After completing the first quest Raymond was about to do the second quest. But before he got started on that, he asked the system some questions.

‘So, are the players going to have the same system as the local Guild Members?’

‘No, their restrictions are greater than the local inhabitants that become Guild Members. The reason behind this is because I need to recreate a body for them to use in this world, the effects of the undying body skill will be weakened. Unlike the locals who need to wait ten minutes, the players would need an hour before they can respawn. Also, the skills they gain cannot be transmitted in their minds like you and the others. They will instead be given a skill assist function. The skill assist will guide them to use proper movements to activate their skills.’

‘Alright, another question, can you place objects in defeated monsters, so that players can loot items upon killing the monsters?’

‘That’s not possible, the monsters in the forest aren’t part of the system so such a function is not possible.’

‘Okay, then how about currency. What else could we give the players aside from Gold Coins as currency?’

‘How should I know, I’m just a system here to assist the host in creating the strongest Guild.’


While Raymond and the system were discussing how to treat the players once they arrive, Brom and his sister had successfully advanced to their respective second class. In fact, it was quite easy for them to finish the quest to advance to their second classes. Brom just asked his companions to hit him until the quest requirement was satisfied. While he was getting hit, Roselia kept on using buffing skills on him.

Now that their class advancement quest was done, the siblings were currently helping Lux, Rei, and Daniel level up by killing nearby monsters. Because of their mass killing a while back, it seems like there weren’t enough monsters in the area they were in.

Since this was the usual spot were Raymond and the others kill monsters, some of the monsters started to unconsciously avoid the area. They might not be smart but they still had the instinct to evade an area that smelled like the blood of their own.

« Should we go deeper into the forest? » Rei asked his companions.

« I don’t think that’s a good idea, even the Guild Master doesn’t go that far into the forest. » Roselia voiced out her opinion.

« So even that powerful guy has something he is wary of. »

As the group was discussing what to do next they heard a weird sound. The five of them immediately hid as they surveyed the area. After looking around for a bit Daniel who had enhanced vision due to his class spotted a group of hobgoblins and goblins carrying some women.

Hearing Daniel’s report Brom was about to charge in and save the women, but Lux stopped him. « What are you doing? »

« If you go in now, we could save those ladies, but what about the others that they already captured? Let’s follow them for now and see where their base is. » Brom looked at Lux who also stared back with a serious expression on his face.

« Fine then let’s follow them. » The group then followed the hobgoblins. With Daniel’s scouting skills it was easy for them to follow from a distance so the hobgoblins wouldn’t notice them.

They were now rather deep into the forest when the group arrived in a cave. The cave was guarded by two four meters tall creatures with thick green skin and grotesque faces, they were holding trees and it seems like they were using it as weapons. This was the first time Brom and the others saw something like the creature before them.

The group then spotted the hobgoblins entering the cave. Brom could no longer hold it in and charged towards the cave. Lux was too late to stop him and sighed as he followed close behind.

« [Fortify] [Inspire] [Frenzy] » Roselia started buffing the group. Daniel who was standing at the distance took an arrow from his quiver and pointed his bow upward [Arrow Rain]. He released his arrow up in the sky and a rain of arrows fell on his enemies.

[Provoke] Brom used a skill to attract the two gatekeepers’ attention. The ogres roared and angrily charged at Brom. The Ogres started swinging the trees they were carrying at Brom who simply stood there and allowed their attacks to hit. His HP decreased dramatically but in exchange, his strength was boosted.

This was one of the new passive skills of his class [Unrelenting Spirit] for every HP lost he gains an increase of 0.2 in his strength stat. Brom then punched forward shattering the tree one of the ogres was holding. Rei and Lux then swooped in and attacked the Ogre who was unbalanced because of Brom’s strike.

« Daniel support us! » Lux shouted but there was no response. He then looked behind him and saw that both Roselia and Daniel were being eaten by another Ogre, not only that it seems like they have been surrounded by hobgoblins and goblins. As he was distracted by the sight he felt a massive object hit his head and as he was about to blackout a bunch of notifications ringed in his mind.

[Received a fatal attack] [You have died] [Will Respawn in the Guild, ten minutes] [Exp decrease 20%]