In the dining table, all twenty-six people in the Guild have gathered to eat. Except for John who was outside guarding the vicinity. Raymond who was focused on eating was quite happy to see that he no longer needed to cook as almost all the captured women knew how to cook. Even though their level of skill in cooking wasn’t the same as Raymond’s who had the cooking skill at Lvl 2, he was still happy that he no longer needed to do the job.

In fact, seeing as Brom was now tending to the fields, and most likely some of the captured women will help, Raymond no longer needed to do menial tasks.

‘Now that I think about it, I no longer need to go out and kill monsters. With my new skill [Guild Master’s Influence.] I can just sit down and relax as my Exp bar fills up.’

Seeing as he still hasn’t gained the undying body, Raymond was happy with the new skill that required him to do nothing and he would still be able to level up. Now all he needed to worry about is how to gain more Guild Members. The more Guild Members out in the field killing monsters, the more Exp he could gain.

After a satisfying meal, Raymond headed to his room and slept. The following day he checked the timer on the monitor and saw that there were three hours left before the system finishes upgrading.

So as he waited Raymond did his usual morning routine, he went to the river beside the Guild house and washed his body. After which he went to the kitchen and was about to cook a meal. But as he arrived at the kitchen he saw several women cooking already.

The women spotted Raymond, they stopped doing what they were doing bowed their heads and greeted him. They then started serving him food. Raymond gladly accepted the food that was served to him. Once he was done eating he went out and looked around the area which the system deemed as part of the Guild.

The Guild area was now thrice as big, and the wooden walls he made before that turned into stone walls were now covering an even larger area than before. Raymond pressed his hands onto the stone walls, it was smoother than expected. He wanted to try punching the wall to see how durable it was but decided not to do it since he didn’t know how to fix it if it actually breaks.

Aside from that, the size of the fields seem to have increased as well, but that’s because of Brom’s efforts. Seeing as they had more space Brom expanded the field to its current size.

As Raymond continued exploring the new Guild areas he noticed that Brom his sister, alongside the new Guild members were approaching him.

« Good morning Guild Master. » The five of them greeted him almost in sync.

« Good morning. So how are you three, is everything alright? »

« Yup, everything’s fantastic! » Lux answered too enthusiastically which was a bit unnatural.

« I see… So what are you guys doing together so early in the morning? »

« We’re about to head out and hunt. » Roselia was the one who answered in a very cheerful voice. Seeing her finally adapting to the place made Raymond’s lip curl up a bit.

After a few more pleasantries the group of five headed out. Seeing them heading out to do some hunting made Raymond smile.

‘Work hard my dear Exp farmers.’

After walking around a bit more the countdown finally ended. ‘System Upgrade Complete.’ The moment Raymond heard the familiar robotic voice, a few new notifications popped out.

[New Task: Make the Guild Better] [With the recent System Upgrade the system has gained a lot of new functions. Use these new functions to make the Guild into a better place.] [Requirement:

Guild Name 0/1

Guild Banner 0/1

Building 0/2] [Task Reward: +3 attribute points, +1 SP] [New Task: Prepare for the otherworlders] [With the System Upgrade, you are now able to summon players from another world. Create a popular MMO to bring in more players. Use these players to create a stronger Guild.] [Requirements:

Create an official Forum 0/1

Advertise Beta test 0/1

Otherworld Players 0/20] [Task Reward: +10 attribute points]

When Raymond saw the new tasks his eyes almost sparkled in excitement. The first task wasn’t surprising, but the second one was something special. He would finally be able to summon other people like him, the players. Based on the task description they would camouflage this world as an online game.

As he was getting more excited he noticed a problem. The former world he was on, wasn’t advanced enough to warrant this kind of VR experience. If they suddenly sent something beyond that era’s technology won’t there be a lot of problems?

‘Hey system these players, will they be coming from my previous world?’

‘Yes, they will come from the host’s previous world, but from a future timeline.’

‘A future timeline?’

‘The timeline the host was from didn’t have the technology needed for full dive VR. So the players will be from a timeline where the full dive VR already exists.’

‘So I won’t be able to see my friends and family enter the game?’

‘Correct, the timeline we will connect to will be a few hundred years from your future.’ Hearing the system’s answer made Raymond feel both relieved and disappointed.

‘So how am I suppose to do all these new tasks?’

‘Of course, the host will use the computer in his room.’