« Hey, how do I hunt? I haven’t gone hunting in my entire life! »

« The host should be able to do simple hunting if he wants to survive in this world. »

« Aren’t you going to help me? You didn’t even give me any active skills, that could help me in a hunt. What is this, drk suls level difficulty! »

« Active skills can be acquired once the host reaches level 2. »

« So, what you’re telling me is that I can get a skill once I reach level 2, but how do I get to level 2? »

« Experience points can be acquired by killing or doing missions. »

Hearing the system telling him that made Raymond sigh. He already knew it would be something like that, but he was hoping there was another way. Though his body returned to the time before his injury, Raymond wasn’t so sure if he could hunt whatever dangerous creatures were in this world.

For all he knows, there something like orcs in the forest. Based on his basic knowledge about those creatures, he stood no chance. He wasn’t even sure if he could take on a goblin. He did have some knowledge in using swords, but that’s against humans, as for the bow and arrows he has never used that kind of thing.

Raymond went outside the Guild House and started swinging the sword around. The weight was perfect for him, and after a few practice swings, Raymond tried out the bow. As he expected the bow was pretty hard to use. He was trying to hit a tree, but the arrow was going all over the place.

If possible he wanted to use the bow for hunting, since it was a long-range weapon making it the safer choice. But seeing that he couldn’t even hit a non-moving target, using the bow would be unrealistic in the hunt.

After practicing a few more minutes, Raymond was hesitating if he should leave the safety area of the Guild House. After thinking for a while he gritted his teeth.

« Now that I’m given this kind of chance to be like those characters in the novels I’ve read, shouldn’t I go all out. If I fail then I die, well I already died once what’s another death. » As Raymond was hyping himself up the system suddenly spoke.

« Host please remember that you currently only have one life. » Hearing what the system said dampened Raymond’s mood. Still, did the system say something weird?…

« Hey system, you said I currently only have one life. Does that mean I can have multiple lives or I can revive? »

« Host’s level is too low to access that information. »

« What level do I need to be then? »

« Host’s level is too low to access that information. »

« … » Knowing that the system wouldn’t budge, Raymond no longer bothered asking. Instead, he felt a bit excited, if he grows strong enough it seems like even death would be nothing more than a triviality. As he was getting even more excited Raymond walked into the forest that was surrounding his Guild House.

After a few minutes of walking, Raymond found the surrounding trees, insects and other things to be no different from what he has seen on earth. In fact, it was eerily similar that maybe he wasn’t in a different world at all.

‘Maybe this world is like those novels were it’s similar to medieval earth, but with only slight differences. Though I also think this could be a fantasy world where dragons roam the sky, seeing as my stats has 1 mp, meaning magic must exist here…’

While Raymond was walking around he finally spotted an animal. It was a rather large boar, heck it wasn’t just rather large it was bigger than he expected to be. It was two meters long and two meters thick, and by looking at it from the distance Raymond could see that it was even taller than him.

Raymond seeing how big that boar was started thinking if he should back out and look for another smaller prey. Yet after thinking about it for a while, he decided to try it out. Raymond climbed up the nearest tree, and once he was positioned properly on one of the thicker branches, he got his bow and arrow ready. He aimed at the boar that was eating.

As he pulled on his bowstring he could feel his hands shaking. He then tried to regulate his breathing calming himself down. His hands shook only slightly now. Raymond could feel his heart racing, he didn’t know if it was due to his anxiety or excitement, possibly both.

Raymond then released his arrow, as he heard the twang of his bowstring he saw the arrow fly towards the boar. Due to him shooting from an elevated height the arrow seems to be flying forward much faster than when he was practicing.

It looked like the arrow was going to hit, but then upon nearing the boar it just scraped its side.

« ROAR »

‘The f*cking boar actually roared like a lion!’ Raymond screamed in his mind. The boar turned around and spotted the person who shot the arrow, it then charged at the tree Raymond was on.

Seeing the boar charging at him, Raymond was about to fire another arrow, but the boar was faster as it hit the tree he was on. The tree shook horrendously, Raymond was about to fall off. It was a good thing his reflexes were back in his peak state, so he was able to hang on. Though he didn’t fall the arrows he had all fell to the ground.

Raymond then saw the boar was about to charge one more time. It once again hit the tree which made it shake even worse than before. It now felt like the tree was going to snap under the pressure. It was at that moment Raymond had an idea.

This situation seems similar to the time he first encountered the Asylum Demon in Drk Suls. Raymond gripped his gladius and jumped down onto the large boar’s head. The blade pierced through the boar’s skull like it was butter. At first, the boar was moving around wildly, but after a few seconds, it started slowing down until finally, it stopped moving altogether.

‘Level up’

‘Level up’

‘Level up’

‘Level up’