The group finally arrived at the cave where Brom and the others died. At the entrance of the cave, there were five ogres instead of two. Seeing this made Raymond frown a bit.

‘Either the monsters were smarter than I thought, or there’s some kind of boss monster controlling them… Well, either way, we still need to purge these guys who are near the Guild space. Also, if anything goes wrong I can use this teleport scroll I got in case of emergencies.’

After calming himself down by touching his teleport scroll, Raymond looked at his guild members. The highest level was, of course, the NPC John who was at LVL 30 and the next ones were Brom and Roselia who were at LVL 25 and then Lux and his group who were at LVL 12, finally the captured women plus the players, who ranged from LVL 5 to 7.

‘I hope this is enough, if we lose the first raid with the streamers, it’s going to be embarrassing and it might dampen my future plans.’

« My friends, we have finally arrived in the den of evil. The monsters inside might look fearsome, but do not falter, do not fear, for I am by your side. As long as I stand The Guild Eternal shall never lose! Now FORWARD! »

The Guild Members screamed their warcries as they charged into the cave. The Ogres seeing the Guild Members coming towards them roared and they too charged forth.

Merlin and the players were at the back for they knew that the first to charge was usually the first to die. With their current low levels, facing a monster that big wasn’t going to work out for them. As the players stood behind taking videos, they saw Raymond charging forward at the forefront,

They saw Raymond fighting an Ogre by himself, while the other guild members were dealing with the four other ogres. Raymond pointed his finger at the ogre and flames shot out. The flames were able to burn some of the ogre skin but it didn’t do that much damage. He then took out his bow as the ogre was charging at him, he pulled his bowstring and released his arrow upward into the sky. A few seconds later a volley of arrows fell onto the charging ogre.

The ogre was now fully enraged as it swung the three it was holding downward at Raymond, who deflected it by knocking it to the side using the back of his fist. Raymond then touched the hilt of his sword and multiple sword slashes were made, cutting the ogre. Raymond followed that attack by jumping upward and when he was above the ogre’s head he did a mid-air flip and pounded the ogre’s head with the heel of his right leg.

The ogre knelt onto the ground in one knee. As the ogre was about to retaliate, Raymond snapped his fingers and vines came out from the ground restraining the ogre. Raymond then unsheathed his sword raised it upward and sliced down, cutting the ogre in half.

The players who witnessed this scene were amazed, as expected of the Guild Master. That whole fight just showed them that the Guild Master has all the skills of each class. As the gamers were amazed by how well the Guild Master was fighting, they noticed that a bunch of little green men were coming out of the cave. These were the goblins and the hobgoblins. Seeing their prey finally show up the players finally joined in the attack.

The battle between the monsters and the guild members was chaotic. Though fewer in number the guild members were able to utilize their skills in a cooperative manner which made the whole battle flow into a favorable direction for them.

It was a good thing that Raymond decided to group them into teams of five. If he didn’t do that and they attacked the cave without any teamwork the guild members would’ve died already. Well, it wasn’t only their teamwork that was winning the fight. Both Raymond and John’s battle power was overwhelming the monsters, as they only had a bit of difficulty defeating the ogres.

It took them a few hours to finish off the monsters outside, and no more reinforcements came. The casualties on the guild side were around twelve Guild members, most of them were the recently appointed Guild Members and Roselia and Daniel.

The players were able to survive since every time they were about to encounter a fatal strike Raymond would intervene to help them.

After the battle outside was over, and no boss monster was shown Raymond decided to enter the cave as well. But before they entered Raymond told the guild members to store the bodies of the monsters in their inventories.

Hearing their orders the Guild Members started doing as they were told. The players got excited when they heard that order, as they felt like the carcasses of the monsters might be very valuable. While everyone was doing that Raymond spoke to the system.

‘So in the future do they still have ESRB?’

‘The ESRB has been lost a few decades ago in the future were the players are from. There was a consensus that no matter the content of a game, it is the player’s right to decide what he/she could play no matter the age.’

‘So we won’t get a mature rating? Cause I can pretty much guess what’s going to be inside that cave.’ Raymond looked at the cave they were about to enter and frowned. Even though he was sure that inside the cave that was full of goblins and ogres was going to have sex victims, he wasn’t worried about the women, but about the feelings of the players instead. As Raymond was trying to understand his own feelings on the subject matter, he heard the system’s voice.

‘The host doesn’t need to worry, no matter how much r*pe and violence is shown our game will not be shut down.’

‘Hmm, I see… Hey system, why does it seem like I cannot feel sympathy nor empathy?’

‘The host’s level is not high enough for me to answer that question.’ When Raymond heard that reply he felt something was weird. Even though he had heard that reply from the system a hundred times by now, it was weird to hear that reply right now.

‘Does this mean what’s happening to my emotions has something to do with the system?’

‘Yes,’ Hearing that answer Raymond felt something was going to snap in his mind, but then he heard Brom’s voice.

« Guild Master, we’re done with the cleanup. »

« Huh?… Oh, alright tell the others that we will wait for those that have died to come back here. Roselia and the others should have already respawned at the Guild. »

Brom nodded his head and told the others what Raymond said. Once his conversation with Brom was done, Raymond noticed that he was no longer feeling that stressed about the revelation that the system has done something to his emotions. As Raymond was about to restart the conversation, the system was the first to speak.

‘The host should stop worrying about that. The system is not here to harm the host in any way, the system is here to help the host.’

‘If you’re here to help then why are you controlling my emotions.’

‘The host’s level is not high enough for me to answer that question.’

Raymond gritted his teeth and then sighed. It would seem like no matter what he did, he wouldn’t get the answers he was looking for at the moment.

‘Fine, I’ll get to a high enough level to get the answers I want. It’s not like I’m going to die if I don’t know it. Yeah, I already died once, so not knowing this, for now, is an okay price to pay for this new life.’ Raymond comforted himself, as he placed the thought about his emotions in the back of his mind.