When the demi-humans woke up Raymond called them to the dining room. Once they had a drink of water and were looking a bit better, Raymond started the conversation.

« So what do you five plan to do now? If you still have a home to return to, I can assign some of the Guild Members to bring you back. » The three-tailed fox translated what Raymond said to the other three. On the other hand, the only human left alive that was captured by the goblins shook her head.

« I have nowhere else to go. If you can please allow me to stay here. I can cook your meals do a bit of farming, and if you want I can accompany you in bed. » The human woman said all that with an expressionless face.

« It’s alright for you to stay and do the cooking and farming, but there’s no need to accompany me in bed. » Raymond tried his hardest to not show it in his face, but he actually imagined the woman in his bed for a brief second. The human woman nodded her head in response.

« Thank you, if you need me in your bed just ask, I’m willing to do it anytime. » Raymond started to wonder if it was bad to accept the woman’s offer as she keeps on asking for it. But in the end, he decided that doing it with her, in her current mental condition would feel wrong. Also, he wasn’t feeling that back up yet, that he needed to do it. Maybe he would think about it when the need arises.

« So what’s your name? » Raymond asked to change the subject.

« I’m Patricia. »

« I see Patricia, for now, you can go look for Brom and tell him that you are assigned to be one of the cooks, as well as a new farmer. He’ll explain what you need to do in more detail. » Patricia once again thanked Raymond before leaving to find Brom.

Now the only ones present were Raymond and the demi-humans who looked to be finished discussing what they were going to do.

« The three of them wish to return to their tribes. As for my sister and me, if you will allow it can we stay and I’ll become one of your warriors. »

« Of course you can stay… But to become one of my warriors that would mean you would pledge your allegiance to me. That would mean you will forever be bound to the Guild is that alright? »

The three-tailed fox stood tall and looked Raymond in the eye.

« Even though I have lost to the ogres and was captured while protecting my sister. I Ainia am a proud warrior of the fox kin tribe. I will not back down and am willing to follow you my new chief to the underworld and back. »

« Very well, I will make you part of the guild. Once you have been approved you will pick your class, I want you to choose the mage class, understand? » Raymond who had seen the information on fox kin when disguisedfox changed race knew of the fox kin’s amazing amount of mana. Ainia who heard what Raymond said didn’t understand what he meant but all she needed to do was follow, so she nodded her head.

Once that was done Raymond initiated the usual pledge and accepted Ainia as part of the Guild.

After that, Raymond gave the five players a quest telling them to bring the three demi-humans back to their tribes. It was a good thing that the demi-humans knew the general direction of their tribes and remembered the rout the goblins took when they kidnapped them.

The players receiving the new mission to head out of the forest and escorting the demi-humans to their tribes got excited. This quest means that they could get to see more NPCs of the animal eared people. So they headed out as soon as possible.

Once he was done with the demi-human issue, Raymond spoke to Lux and told him that the two of them would be heading out to town to try and sell the monster parts they got.

In a certain mansion, a beautiful fully armored woman was lifting a fat man by the neck. The killing intent she was emitting made the fat man pee in his pants.

« What did you say?! »

« The three boys that you’re looking for haven’t been back for three days now. They’re most likely dead. »

« You! How dare you say my brother’s dead! » Clarise, Daniel’s sister tightened her grip on the mayor’s neck.

« My lady, you cannot kill a public official like me. » Clarise then showed a very sinister smile at the mayor.

« I won’t kill you but I will beat up until you wish you were dead. » The screams of the mayor were heard throughout the mansion but none of the people working there went to help. What could they possibly do in the face of a knight commander?

Well, Clarise didn’t just beat up the mayor because of the bad news he gave her. She beat him up also because of the numerous rumors about him kidnapping young maidens and having his way with them. In fact, the moment she entered the mayor kept on looking at her with a lustful gaze. Too bad she hasn’t found any evidence or she could have killed the mayor outright. So Clarise settled with beating him up.

After she was done with beating the mayor to an inch of his life, she left the mansion and was heading towards the forest were the bandits, Daniel and his friends were suppose to subdue.

« Don’t worry Daniel, your sister is going to save you, » Clarise mumbled to herself. As she was walking out of the town in the corner of her eye she saw someone that looked a lot like Lux. She saw him with an unknown man, and without her brother. Clarise wanted to immediately confront them, but then she thought that maybe Lux sold her brother out. So she decided to follow the two until they went back to whatever base they had.