The following day despite drinking numerous amounts of beer, Raymond was not affected in the slightest. It must be because of the Druid’s passive skill called [ailment immunity]. Though the level of the skill was low, it still helped him overcome being drunk. On the other hand, most of the guild members couldn’t move and had hangovers.

When Raymond woke up from his sleep he did some stretching and did his usual morning routine. Unlike the day before no one was out of their rooms, and some of them were even laying on the ground too drunk to move.

Raymond helped the guild members who were outside and placed them inside the Guild House. After he was done moving the drunks he washed his body by the river ate his meal and did some morning exercise.

As he was exercising Raymond remembered a conversation he had last night. While they were having the feast, Raymond asked Lux if they could sell the body parts of the monsters they killed.

« Yeah, some of these things are worth a lot of money. We can go to town and sell them to the local merchants. I hear a lot of alchemists would buy these things in bulk. »

« Can’t we just eliminate the middle man and sell them ourselves? » Hearing Raymond’s question Lux shook his head.

« I don’t know about you Guild Master but I don’t know anything about business or the prices of these materials. Also, it won’t go well if we meddle with the merchants association. The best thing we could do at the moment is to find a suitable merchant and make a deal with him. »

After that Raymond and Lux made some plans to head to town the following day to sell what they can sell.

Once Raymond was done exercising he was about to check the computer and start binge-reading while waiting for Lux and the others to wake up. When Raymond noticed that the official forum the system made had a lot of requests asking him to make them beta testers.

‘Oh right, I haven’t finished that quest yet.’ Raymond also checked his funds and saw that he already used almost half of the gold coins he got from the bandits.

‘Before I accept other people to join, I need to think of a way to make cash… Hey system, since you can convert gold coins into earth’s currency can you make earth’s currency into gold coins?’


‘I see… Maybe we can use a cash exchange system. How much is the conversion of USD to Gold Coins.’

‘300 USD= 1 GC.’

‘Woah, that’s a big amount… But for a game like this, there should still be some rich kids that will use it. Okay, then can you make the conversion into 400 USD= 1 GC so we can keep the extra hundred.’

‘I can do that’

‘Alright then, now I just need to think of a way for them to buy the coins. Cause right now the players don’t really have a use for gold coins. If I start selling some weapons that might work, but normal players won’t be able to get gold coins in the first place. At this point, the only way would be to buy it from the cash shop…’

Raymond started thinking of what he could do at this point. He started thinking as hard as he could while tapping his fingers on the desk. He looked at some of the applications in which the system was kind enough to translate into English. As he was reading he suddenly thought of something.

‘Wait, I see… I could do that.’ Raymond stopped reading the application letters and started checking the catalog of items he was allowed to buy at his current level. He started looking at the cheapest items that were available, as he scrolled down he saw what he was looking for.

Raymond found a small shining blue marble object that cost around 1 copper coin to buy. He then used the building mode and checked the prices for creating a small storage area and a shop. With his current funds, he would barely be able to buy the cheapest stuff.

‘If the trade with the merchants goes well, I think I can make some money and make the players contribute.’ Raymond was getting excited as he finally saw a path he could take. It was then that he also remembered that he hasn’t accepted the reward from the last task.

[New task: Kill the Red Oni (Completed)] [Requirement: Get the last hit] [Task Reward: Instance Dungeon: Oni Cave] [Do you wish to receive your reward: Y/N?]

Raymond pressed Y and information about the instance dungeon was relayed to his brain. He could now build an Instance Dungeon portal for free using the building mode function. But the only people who could use the Dungeon would be the players, and the locals, as well as him, wouldn’t be able to.

‘I can use this later, but right now the players aren’t really at the level were they can deal with this kind of dungeon. I’ll get to that when I finish the other stuff, for now, I need to see if the monster parts we got can really be sold. Damn, there so many things to do now.’ Raymond felt his head hurting a bit. He was starting to feel a bit of pressure as it seems like even though he was just at the starting line, it was already hard to manage.

‘I need a secretary or an advisor or something like that.’ Raymond sighed as he massaged his forehead. He then remembered another thing that he forgot because of all the excitement.

Raymond summoned the blacksmith NPC and then looked at the commands he could give. It would seem that this particular NPC has a better AI than John, as it could actually give some rudimentary responses. It was modeled after dwarven blacksmith characters in Japanese novels. It seems like its responses though limited all revolve around the setting of a dwarf in a blacksmith shop.

The commands that were available were to forge and to mend. There was also a command that helps improve weapon and armor quality depending on the materials given. Raymond then presented some of the monster body parts he had in his inventory. The blacksmith NPC had no use for most of it, but things like the bones of the ogres and Oni, as well as some of the teeth of different monsters and animals, could be used to forge weapons. But to be able to use the blacksmith NPC Raymond needed a smithy, and that costs a lot of money to build.

‘So everything I need to move forward rests on the negotiations with the merchants… Why couldn’t I summon a merchant NPC or a negotiator type NPC…’

‘That’s because the host’s luck is pretty much nonexistent.’

‘Really you haven’t spoken all this time, and you just decide to talk now just to insult me’

‘It’s not an insult it’s the truth.’ Raymond decided to ignore the system and started thinking of what he should do with the negotiations with the merchants.