The wooden walls that Raymond made were replaced with stone walls. Not only that the walls expanded and there were now arrowslits on them. There was also a gate that blocked their entry into the vicinity of the guild house.

The wooden stakes Raymond placed on the ground disappeared and instead, there was now a wooden watchtower from within the walls.

The group of newcomers were surprised to see a small stronghold within the forest of Elisora. The siblings were also surprised at first but quickly adapted since they believe that doing something like this was easy for Raymond to do.

On the other hand, Raymond was the most surprised of all. He was already expecting some improvements when he leveled up the Guild but not this much. Seeing the new Guild house and the new fortifications, Raymond felt like the Guild System was better than he expected.

As everyone was still stunned by the sight before them, the gates were opening and John the royal knight NPC appeared. Without saying anything he immediately stood behind Raymond. When the three knight-apprentices saw this they were once again shocked.

« That guy looks like a knight commander. Do you guys think the Guild Master is the illegitimate son of the king? »

« Maybe he’s the prince of another kingdom and he’s on the run. »

« That guy looks strong, I wonder who is stronger him or the Guild Master. »

As the three knight-apprentices were gossiping Raymond stood in front of everyone and signaled them to listen to him.

« From now on this is everyone’s new home. You see the building within the walls, your rooms are in that building. Each one of you can pick a room that you want, except for the first room to the left, that’s my room. I hope you guys help make this place a better place. »

After giving his announcement Raymond left the stunned people and headed straight to the new guild house.