After picking the name of the Guild the next step was to make a banner. There were already some presets ready. Raymond wasn’t too bothered at what the banner would look like so he just chose randomly.

The banner he chose had a picture of a half western dragon, half phoenix being. The left side was that of the legendary winged dragon its left wing was open looking majestic, while the right side was a bird of burning flame another legendary creature called the phoenix.

Once Raymond clicked enter, the banner appeared outside the Guild House, four banners appeared waving down the walls. Another one was created on a pole in the middle of the Guild space.

The people who were moving around saw the sudden appearance of the banners and were amazed. Though they didn’t know what the bird was in the banner, they knew of the legendary dragon on the other half. They were mesmerized by the design that they stared at the banner for a few minutes.

It was just one thing after another after coming into this place. It was like they had entered another realm, a mystical realm full of magic and wonder.

While the former captured women were looking at the banners Raymond continued to mess around in Building mode. He was already two requirements down before completing the task. The only requirement left was to build two buildings.

On the screen, he saw how large the Guild space was and it looked to be a few thousand square meters. Raymond checked what buildings were available on the menu screen. He was surprised to see a variety of things he could place in the Guild Space. In building mode, he could extend the Guild house and place more rooms. He could put furniture and accessories. It was basically like S*ms.

Raymond then looked at the building presets. There was the basic farmhouse and there was even a convenience store. Heck, he could even put a computer shop if he wanted to. There were even things that he didn’t know of, most probably buildings from the future.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough gold to make any of the fancy buildings. The convenience store cost around 20,000 Gold Coins and that was the smallest one. He only had 4,230 Gold Coins to spend.

‘Well, it’s not like I’ll buy something like that this early in the game. If the players saw a convenience store in a fantasy world, they might complain that their immersion was ruined. Though there were players that don’t really care about stuff like immersion as long as it looked cool. Hey system, do the gamers from the future timeline have the same tendencies as the gamers from my timeline?’

‘The gamers from your time and the ones in the future are basically the same. In fact, they became even more aggressive as time went on, and the E-sports scene became even more competitive.’

‘I see… So, I guess I’ll purchase something I need for the upcoming players. I need a forge to create weapons but we don’t have the basic materials for forging. Even if I do buy the forge with no materials it would be useless. Hmm, so I won’t be able to use the blacksmith NPC anytime soon.’

Raymond started scrolling down the building presets to see what he can use at the moment. With his current funds, the choices were limited.

‘I do have a ton of weapons after the Guild leveled up, maybe I should create a weapon shop… That won’t work, where would the players get the gold coins to buy weapons? Even I only have limited amounts of Gold Coins. I could make them find work in the nearby town as mercenaries, but then they would buy their weapons from that town. Hmm, it would be ideal if I could find something like an iron mine.’

‘I need something that the players don’t need to use gold coins on. It would’ve been cool if gold coins drop from killing monsters. Hmm, now that I think about it, I do have a lot of monster corpses. I wonder if I can sell some of their parts in the nearby towns, I better ask Lux later. So what to build… I guess a Granary is needed.’

Raymond checked how much a Granary cost, the simplest one was around 200 Gold Coins, while the most expensive Granary Cost around 50,000 Gold Coins. It seems that the expensive Granary was the one they used in the future.

After checking the prices of each Granary, Raymond decided to buy a medium-size Granary. He then placed it near the cornfields. The people who were walking by the area were then forcibly pushed away and then a building was being constructed right before their very eyes. There was no one making the building which made the people watching once again look at the miraculous scene in amazement.

After a few seconds, the Granary was constructed. The people who saw the miraculous construction were experiencing a myriad of emotions. They were both afraid and amazed by the unknown. They were glad that they were saved by such a powerful person who can use such mystical techniques. They felt honored that they were allowed to live in such an amazing place.

Raymond wasn’t aware that the captured women were practically deifying him at the moment, as he continued to browse the building presets. After scrolling down a bit he found another suitable building. It was a training hall were players could practice their skills. It costs around 600 Gold coins to construct the training hall.

It had a lot of equipment from wooden weapons to wooden dummies. The area it encompassed was as large as the Guild house, the only difference was this was a single-story building. The same as the Granary the construction happened almost instantly and this time the people watching were pretty much numbed by the event.

Once Raymond was done a notification appeared before him.

[New Task: Make the Guild Better (Completed).] [With the recent System Upgrade the system has gained a lot of new functions. Use these new functions to make the Guild into a better place.] [Requirement:

Guild Name 1/1

Guild Banner 1/1

Building 2/2] [Task Reward: +3 attribute points, +1 SP] [Do you want to receive your reward, now? Y/N]