When Raymond saw that notification it felt like it would be hard to accomplish. Seeing as he can’t see the health bar of the enemy. He needed to guess when was the right time to attack. It was also cool if he could solo the monster, but seeing as how easily it subdued the other guild members, it was most probably the same level as him, or even of a higher level.

‘It would’ve been cool if there really was an inspection skill. Hey system what do you think?’

‘At my current level, I cannot add such a function. The host needs to continue to level up and do his tasks properly if he wants to unlock more functions.’ Hearing the system’s answer Raymond no longer replied to it and instead talked to his guild members.

« Alright then, let’s kill this thing. Martial artists at the front, use [iron skin] when it approaches. Mages and Archers get ready to initiate a volley. Swordsmen will attack after the martial artists block the monster’s first attack. Priests will heal when needed. » The Guild Members did as they were told and went into their positions. Once they were in positions Raymond gripped his sword handle and licked his lips.

At this very moment, Raymond was very nervous. Aside from the first time he fought in this world. This was the only other time he felt there was an actual danger to his life. He couldn’t help but touch the teleport scroll every now and then.

‘Hey system, you already removed my sympathy and empathy why don’t you remove my fear as well?’

‘The host’s level is too low to hear the answer.’ Hearing that robotic answer was actually able to calm Raymond down a bit.

‘Alright then, it’s now or never.’

« Priests buff us with everything you have. » The priests gave all the Guild Members, every buff they can currently cast.

« Mages and Archers unleash everything you got! » Upon giving the signal a torrent of arrows and spells fell on the Oni. Though there were numerous arrows that came down using the skill [arrow rain] not one of those arrows was able to pierce the skin of the Oni. On the other hand, there were only two mages and the strongest skill they had was [fireball] which was only able to burn a little bit of the Oni’s skin.

The Oni finally noticing the group of intruders roared at them. « Archers stop using [Arrow Rain] and use [Piercing Arrows] instead, Mages continue using [Fireball]! Martial Artists get ready to endure this incoming a-« 

Raymond wasn’t able to finish what he was going to say when the Oni arrived in front of the martial artists ready to swing its club. The group of martial artists immediately used [Iron Skin]. Brom used both [Iron Skin] and [Unrelenting Spirit].

The Oni with one swing of its club was able to blow away two martial artists despite them using [Iron Skin] but the remaining martial artists were able to endure the strike stopping the Oni momentarily.

« Swordsmen charge in! » The swordsmen alongside John came slashing at the Oni. Unfortunately for them aside from John who was able to cut a bit of the Oni’s skin, the others were unable to even scratch the Oni’s thick skin.

« Change targets destroy his weapon instead! » The swordsmen then switched their target from the Oni to the club it was holding. With each swing of their swords, the club was slowly sustaining damage.

The Oni once again roared as it was about to swing its club at the swordsmen, but before it could do so Raymond used [provoke] from behind the group of martial artists. The Oni didn’t understand what happened but it felt like it wanted to attack the man hiding at the back.

Seeing that [provoke] worked, Raymond told the mages and archers to change positions. The Oni wasn’t able to penetrate through the wall of martial artists. Still, it was able to kill one more martial artist. Now only three of them remain, Brom, lonelypants, and one of the maidens.

« Continous fire! » The archers started using [Piercing Arrows] and were able to make their arrows penetrate deep enough for them to get stuck onto the Oni. The mages, on the other hand, were already at zero MP and could no longer cast spells. They needed to wait for a minute to recharge 1MP.

The Oni who was being attacked from all directions was getting angrier and angrier. As its anger rose it moved even faster than before. The Oni was about to attack the archers, so Raymond used [provoke] again but this time it was ineffective.

The healers were also nearing their mana limit as they finished healing the remaining martial artists. Unable to withstand one blow the archers were easily blown away. It then set its sights on the Mages, who were desperately trying to flee. Yet in the end, they were unable to escape as well.

Seeing that in the span of a few seconds the Oni was able to annihilate half of his men made Raymond feel a lot of pressure. As he was thinking about what to do next, he saw Brom charging in.

Brom’s current strength stat was triple the usual, as his HP was basically one point left. He aimed his punch at the wooden club which almost broke upon impact. Yet despite Brom’s best efforts, the club was able to endure the strike but Brom did not. Seeing his second strongest member die, Raymond could no longer wait.

‘It’s now or never.’ Raymond started gathering mana and was reciting spell words. This was currently his strongest attack. He wanted to use it when he was sure the Oni was about to die, so he can clear the quest, but he felt threatened at the moment and could no longer wait.

« [Frost Nova] » A beam of ice hit the Oni and was slowly freezing it. As this was happening the swordsmen continued attacking it. When Raymond thought they were about to win, the Oni used its free arm and grabbed onto one of the swordsmen and started eating her.

As it was eating the damage it sustained was slowly healing. The Oni was also blocking the [Frost Nova] spell with its wooden club. It looked like the club was absorbing the spell, or was it negating it… Seeing that scene Raymond was now sure that the wooden club was truly something enchanted with magic.

He didn’t know what to do at the moment, as most of their attacks were barely working on the Oni. Even John who had the highest attacking power in the group was unable to pierce deep enough using his spear. He was even using the Rare spear Raymond got from his last GACHA, Lion Piercer.

While Raymond was formulating a new plan, John who continuously without pause attacked the club was able to destroy it. The moment the club was destroyed Raymond saw that a third eye appeared on the Oni’s face.

That looked like an obvious weak spot. Raymond summoned his bow and arrow and fired at the third eye. When his arrow pierced its eye the Oni screamed in pain. It didn’t die, but it looked weakened. Yet despite that, they still couldn’t finish the job.

The only player left at the scene was lonelypants and he decided to no longer join in the fight and simply video it from afar.

While Raymond was thinking if he should retreat or not, he saw that some rocks were falling from above their heads due to the intense tremors the Oni was making as it stomped and flailed wildly. When Raymond saw that he got an idea.

‘They’re going to respawn anyway, and if I don’t do something they would’ve lost EXP in vain.’ Once he decided what to do, Raymond started firing attacking spells above, he was trying to cause a cave-in.

« Everyone hold it down into one spot! » When the guild members saw what Raymond was doing, they immediately understood what he was trying to do. They then used everything they had to make the Oni stay in that general area. When Raymond saw that he had done enough, as the rocks kept on falling he quickly used his teleport scroll.

Raymond was teleported to the Guild House, he waited for a few minutes and a notification popped up.

[New task: Kill the Red Oni (Completed)] [Task Reward: Instance Dungeon: Oni Cave] [Do you want to receive your reward now? Y/N]