When Clarise saw Daniel running towards her she used [light step] and appeared in front of him. Both Daniel and Lux were surprised by the sudden move, but before they could say anything Clarise hugged Daniel.

« I was worried about you. I’m so glad that you’re safe. » Clarise hugged her younger brother as tight as she could without hurting him. The moment she saw her brother all the anxiety she built up flowed out of her. She didn’t want to let go scared that the moment she loosens her grip her younger brother would disappear again. Daniel was surprised, though he couldn’t see his sister’s face he could hear the sound of someone sobbing. His sister who was ever proud, whose will was as sharp as her sword was actually crying?!

Even Lux was surprised to see the demonic woman could actually shed tears. If he told anyone that knew her that Clarise the maiden of steel, the iron lady had shed a tear, they would’ve thought he was crazy.

Even Raymond who just met her today was shocked to see such a person cry. It was surprising to see a person similar to that lady knight in his favorite VN do something like that.

Clarise didn’t mind the weird looks she was getting as she continued to hug her younger brother for a while longer. After hugging her brother for quite some time, Clarise wiped the tears that fell from her face and looked at her younger brother.

« Are you alright? »

« Yes, I am. I’m sorry for making you worry big sis. » Daniel knew that his sister was always worried about him, but this was the first time he had ever seen her cry. She didn’t even cry when a lance was stabbed into her stomach.

« I see, that’s good. Alright then, now that I know that you’re fine let’s go back home. » Clarise held onto Daniel’s hand and was about to pull him away but he let go and shook his head.

« No big sis, I’m staying here. »

« Huh? Is it because of him? Is he forcing you to stay here against your will? » Clarise pointed at Raymond who was watching the show at the side.

« No, it’s not because of the Guild Master. I’m staying because I want to stay. » Daniel who was usually timid and weak-willed, especially in front of his sister was showing great resolve today. Ever since he joined the Eternal Guild, he knew that his sister would come for him at some point. He kept thinking about what to do when it happens, and after the feast yesterday, he finally came to a decision.

‘If I go back with big sis, I will forever be under her shadow. I will never be able to break free, and I will always be her coward of a brother.’

« Why? » Clarise looked at her brother and was confused by his sudden change. The always timid brother that needed her protection was showing such resolve, it confused her.

« I wanted to change, I wanted to have more courage. I was always being compared to you. I was always being looked at as if I was a loser. I could tell what everyone was thinking. Is that kid really the younger brother of Clarise the youngest knight commander? Is that coward really the maiden of steel’s brother? I wanted to say something, I wanted to fight back, but I lacked the courage to do so… Guild Master Raymond had granted me that courage. With him and the others in this Guild, I want to grow stronger, strong enough to be able to tell everyone proudly that I am the younger brother of Clarise the Maiden of steel! »

Clarise looked at her brother shocked. Was this boy, no was this man really her brother? She hasn’t seen him for only a few days, but it seems like he’s a totally different person now. Clarise then closed her eyes and spoke to Daniel.

« Do you really wish to stay here? »

« Yes, I do, » Daniel answered without hesitation. Hearing Daniel’s answer Clarise once again unsheathed her swords. She then opened her eyes and looked at her brother with a serious expression.

« Very well, then show me just how much you want to stay here. » When Daniel heard what his sister said he was momentarily stunned, but then he smiled and nodded his head. He got his bow and arrow ready and answered.

« Then I will show it to you big sis! » After Daniel gave his answer a torrent of bloodlust came assaulting him. It was so intense that it would’ve made a normal knight apprentice or even a senior knight kneel on the ground shaking. Yet Daniel who has experienced facing the Oni, and had battled and died numerous times against various monsters, this level of bloodlust was something he could handle. Though his hand was slightly trembling he gritted his teeth and stabbed his hand with an arrow, which replaced his fear with pain. He then pointed his arrow covered with blood at his sister.

« I won’t back down from something like this! »

Everyone who saw Daniel’s action was shocked, especially Clarise. She looked at her brother with her eyes wide open, she then smiled and sheathed her swords.

« I see, your resolve is commendable as expected of my little brother. » Clarise then grab hold of Daniel’s hand and showed him a tender smile. « You have grown. » Hearing what his sister said almost made Daniel cry but he sucked it in and nodded his head.

« If you want to stay here, then so be it. »

« Thanks, big sis, I promise I’ll visit you in the Custodians of Iron every now and then. »

« Hmm, there won’t be a need for that. »

« Why? » Daniel looked at Clarise confused by her answer. It was already a miracle that this overprotective sister of his would let him go, but now she didn’t want him to visit her. Clarise seeing the confused expression on her brother’s face made her smile even wider.

« There’s no need for that, from this point onward I’m quitting as a knight commander, and I’m joining you here in this so called Guild. » When everyone heard what Clarise said Daniel and Lux had their mouths wide open. Raymond on the other hand, already guessed that this might happen.

« Are you sure about this? » Raymond asked the brocon of a sister.

« Wherever my brother goes, his sister would follow. » Hearing Clarise’s response Raymond could only shrug his shoulders.