[New Advance Second Classes]

While Brom and his group were walking around the forest looking for monsters to kill, a new notification popped up for the five of them. When the three knight-apprentices tried clicking on it another notification popped out.

[Level too low. Required level 15 and above to access Advance Second Classes.]

On the other hand, the siblings were able to access the information on the Advance Second Classes. The way it was presented was the same as when they picked their initial classes. There was a choice to pick four different Advance Second Classes, and when clicking that class a video would be played.

For Brom, he could advance to a monk, brawler, Initiate Dragon Seeker, and an elemental fighter. The monk was a class that combined the strength of the martial artist and some holy skills of a priest. The priest skills it has can only be used on itself and not on others.

The Brawler was a more aggressive version of a martial artist. The class discards all defense in exchange for an overwhelming offense. In fact, the more damage the brawler receives the greater the damage it could give.

The Initiate Dragon Seeker was a class that seeks to strengthen its body to an extreme. This class abandons the techniques of a martial artist for raw power. Among the four Advanced Second Classes of the martial artist, this class looked to have the greatest defensive capabilities. It was pretty much a tank class with good firepower.

Then finally there was the Elemental fighter. This class as the name suggests uses the elements in unison with its fist. The diversity of its skills in the video was quite the sight to behold. Among the four advance second classes of the martial artist, this class seems to lack in firepower, but it makes up for it with its different ways to use its abilities.

Roselia was also able to choose an Advance Second Class. Her choices for her class were also four different types the Linker, Bishop, Heilagur, and the Druid.

The Linker class focused on buffing allies. The Bishop class has stronger healing spells than the initial priest class. The Heilagur class was a class that could fight, buff, and heal. It was an all-rounder type but each of its skills was relatively weaker than the other classes.

The Druid class was a class that abandons all of the Priest’s healing skills in exchange for nature skills. The Druid Class uses the forces of nature to aid itself and its allies in battle.

Now that they can change their classes into these more powerful classes, Brom and Roselia alongside Lux and the others started discussing which class would the best choice for the siblings.

After a rather lengthy discussion, Brom chose to become a brawler, and Roselia chose to become a Linker. Once they chose their classes a new notification popped out.

[Second Class Advancement Quest] [You have chosen to become a Brawler. The Brawler is a class that doesn’t shy away from any confrontation. It revels in the fight and it never backs down no matter what.] [Requirement: Allow yourself to be hit multiple times without backing down. 0/500 hits] [Reward: Class Advancement: Brawler] [Second Class Advancement Quest] [You have chosen to become a Linker. The Linker is a class that strengthens allies to have a better chance for survival.] [Requirement: For the duration of the class quest, you are restricted to only using buff skills. 0/100 Buffs.] [Reward: Class Advancement: Linker]

While Brom and Roselia were about to start their Class advancement quest, Raymond was sitting in front of the computer. He turned it on and it finally booted up properly. The screen displayed only three things on the desktop.

An internet browser that was different from all the internet browsers Raymond knew off. Then there was an application that was called Building Mode. Then finally there was another application called Create Quest.

The moment he saw the three things in the monitor a stream of information was relayed into his brain. The internet browser was something that would be able to connect him to the world wide web of the future. The Building Mode was like the game S*m City. Using Building Mode Raymond could create new things for the Guild.

Finally, Create Quest was as the name implied an application that creates quests. Raymond was allowed to create quests not for himself but for the Guild Members. The rewards of the quests will be dictated by the system depending on the difficulty.

Raymond was ecstatic when he saw the functions on the computer, but among all of them, the thing he liked the most was the internet browser. Though he was happy gaining his old body and becoming stronger with minimum effort, Raymond still missed reading manga and watching anime. With this computer that connects to the internet in the future, he would be able to watch and read a ton of stuff.

The moment he thought of that he was electrocuted.

‘The host can use the computer for leisure purposes, but only after doing a certain amount of work. So which task will the host do first?’ Raymond completely forgot that his system had a mind of its own.

‘Fine, I’ll do the make the Guild better task first.’ Raymond clicked the building mode and the first thing that appeared on the screen was a question. It was asking Raymond what the Guild’s name was. Raymond without thinking much about it typed in the name, ‘Eternal.’

[Are you sure you want to name your Guild, the Eternal Guild?] Raymond without any hesitation clicked yes. This was the name of the Guild he and his friends made back when he started playing MMOs. The reason they named their Guild as such, was because they thought that like their friendship their Guild would last forever.

Raymond looked at the name of the Guild and showed a rather sad smile. ‘This time for sure I’ll make it to the end.’