After picking his class Chen Fan aka Merlin started looking around. He was truly impressed by the graphics of this game. It was confusing that such a great game was using less than 1GB. As he was wondering what to do next, Merlin then thought of opening his status screen and to his surprise, a holographic screen appeared before him.


Name: Merlin

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Level: 1

HP: 40/40 MP: 10/10

Combat Energy: 2/2

STR: 2

AGI: 2

DEX: 4

INT: 7

WIS: 6

VIT: 3

Luck: 5


Active: Energy Bolt

Passive: Undying Body (max)

Profession: Locked (Requires Level 10 to unlock.)]

‘So there are different races… How come I didn’t get to pick what race I wanted? It must be because it’s in beta. Also, what’s the difference between mana and Combat Energy? This game really doesn’t want to hold my hand.’

Merlin was about to click on the skill tree when one of the lady NPCs approached him.

« Warrior from another world, please follow me to get your equipment. » Merlin nodded his head and followed the lady into the Guild house. Upon entering the Guild House, Merlin was quite surprised to see what was inside.

The building from the outside looked like a Gothic building but the inside looked like a twenty-first-century hotel. As they walked through the halls Merlin was fascinated by everything he saw. It’s not like this was the first time he has ever been in such a building, but to see it in a game and with such detail was new to him.

Not only that he was also finally able to notice that the sensation of the wind blowing past his face. The feeling was so authentic that it didn’t register in his mind that he was in a game. Usually, even in full dive VR the sensation of the five senses was either downplayed or overplayed. You either feel it too much that it’s unnatural or you don’t feel anything at all then it doesn’t seem like a full dive VR game.

As Merlin was appreciating the realism of the game, he didn’t forget to use the video function he found in the UI. He was excited to see the reaction of his fans when he uploads a video of this game later.

Merlin arrived at the Guild’s storage room, and it was filled with weapons and armor. Unfortunately, there were no inspect skills to see what level the armor and weapons were at. So he needed to guess based on the look of the equipment alone.

‘I guess it’s quite fun to see which armor and weapons will be good to use through trial and error. Also, with how real everything looks some experts might be able to tell which weapons are better than the other.’

Merlin who couldn’t discern which was good equipment and which wasn’t just picked randomly. He chose some random staff and a knife, he tried wearing some armor but most of them were too heavy. So he just wore chainmail and a robe.

Once he was done choosing he was guided back out. When he stepped out of the Guild House he noticed three other people have been summoned, aka they were three other players.

They received the same cut scene as him and once they said the pledge words, Merlin noticed that a mark appeared on their right cheek. There was a tattoo that looked to be a combination of a western dragon and a phoenix. It was the same as the banner of the Guild. Seeing that Merlin unconsciously touched his right cheek.

‘Do I have one too?’

After a few seconds, Merlin was no longer bothered about the tattoo, as he started talking to the nearby NPCs, or to be more precise the nearby NPCs started talking to him.

« So you’re a warrior from another world? Are you strong? » A man with a rather scary face approached him. He looked like one of those old school characters in anime that liked to fight.

« Do you know the Guild Master? Is he also a person from your world? » Another NPC spoke to him this time, it was a person that seems to have a bright personality.

« You guys didn’t even introduce yourselves before bombarding him with questions. I’m sorry about that Sir, I’m Roselia it’s nice to meet you. » This time it was a rather cute girl that spoke to him, she looked like one of those girls next door kinda girls.

« I’m Merlin, the great mage Merlin. » Merlin then started to roleplay since it felt like the right thing to do in this situation.

« A mage? Like one of those in the class selection screen?… Can you tell us what a mage is? Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. The name’s Lux it’s nice to meet you, Sir Merlin. » Seeing as Merlin looked to be a middle-aged man the group of teens talked to him rather respectfully.

‘Wow the AI in this game is unreal, it’s like they are actual living people. Also, they know about the class selection screen, doesn’t that ruin the immersion, or are they perhaps players as well?’

« You don’t have mages here, and you know about the class selection screen? » Merlin probed, it was unlikely they were players because of what they said at the beginning, but just to be sure.

« Hmm, don’t all that pledge loyalty to Sir Raymond get to see the selection screen? Wasn’t the information relayed into your mind? Also, it’s true we don’t have mages here. We only heard about them from the selection screen. We do see in the selection screen that they seem powerful, but we really are unsure about that class. We don’t know anything about mages, except the information relayed to us by Sir Raymond’s ability. So are mages really that powerful? »

‘Hoh, interesting that’s the setting of this game…’

« I see… I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that Mages are really powerful! We are a group of people that try to seek the truth of the universe and harness its powers. » Merlin started bullsh*ting as he continued to talk to the NPCs. As their conversation got deeper, the more impressed Merlin was in the AI of the game. These NPCs were practically living breathing beings, with varied expressions and thoughts.