When the three-tailed fox heard Raymond’s explanation she was shocked, not by the ability of the players to change their race. Instead, she was shocked by the fact that the players from another world, and that the people in this place were all unperturbed by the fact.

‘Are they all from another world?’ The three-tailed fox immediately dismissed the idea, unlike disguisedfox and the other players, the local guild members looked at them in fear. The same way the demi-humans looked at humans.

Then how come they were so unaffected by the people from another world. Was it normal for humans to summon other beings from a different world, where the humans so powerful now, or was it just the humans in this stronghold?

The three-tailed fox felt a bit dizzy just thinking about it.

While the three-tailed fox was contemplating the existence of the players, Diablo who turned into an Oni wasn’t bothered by the staring people, and immediately checked his status screen.

[Name: Diablo

Race: Oni

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Level: 1

HP: 150/150 MP: 20/20

STR: 15

AGI: 2

DEX: 2

INT: 2

WIS: 2

VIT: 10

Luck: 4


Active: Roar (max), Goblin King (Lvl 1)

Passive: Undying Body (max)

Profession: Locked (Requires Level 10 to unlock.)]

Diablo was surprised to see his stats, there were amazing. His strength and his vitality were even stronger than the strength of lonelypants martial artist class, at level five. Though there were also demerits, like every stat except for STR and VIT were bad.

He then looked at his current skills.

[Roar]: Afflicts fear debuff to enemies that have lower strength than the player. Affects enemies that hear your roar.

[Goblin King]: Can make goblins into minions current maximum is at two minions. The higher the level of skill the more goblins and goblin variants can be turned into minions.

When Diablo saw his skills, he was excited. He could make an army of goblins fight alongside him. He then checked his skill tree and saw that the skills available for this class were few. Also, the next unlockable skill was at level 20. He also checked up to what level he could upgrade the [Goblin King] skill. It was only up to level ten, and at the maximum level of the skill, he can only make twenty goblins into minions. Seeing this made Diablo sigh.

‘Well, there goes my dream of a goblin army.’

After the initial shock of the race change the players did, the guild members continued their setup. The feast began and everyone was having a great time, even the wary warbeasts felt happy on the Guild’s victory.

The players looked at the food and started eating. Even though in their minds these things were all 0s and 1s, they still couldn’t help themselves from eating a lot. The food was pretty good, and it felt rather exotic as well. Eating in a fantasy world was quite fun.

Raymond who was watching the scene before his eyes had a smile on his face. He couldn’t help but remember that at the beginning it was only him and John. Now the Guild was slowly looking like an actual guild.

He was no longer alone in this world. He felt a bit irritated at himself that even now he still views the residents of this world as humans that weren’t the same as him. He was actually also viewing the players as such.

He felt something was touching his skin. He then saw that everyone was looking at him. The cheerful atmosphere somehow changed as everyone was looking at Raymond with a weird expression on their faces.

« Is there something on my face? » The Guild Members approached Raymond.

« Guild Master, why are you crying? » Roselia asked looking worried. Actually all of them were looking worriedly at Raymond. When he Heard what Roselia said Raymond quickly touched his face and they were right he was crying.

« Huh, I’m crying? » Raymond was confused as he tried wiping away the tears. He couldn’t understand what he was feeling. Even as he wiped his tears more just came flowing out.

« Huh, sorry about this, I don’t know what’s happening. I think I got something from our last battle. You guys go back to having fun in our feast, I’ll be- » Before he could finish what he wanted to say, Raymond felt someone hugged him, and then another, and then another. Roselia and some of the girls started hugging him, while the men patted his shoulders.

Watching their guild master, the man who had changed their lives crying made him seem human. Ever since they met him, he would always show a stern expression and he looked at things as if he was an outsider. At times he didn’t feel human, he didn’t feel like he was one of them. Yet now he was crying as if both in pain and joy.

« It’s alright Guild Master, we don’t know what you’ve been going through, we might not understand your pain, but for now it’s alright to cry. » Hearing one of his Guild members say those words, Raymond’s walls felt like they were crumbling a bit. He then started to cry, he cried until his tears could no longer fall.

Raymond then looked at his guild members, his new family, and showed a weak smile. « Thanks, everyone… Come on then let’s continue the party! » Raymond summoned a bunch of mugs filled with beer and lifted one and shouted. He then started drinking and the feast resumed as everyone looked a little bit happier than before.