Upon arriving in the guild space Raymond led the demi-humans into the guild house. When the demi-humans saw the stronghold in the middle of the Rakaja forest they were surprised. Rakaja is a demi-human word for monster.

Currently, Raymond whose race was human was speaking the language of this world. He hasn’t noticed yet but the language he was using was that of the natives. Some of the demi-humans could understand only a bit of what he was saying. The only one who knew how to speak the human language well enough to talk was the three-tailed fox girl.

As the demi-humans continued to walk through the stone walls of the guild, they started thinking that the man in front of them must be an influential human. Knowing this fact the group of demi-human grew even warier knowing of Raymond.

To them, it was possible that Raymond was lulling them into a false sense of security before selling them off as slaves, like what most influential humans have done. They had heard the stories of how humans trick demi-humans into slavery. It was especially true for the beastman race such as theirs. Among demi-humans, their race was the one humans liked to capture the most.

When they arrived at the storage room they saw numerous weapons and armor. Some of them even thought of getting the weapons and using them to escape from Raymond. They quickly discarded this plan since they couldn’t even move properly much less hold a weapon. Also for some reason, they didn’t really hate Raymond, despite him being human.

‘He did save us after all… He might be a human but maybe he was different from the others.’ That single thought suddenly came into each of the demi-humans’ minds. Unaware that his charm skill was doing its job properly, Raymond was able to find clothing for the women, he then handed each of the demi-humans clothes.

After giving them clothes Raymond guided them into the kitchen. Raymond with his cooking at level 1 was able to make a meal that made the demi-humans mouth watery. The smell that filled the room made the stomachs of the demi-humans growl in anticipation.

When Raymond served the demi-humans the soup they hesitated a bit, but then the three-tailed fox girl took a sip.

« Delicious! » She started gorging down the soup. Of course, she didn’t forget to feed her sister as well. Though she had a blank expression the little sister was still able to open her mouth once the food was near her. Seeing the siblings eat without anything happening to them, the others started to eat as well.

Raymond looked at the demi-humans and sighed. He needed to get back to the guild members, but he couldn’t just leave the demi-humans unattended. He wanted to ask the guild members to take care of the demi-humans, but after seeing their reactions he decided that wasn’t the best course of action.

While he was thinking of what to do Raymond suddenly heard someone shouting outside of the guild house. He left the girls to their meal as he headed outside.

« What the hell was that?! »

« That Oni was ridiculously fast for its size. »

« This game should have some inspections skills, so we can see what level the monsters are at. »

« Was the guy the boss of the place? »

It was just the players complaining after dying.

‘Wait a minute the death penalty of the players forcefully logs them out and they can only log back in after an hour. Does that mean it has been an hour already?’

‘Due to the players numbering only five at the moment, I was able to adjust the respawn time to half an hour. I notified the streamers that the respawn time of half an hour was only applicable for now. Once other players join in the game it would be adjusted to a full hour.’ The system responded to Raymond’s question.

‘I see…’ Seeing the complaining players, Raymond got an idea. These players obviously had no prejudice against the demi-humans, in fact, Raymond was sure they were as ecstatic to see animal eared girls.

Raymond then opened the create quest function and made a quest. Once he was done he approached the players.

« Warriors of another world, I have a request. As you know we have just saved some women from the vile monsters. I need one person to take care of them while we destroy the remaining monsters in the cave. I hope that you lady warrior can help with this task. »

Raymond spoke to disguisedfox and a notification popped up in front of disguisedfox.

[New Task: Take care of the demi-humans] [The Guild Master has assigned you the task of taking care of the demi-humans. He fears that the other guild members have some prejudice against the demi-humans and won’t be able to take care of them properly. Seeing as you are from another world the Guild Master hopes that you’ll be up for the task.] [Task Rewards: Race change: Beastman] [Will you accept the task Y/N]

Seeing the task reward disguisedfox’s eyes lit up and she immediately accepted the quest.