After explaining about the otherworlders that would be coming, Raymond divided the thirty guild members into five teams. Each team had a member that was Level five and above, this was of course Brom and the others. Once that was done each team went out to kill the remaining monsters near the Guild’s vicinity.

Once that was done Raymond went back to his room and checked his computer. ‘So system, which country has the most gamers?’

‘China has the highest population of gamers.’

‘Heh, so China still has the most gamers even in the future. Alright then let’s convert some of the Gold Coins into whatever currency they still use over there.’

In the middle of a room, a gaming capsule opened, and out came a nineteen-year-old boy. This was Chen Fan a somewhat known Game Streamer. As he got out of his gaming capsule he stretched his body for a bit.

He had been playing the new game ‘Air Space’ for a few hours now and he felt a little bit dizzy. As he took the bottle of water at a nearby table, Chen Fan sat down in front of his computer.

As he was about to edit one of his videos, he noticed that he had a lot of new mail. He quickly checked them, when he suddenly got to one mail that was offering him a job to review a new game, as a beta tester.

Chen Fan clicked on the link which sent him to the official site. The game was simply called the Guild. The official site was pretty good looking but it lacks a lot of information. It only had the information about the characters you can select and that was it.

There were no pictures, no videos, nothing was present except for a bit of information about the storyline. Chen Fan was a little bit intrigued and checked the amount the other party was offering. Chen Fan who was drinking a bottle of water almost spat out when he saw how much he was offered.

« 300,000 yuan! »

‘I know I’m pretty well known nowadays but that’s the largest offer I had so far. Of course, I’m going to accept the deal!’

Chen Fan quickly replied to the email, agreeing to the terms stated above. Once he looked at the contract he was sent and saw that there was nothing wrong with it he signed it. After a few minutes, he received a link to download the new game.

To his surprise, the game was barely 1GB. Even a normal computer game nowadays was at least a few hundred GB much less full dive VR games.

‘Is this for real, or am I being scammed? Is there going to be a virus in this thing?’ Chen Fan started to deliberate if he was going to download the game or not. But in the end, he decided to go download the file, since he already signed the contract.

After downloading the file, he installed the game and quickly tried it out.

Upon entering the game he was greeted by the voice of a woman asking him to create his character. In the character creation screen, it seems like there was no option to change his gender.

‘A gender lock in this day and age? Well, it’s not like I was going to make a female character.’

The character creation screen was quite detailed and he could recreate his looks with ease in the game. Chen Fan then started to make a character that looks like him but is slightly more handsome. He then typed in the name of his character, Merlin.

Once he was done with the character creation, the scenery changed and what greeted him was a bright light. After a while, he finally saw what was before him. He was standing in what looked to be a magic circle. Standing in front of him, was a man wearing light armor. Behind him were a dozen women looking at him curiously.

‘The game characters look so realistic.’ Those were the first thoughts Chen Fan had when he saw Raymond and the others. Seeing as full dive VR hasn’t been out for that long the level of the graphics was barely different from old school VRs. Yet this game looked real, it really felt like he was transported into another world.

« Warrior from another world, as my summoned warrior please complete your pledge to me. » When Chen Fan heard what Raymond said his body started moving on its own.

‘This must be an event scene.’

Chen Fan then knelt on one knee placed his right hand on his chest and spoke. This was also done without his consent. Chen Fan thought that he would then speak out against his will, but after a few seconds, nothing was said. He then saw a text box appear before him, it was telling him to say something.

« I Merlin, pledge my allegiance to you Lord Raymond my Guild Master. »

Once that was said, Chen Fan was then asked to pick a class. The initial class were a martial artist, swordsman, priest, archer, and mage. There was a video for each character portraying what they cand do.

The PV was really well made and Chen Fan felt like he would like to watch the characters perform in a movie. After watching each PV, Chen Fan chose to be a mage since that was the character class he usually chooses.