Brom who was fighting the ogres in front of him was losing HP quite fast. Still, that didn’t bother him as he continued to right relentlessly. When he saw that the healing spells were no longer being cast on him, Brom finally noticed that he was surrounded and that his companions have already died. He gritted his teeth and like the character description for his class, Brom never backed down as he continued getting hit and striking the monsters before him.

As his HP bar was nearing zero Brom was able to kill a dozen goblins and a few hobgoblins. He wanted to at least take down one ogre before his inevitable death. With his strength stat at an all-time high Brom charged forward.

The Goblins and Hobgoblins started blocking his path and attacked him. He endured the small hits he received from the goblins and pierced through their blockade. One of the ogres then swung his arm but Brom was faster as he punched the ogre who was attacking him making a hole in its stomach. Once that was accomplished Brom was hit by multiple objects and died.

Raymond who was busy trying to figure out how to advertise to players, suddenly heard somebody screaming. He quickly got up from his seat and started running towards where the scream came from.

‘Have monsters breached the walls?… No, that’s impossible since John is still alive and his HP hasn’t even decreased by a point. Also, these people wouldn’t be running out, but running in instead if there were monsters.’

Raymond noticed that a few women were running out of the Guild house. As he exited the guild house he saw two men fighting. Well, to be more precise he saw one guy punching at the other guy and the other guy allowing the other to punch him freely.

« If it weren’t for you we would have at least save those three women. Now none of them have been saved! » Brom shouted at Lux who had his head down. Daniel and Rei were trying their best to hold Brom back, but due to the difference in strength, they couldn’t hold him back for long. Roselia, on the other hand, was shouting at her brother to calm down. Yet despite her efforts, Brom couldn’t hear her.

« What’s happening here! » Raymond shouted, upon hearing his voice Brom finally stopped attacking Lux. Brom and the others looked at Raymond.

« You guys tell me what’s happening here. »

The group then started to explain their encounter with the ogres. When Raymond heard their story an idea popped into his head.

« I see… Brom what Lux decided to do was the right thing to do. If you’re going to save someone then you must try to save them all. »

« But we weren’t able to save a single person. » Brom lowered his head in regret and shame. He was granted strength by the Guild Master, and after beating the bandit leader he felt like he was pretty strong. Yet now he was once again reminded that he wasn’t strong enough. Seeing him look dejected Raymond patted his shoulder.

« Don’t worry we will save them, that’s what the guild is for. » Raymond then opened his status screen and checked how many people he can turn into Guild Members. When he checked his status screen he saw that the Guild Members bar was different from before.

It was now separated from local and foreign. The local had 5/50 while the foreign was 0/20. He quickly understood that the local must mean people of this world while the foreign were the players from his old world.

« Gather all the women here, » Raymond commanded the five.

While waiting for the women to gather Raymond started to think about why he wasn’t feeling anything when he heard that women were captured by hobgoblins. He knew based on the novels he read what goblins did to human women. Yet despite that, he wasn’t feeling all that bad, in fact he was actually grateful for this event to come to him when he needed it.

‘I know these people are real, and this is not a game… But… I just can’t see them as being the same human species as me. What’s wrong with me?…’

Before he could delve deeper into this thought, Raymond decided to put that thought in the back of his mind for now and started talking to the system instead.

‘Hey, are there still game streamers in the future?’

‘Of course, there are. In the advent of the full dive VR, they became more popular than ever.’

‘Can you convert the Gold Coins I have into whatever currency they have in the future?’

‘I can,’ hearing the system’s response Raymond couldn’t help but smile.

After waiting for a while everyone in the Guild has gathered in the main square where the pole that had the banner of the Guild was located. Raymond stood in front of the thirty people present and spoke in a voice that was loud enough for everyone to hear.

« I have gathered everyone here to ask for your help. It has come to my attention that some unfortunate souls have been captured by monsters, and I wish to save them. But with my strength alone, I won’t be able to do that. I know most of you have been through traumatic experiences and I won’t fault you if you do not wish to help. But if you wish to save these poor souls the same way I saved you, I will grant you the power to fight! So who wishes to join me?! »

Without any hesitation, all of the women stepped forward as well as the current guild members. Raymond nodded his head and began the process of making them into guild members. After everyone had become Guild Members and chose their classes, Raymond made another announcement.

« I now know everyone is eager to help but we cannot strike yet. We need more reinforcements so tomorrow I plan to summon warriors from another world. »