The new guild house was a three-story tall building. It was made of stone and wood, but it was mostly a wooden structure. Aside from the outer look, the inside was also different from before.

Upon entering the building there was still a front desk like in a hotel, but behind it was no longer a simple hallway. It was a large grand hallway with candlelight illuminating the darker areas. On the sides were large glass windows that allowed the sunlight to come in.

Raymond was momentarily amazed by the sight, but after the initial shock, he immediately headed to his room, which was located on the left side of the grand hall. Upon entering his room the first thing he laid his eyes on was something he sorely missed. In the corner of the room right beside a window was an object that he never expected to see again, especially in this fantasy world.

« It’s a f*cking computer! » Raymond quickly ran towards it and touched the monitor, pressed on the keys on the keyboard. He then looked at the system unit, none of the parts he saw was something he knew about. He checked the inside and noticed that most of the parts were different from what he knew of. In fact, they looked pretty futuristic, but the basic layout remained mostly the same. It was still quite easy to spot the power button.

Raymond wasn’t bothered by the look and tried turning it on. Upon turning on the computer a notification appeared on the screen. It was a countdown timer, 13:57:03. It was the same timer on when the system would finish upgrading.

When Raymond figured out what was happening he fell on the floor in defeat. « This f*cking system is messing with me! »

Usually when Raymond says something like this the system would respond but seeing as it was quiet made Raymond feel weird. After looking at the monitor with the countdown for a while, Raymond could only sigh and hang his head in defeat.

After the disappointment with the computer, Raymond started exploring the inside of the guild house. The first floor of the guild house had basically ten rooms including his. The kitchen as well as the storage room were also on the first floor.

Unlike before when the Guild was level 1, the storage room was now filled with weapons and armor. It seems after upgrading the Guild he got all these freebies as well. The equipment in the storage room was basically the same as the beginner equipment he had the first day he arrived in this world.

After checking out all the equipment, Raymond moved onto the next room. The room beside the storage room was the kitchen. Unlike before the kitchen and dining room were no longer in the same place.

The kitchen was now a separate room filled with basic spices and cooking tools. The room wasn’t like any modern kitchen but it was way better than what they had before.

The next room was the dining room, and upon entering Raymond knew that this was the biggest room yet. It was like the mess hall in Hrry Ptter but instead of four long tables there were only two, and the size was half of the one in the movie.

That was everything on the first floor, Raymond then headed to the second floor. The second floor looked like a college dormitory with intersecting hallways and rooms. There was a total of thirty rooms on the second floor.

The third floor was the same as the second absolutely no difference. The third floor was the last floor, but Raymond spotted a way to get to the roof. The roof of the building was flat and wide, it looked like you could do some mock battles here.

As Raymond was looking around he arrived at the edge of the building and saw the people below. The once empty Guild which only consisted of him and John had more people now. There were people walking around looking at the walls, checking the fields.

As he was looking at his new guild members Raymond noticed that the sun was going down. At the distance in the wide forest of Elisora Raymond saw the setting sun. The sky furrowed with wispy bands of cloud, softly glowing colors from the palest amber-pink to deepest flaming red. It was a magnificent sight to behold.

As Raymond was admiring the sunset the three knight apprentices had already picked out there room on the first floor. They didn’t take any room on the second floor since all the captured women stayed there.

The three were now gathered in Lux’s new room and they started their discussion.

« So what do you guys think? » As usual, Lux spoke first.

« This place is pretty well fortified, not only that I noticed that there were some monsters near the gates but instead of attacking they left in a hurry. As expected of a stronghold in the middle of such a dangerous forest. » Rei answered excitedly.

« This place might be smaller than the stronghold of the Custodians of Iron, but the way it was built is pretty good. Actually, I’m confused about how this place was built. It’s impossible to build this place without anyone noticing. I haven’t heard any rumors of workers heading into this forest. You don’t think the Guild Master built this place by himself? » Lux asked his two companions.

« After what I witnessed today, I won’t be surprised if that were true. »

« What do you think Daniel? »

« … »

Lux and Rei looked at their third companion and noticed that he was deep in thought. He looked rather scared, which wasn’t surprising since Daniel was a very timid person.

« Hey Daniel, is everything alright? »

« Daniel do you hear us? » Rei poked at Daniel’s side, which made Daniel jumped up in fright.

« Huh? What’s happening? » Daniel looked around the room warily.

« What’s the problem, Daniel? » Lux asked a bit worried seeing Daniel’s reaction. When Daniel saw his two friends were looking at him in worry, he sighed.

« Because of all the things that happened, we completely forgot something. »

« What is it? »

« We forgot about my sister! » The moment those words left Daniel’s mouth, the room became deathly quiet. After a few minutes of silence, the three started to panic.

« Sh*t we completely forgot about that crazy sister with a brother complex! »

« Oh no, she’s going to track us down here! »

« What should we do?! »

« How about Daniel goes back alone and tells them that we died while fighting bandits, that would solve everything. » Rei gave a suggestion.

« I don’t want to do that. »

« So what should we do? » The room turned silent as the three started thinking harder.

« I got it! How about we don’t bother, and lay low in the forest. Even with your sister’s skills, she would never guess that we went into the Elisora forest. No one saw us going here, and the last person to see us was that mayor. So she doesn’t have enough clues to track us down. Even she should admit that we most likely died on that quest. »

Hearing what Lux said Ren and Daniel thought about it for a bit and nodded their heads. Lux was right all they needed to do was to lay low for a while.