Raymond was trembling in excitement after killing the large boar and was soaking in the feeling of victory when he was suddenly interrupted by multiple pinging sounds. He couldn’t even enjoy his first victory after coming to this new world.

Still, he was rather excited seeing how much he leveled up. But he didn’t feel any different than before. Wasn’t he supposed to feel stronger after leveling up?

[Task Completed!] [Task Reward: GACHA function will be unlocked, one free GACHA roll. Do you want to receive your reward, now? Y/N]

Raymond clicked N for now as he wanted to check on his stats first. After doing that he quickly opened his status screen.


Name: Raymond

Race: Human

Class: Guild Master

Level: 5

HP: 72/72 MP: 1/1

STR: 8

AGI: 5

DEX: 5

INT: 4

WIS: 4

VIT: 6

Luck: 3

Attribute Points: 12


Active: None

Passive: Charm (max), Guild Master’s aura (max), I am the Guild Master (max)

Guild House: Guild (Lvl 1)

Guild members: 0/5

NPC: 0/2

EXP: 10/4200]

Upon looking at the status screen Raymond noticed that instead of his stats going up after leveling, he was given attribute points. Aside from that he also noticed that the skill tree was unlocked as well.

Though Raymond wanted to check on the skill tree, he first wanted to test out the attribute points. He wondered if he would feel a significant change after he used the attribute points. Since he wasn’t sure if he would feel the effects if he spread them out, Raymond decided to put all of his attribute points on strength.

The moment his strength increased from 8 to 20, he felt a sudden surge of energy flow through him. There were no physical changes on his body, as it remained the same. He wasn’t sure if he truly became stronger so he tested it out. He took a stance and then kicked a nearby tree.

The tree wasn’t as thick as the one the large boar was hitting, but it was still pretty thick. Yet the moment Raymond kicked it, the tree shook violently it almost looks like it would’ve been broken if he was a bit stronger.

Back on earth even at his peak condition, the most he could do was make some leaves fall from a tree of this size, but now it shook violently and a lot of leaves fell down. The strength boost was real, he wondered if there was a level cap.

« Hey, system, is there a level cap, or is there a limit on how much my stats can grow? »

« The host doesn’t have a high enough level for me to answer. » Hearing the system answer like that, Raymond gave up on asking again. No longer bothered by the uncooperative system, Raymond started to look at his skill tree.

The skill tree was rather different from the other skill trees he has seen. For starters, the skills he could unlock weren’t just for his specific class which was Guild Master. He could also unlock skills from other classes which were, Martial Artist, Swordsman, Mage, Priest, and Archer. There were also common skills that all classes could use, and finally the Profession skills. The Profession skills were currently cooking, crafting, and farming. Like with his class, Raymond noticed that he had no restrictions in regards to Professions as well.

« System, are these classes and Professions the ones my guild members could pick? »

« Yes, for now, the classes and Professions are limited, but if the host works hard and levels up the system, there will be a lot more classes, Professions, and skills. »

« Wait… I can level you up! How do I do that? »

« The host hasn’t fulfilled the prerequisites to hear the answer. » Hearing what the system said, Raymond could only shrug his shoulders. He then noticed another tab in his UI, and it’s says Equipment. He also noticed that he had an actual Exp bar. When he checked his status screen before he didn’t see that, it must be because he was too excited by gaining a system.

‘I’ll check on that later, for now, I need to look at what skills, I can get.’ Raymond saw that the skill tree was rather lackluster as there were only a few skills, and most of them were locked due to his low level.

It would seem like he could unlock two skills from each class, one passive, and once active. To unlock a skill he needed to use SP, and currently, he has 8 SP.

‘I guess I get 2 SP’s per level up. Now were should I used them on?… Normally I would use my SP on active skills since I like seeing if my skills look cool. But I can’t do that now, I need skills that could help me survive.’

Raymond wanted to get the heal skill but when he looked at the skill description he was disappointed. The heal skill needed 2 mp to be used, he only had 1 mp. He should’ve increased his int or wis, maybe that would’ve increased his mp.

‘No use regretting… I just need to make the best of what I have.’

On the other hand, the active skills of the fighter classes, don’t seem to need MP. They consume stamina and something called accumulated power instead. Seeing as there was no stamina bar, Raymond though that using the skills would just make him feel a little tired. As for the accumulated power thing, he should get an explanation once he got the skill.

The skills he could get for his class as a guild master were still locked, once again due to his low level. There was also the common skills that all classes could have, and the profession skills.

After thinking for a bit, Raymond decided on what skills he needed the most to survive.

Raymond’s current skills were now like this.

Active: Inventory (Lvl 2), Battle cry (Lvl 1), Iron Skin (Lvl 1), Snipe (Lvl 1)

Passive: Charm (max), Guild Master’s aura (max), I am the Guild Master (max), One-handed sword master (Lvl 1), Bow master (Lvl 1), Cooking (Lvl 1)