After disguisedfox got the new quest she immediately told the others. A look of envy was seen in the male players’ eyes.

« How did you get the task and not us? Is it because we’re men? »

« Yeah, I say the devs are being sexist! »

« Yeah let’s file a complaint against the evil devs! » The male players started to get mad. Raymond then spoke to the male players.

« As for the other warriors please accompany me back to the entrance of the cave and help me slay the remaining monsters. »

[New Task: Kill the Red Oni] [The Guild Master wants your help to eliminate the oni menace.] [Task Reward: Global Race Unlock: Oni]

When the players saw that they could change their race into an Oni they felt elated. Though they were a bit confused as to what Global Race Unlock means. Even Raymond was surprised by the task rewards given by the system. He was the one who created the quest and its narrative, but he was not the one who chooses the reward. The system is the one that determines what rewards to give depending on the quest that was given.

After accepting the quest, Raymond waited for the other women to come to the guild house. It would seem that only one woman were saved, the others were granted mercy. Seeing this sight made Raymond question the strength of humans.

‘Are the humans mentally weak, or are the demi-humans just that much stronger mentally and emotionally? Maybe it’s a difference in culture or something…’ Raymond decided to slowly learn about the cute animal eared people later, first he needed to kill the boss monster in the cave.

So after confirming the remaining woman was given clothes and fed, Raymond alongside the male players set off back to the cave.

When they arrived at the cave entrance it was already around three in the afternoon. Upon arriving Raymond noticed that the guild members had transported the weapons and armor outside of the cave. When Raymond looked at the equipment that was taken, even a layman like him knew that the equipment hasn’t been maintained properly for a very long time.

‘I guess I can use the blacksmith NPC for these things.’

While Raymond was waiting for the other Guild Members to finish transporting the goods outside the cave, the players were feeling something weird. They felt a bit weak so they quickly checked their status screen. They got a debuff out of hunger, it won’t kill them but it does lower their stats a bit.

Seeing this debuff the group started looking for anything to eat. Raymond noticed the weird behavior of the players and checked their statuses. Once he ascertained what was happening to them he got some bread from his inventory and gave them to the players.

Seeing the pieces of bread given by the Guild Master the players quickly took it and ate. The debuff then disappeared.

‘So it’s one of those games that have a hunger function. Now it kinda feels like a fantasy MMO with a mix of survival. I wonder what happens if we die while having the hunger debuff, will the debuff disappear or will it still be active after respawning? Better check that out next time.’ Merlin didn’t know what to feel with the hunger mechanics in such a game. Though it was a plus in the realistic setting of the game, it was also bothersome for a game like this.

When the guild members were done taking out all the equipment inside the cave. Raymond and his group ventured towards the area were the players were killed. It was deep inside the cave and it took them a few minutes to reach.

In the deepest part of the cave was a large open area that had a lot of bones of different animals including humans and demi-humans in it. At the end of the area was a giant five-meter tall monster. It didn’t seem to have noticed them yet. It had red skin and two large horns coming out of the side of its head. The weapon it was wielding was a two-meter long wooden club.

It was also wearing something similar to loincloth which Raymond found weird, not only the clothes but the weapon it wielded as well. The goblins and hobgoblins did wear human armor and such, but the ogres had their junk waving around as they were naked. That was acceptable for Raymond since there wasn’t any human equipment large enough to satisfy their needs. They were also not smart enough to create their weapons and armor.

Yet the one in front of him was wearing the proper equipment for its size. That would mean that some intelligent creature created the weapons for the oni, or the oni itself was an intelligent creature that could create its own weapon and clothes.

As Raymond was wondering about that, a task notification appeared before him.

[New task: Kill the Red Oni] [Requirement: Get the last hit] [Task Reward: Instance Dungeon: Oni Cave]