When the guild members gathered around to talk to the semi-naked women, they noticed something weird. Some of the women had animal ears and tails. The guild members were shocked by the sight. When Lux saw those ears he mumbled to himself.

« Demi-Humans. »

Some of the demi-humans who had better hearing than most trembled slightly when they heard Lux’s mumbling. On the other hand, when Raymond and the players saw the demi-humans their eyes sparkled in delight.

« Hey, do you guys see that it’s fox eared ladies! »

« OMG, so cute. How come we didn’t have the option to be demi-humans I would’ve liked to have bunny ears as well. »

« So this is that kinda MMO. »

The players were getting a bit rowdy as they stared at the demi-humans, while the other guild members were looking at the demi-humans in fear and awe. This has a lot to do with the stories about demi-humans told in the human kingdoms. Most of which were grossly exaggerated. On the other hand, the demi-humans see humans as evil people that hunt down their kind and make them slaves.

« What are you guys doing? Bring them out first before questioning them. The smell here is getting unbearable. » Hearing Raymond’s voice the guild members snap out of their surprise and guided the ladies outside.

Once the group was outside of the cave, they could see the full glory of the semi-naked women. Five of which were demi-humans. When Raymond saw that the guild members were hesitating on how to talk to the demi-humans, he spoke to them.

« Everyone should check on the others, I’ll be the one to talk to the demi-humans. » Without hearing their response Raymond approached one of the demi-humans. It was a girl with fox ears, and three fluffy looking tails. She looked at Raymond warily and got into a defensive position.

Raymond also scanned the girl. He really wanted to touch her ears and tails, but for now, Raymond held himself back as he noticed the wounds on the girl. Raymond then extended his hand and used a healing spell on the fox eared girl.

The girl was surrounded by a white light, and then to her surprise her wounds had healed almost instantaneously. Raymond then proceeded to heal the other demi-humans as well. Once he was done he spoke to all five of them at once.

« It’s alright now, I’m not here to hurt you. » Hearing his soothing voice, as well as feeling the full effects of his charm skill, the demi-humans felt relieved. The demi-humans then started to tear up while some of them went ahead and cried. All except for one who looked devoid of emotions.

« Okay then, let’s get you guys back to my base so that we can get you some proper clothes and food. » Raymond showed a reassuring smiling face to the demi-humans.

« Thank you. » One of the demi-humans bowed her head and the others followed suit except for one. Seeing that one of them wasn’t responding to outside stimulus made Raymond sigh.

« I see… You are no longer, you. » Raymond approached another fox eared girl that was smaller than the other one. She had only one tail and her eyes were ruby red, she was pretty cute but unfortunately, she was already long gone. Seeing Raymond approaching the little girl, the fox eared girl with three tails remembered what the humans were talking about a while ago.

« We will save those that can be saved, and we will grant mercy to those that can’t. » When she remembered those words she immediately blocked Raymond’s path.

« Mighty one please do not harm my sister. »

« Your sister? »

« Yes, this one is my little sister. Please show mercy mighty one. »

« You do know, you’re little sister is- » Before Raymond could finish his sentence the older fox eared girl interrupted him.

« I will take care of her until she gets better! » Raymond and the girl looked at each other’s eyes. Raymond could somehow see the resolve in the fox eared girl’s unwavering eyes.

« Alright then, if that’s the decision of the family member, who am I to say otherwise. Then five of you should follow me to back to my base. » After speaking to the demi-humans Raymond looked at his guild members. « You guys after assessing the others bring them to the guild as well. John, you stay here and escort the ladies once they’re done. »

After giving out his orders Raymond left with the five demi-humans. The players, on the other hand, didn’t know who to follow. But after thinking about it for a while, they decided to explore the cave some more.

Since they already know what fate awaits some of these women, the players didn’t want to see the scene of their execution. Though they understood that this was only a game, it felt too real. From the expressions of the NPCs to the way the acted and the decisions they made. They felt alive and so watching them kill those women wasn’t a sight the players wanted to see.

On the other hand, if those women were enemies with red names. They would’ve killed them without hesitation for the EXP.

Raymond led the demi-humans back to the Guild. As he was walking he spotted the group that died previously. The demi-humans spotted the group of humans as well, which made them cower behind Raymond. Usually, these demi-humans would’ve prepared to fight, but in their current conditions, they weren’t able to muster the strength nor the courage to fight.

« Guild Master, » Seeing them salute Raymond the demi-humans were no longer as tense. The guild members also noticed the semi-naked demi-humans and had a lot of questions. But seeing as they were with the Guild Master they held their curiosity back.

« So what happened back there? Why were you guys killed? »

« We met a huge red-skinned monster with horns, it had sharp claws and club as a weapon. The moment it spotted us it attacked. We tried fighting back, but its skin was too tough that we couldn’t even scratch it. »

« I see… Alright then, you guys head back to the entrance of the cave and wait for me. » The guild members nodded their heads and left. As they were leaving they couldn’t help but glance at the demi-humans.

‘A monster that has that kind of characteristics, in a cave filled with ogres and goblin variants. It might be an oni.’ While he was walking Raymond started thinking about everything he knew about the oni from video games and anime.