After beating the Oni Raymond waited for all the Guild Members to respawn. Once they respawned he had gathered them in front of the Guild House.

« Everyone thanks to your efforts we have saved those capture monsters. Not only that we have destroyed their nest and eliminated them! To our first victory as a Guild! For the Eternal Guild! »


The Guild Members cheered in unison. The Guild Members then started to prepare for a feast. The other members went out to hunt, Raymond summoned tables and chairs and the others started fixing them. The remaining ones started cooking.

The players watching this sudden change in the atmosphere were getting excited as well. They saw that the wary guild members were finally able to talk to the demi-humans. Though the demi-humans could not respond by themselves, since they cannot speak the language they asked the three-tailed fox to be their interpreter.

When the Guild Master returned disguisedfox’s quest was completed and she could now go and change her race. She was surprised to see that even after changing her race she could still retain her level, and her class will also remain the same.

She immediately chose to change her race, as she was about to change, the system asked her which tribe she would choose. There were five tribes, the cat kin, the wolf kin, the fox kin, the rabbit kin, and the bear kin.

Each tribe had its own specialty. The cat kin were an agile tribe and specialized in fast-paced fights. If there was a rogue class that would’ve been the perfect class for them

The wolf kin were good in cooperative play as they have race buff that gives them greater strength the more wolf kin were near.

The fox kin were a tribe that had an unusually high amount of mana. Unfortunately, the people within this continent do not know how to use mana, and the fox kin was considered to be the weakest of the beastmen tribes. Though they compensate for this weakness with their cunning.

The rabbit kin were a tribe that had the most numbers, not as much as humans but they are the most numerous beastman tribe. They are also the fastest among the beastmen and have powerful legs that allow them to jump quite a distance.

Then last was the bear kin this tribe is considered the most powerful among the beastmen tribes. They are a warrior tribe with superior strength.

Seeing the description of each tribe, disguisedfox wasn’t bothered all she was looking at was which tribe would make her look cuter. She wasn’t a pro gamer and was a streamer that focused more on the aesthetic look, so the cuter she was the more views she gets.

After looking at each tribe, and seeing a preview of what she would look like after changing, disguisedfox decided to go with the tribe that was literally in her IGN. As she picked the fox kin tribe, her overall appearance didn’t change. The only difference was now she had fox ears and four tails.

While she was changing her race she was surrounded by a blinding light, which attracted everyone’s attention. When the light disappeared and disguisedfox appeared as a fox kin almost everyone was surprised. But the most surprised one of all was the three-tailed fox.

The three-tailed fox was talking to disguisedfox moments ago and was sure she was human, but now it turns out she was part of their tribe. She then approached disguisedfox and spoke in the beastman language.

« Are you an actual part of my tribe? I thought you were human. » disguisedfox could now understand both human and the beastman language so she was also able to respond in the language of the speaker.

« Yes, I was a human recently and now I changed into a fox kin. » disguisedfox happily replied, which confused the three-tailed fox.

The other players who saw disguisedfox change into a fox kin, they grew excited and wanted to change race as well. When they clicked on the change race a warning popped up.

[WARNING] [Changing race to Oni will revert your level back to 1. You will also lose your ability to choose a class] [Will you proceed? Y/N]

When the players saw that warning, they were able to calm down their excitement. They then saw a description of the race.

If players choose to change race to an Oni they will not be able to pick a class, instead, they have a chance for race evolution. Monster races are unable to use human skills, so classes are worthless to them. On the other hand, they have powerful natural endowments. Also, players in monsters races could trigger a race evolution once the player’s level is high enough.

When the players saw this they felt conflicted. They were indeed interested in race evolution, but they were also interested in their class advancement. It seems like each race has their own merits and demerits.

« So are you guys going to change your race? » Merlin asked as he was not going to change his. He liked the mage class, and he wanted to see what the later levels would feel like.

« I think, I’ll stick to human for now. » Gandalfisawizard had a similar reason as Merlin.

« I don’t really like the look of the Oni. » lonelypants gave his opinion as well.

« Guess, I’ll be the only one doing it, » Diablo answered while pressing on the Y.

Like disguisedfox Diablo was surrounded by a blinding light. In that light, his physical appearance was changing. His height remained the same, it didn’t increase to the same height as the Oni they fought. He then had horns sprout out of the sides of his head, but they were rather small around one foot in length. His skin was also the same, with only a bit of it turning red. He also grew a third eye. Aside from those changes he looked pretty much the same.

The Guild Members who saw his appearance immediately thought of the Oni they fought. When they remembered that the surrounding air grew tense. They were wondering if the warrior from another world was somehow infected and turned into an Oni.

« Everyone calm down. The otherworlders have the ability to change to the race that has an affinity with them, or a race that they have already beaten. »