Merlin who saw Raymond crying, actually thought he could somehow feel Raymond’s pain. At first, he thought that Raymond was going to be the heroic stoic leader type character, but after seeing that scene maybe he was wrong.

‘These NPCs could actually express such emotions? They could laugh and be merry feeling happy after a victory. They can cry and feel melancholic, and express confusion as to why. They know about camaraderie and comfort each other in times of need. Aren’t these NPCs more human than us?’

Merlin couldn’t help but think about the current world, and then looked at these NPCs. It was just a game and these guys were supposed to be 0s and 1s. Yet in this game, these NPCs look like they were living happily even in a world were everything was out to kill them.

While everyone was having a good time a notification appeared before the players. It was warning them that there twelve hours of using the full dive VR for the day was almost up. When they saw this they were about to reluctantly log out when another notification appeared.

[WARNING!!!] [Upon logging out characters will enter sleep mode. Depending on where you log out your character might incur debuffs or at worst death penalties. Please be mindful of where you sleep]

When the players saw this notification they were grateful it appeared before they were able to log out. Still, this game is trying too much on being as realistic as possible, not only do they need to eat, they also needed a place to sleep.

‘Whatever, first I need to find a place where this body can sleep peacefully.’ Merlin and the other players needed to act fast, as they only had a few minutes before they are forcefully logged out. They quickly headed to Raymond who was drinking beer after beer.

« Guild Master, is there any place where we can sleep? »

« Of course, you can have any room you want on the third floor of the Guild house. Just pick any room that still vacant. » Hearing the Guild Master’s reply the players thanked him and were about to leave when Rei spoke to them.

« Are you guys going to bed so early? The night is still young, and you guys want to sleep? Are the warriors from another world, such lightweights? » Even though Rei was a bit drunk, some of the male players didn’t like the way he was talking to them. Yet they didn’t have time to deal with him at the moment.

« Sorry, we believe that resting while you can so that we can always be ready for the next battle. Also, getting drunk will hinder our abilities for the next battle. » Merlin who was good at LARP was able to speak an excuse and left with the other players after speaking with Rei.

Once the players were gone Rei found what Merlin said weird. The way he talked was like an experienced merc, but the way they acted during the battle were like brats that don’t know the smell of blood. Lux who was watching their exchange shook his head.

‘Truly an interesting group.’

Merlin and the other arrived on the third floor of the Guild House. They couldn’t appreciate the look of the floor or the rooms, as the time limit was nearing. So without thinking too much about it each one of them randomly chose a room and lay their characters on the bed before logging out.

Once Chen Fan got out of his gaming capsule he looked at the time. As expected it really had been nearly twelve hours since he started playing. He didn’t notice that time moved that fast. Also despite feeling full in the game, his actual body was hungry.

‘Well, that’s to be expected, it was just a game… Also, it looks like the time in the game world and the real world are pretty similar. Adding to the fact that we need our bodies to be in a secure place when we log out, might make things a bit difficult. Well, that just adds to the charm of the game. Alright then better get to editing the videos and posting them online, before the others beat me to it.’

After one day the unknown game called the Guild became a trending topic. Five rather well-known streamers had shared their experience in the beta of the game and it was an amazing sight. The graphics were flawless, the NPCs lifelike, the monsters were scary looking, and the battles were fun. It looked like a difficult game to master depending on which class you choose.

Also, it seems like the game has many races and you can change into them when specific prerequisites are done. When the other gamers from China learned that only fifteen slots were left to join the beta, a lot of them made a request in the official forum of the game.