« I Clarise former Knight Commander of the Custodians of Iron, wish to formally join your group. » Clarise declared while looking at Raymond. Her confidence and the dignified way she spoke made it quite hard to reject her. When Raymond was about to respond Daniel interrupted him.

« Big sis, if you join what will you do about being a knight commander? »

« Weren’t you listening, I already said I’ll quit. »

« You do know you can’t just do that big sis. Unlike us, knight apprentices who can just disappear and people will think we died in a mission. You, on the other hand, are important to the kingdom. If you disappear they’ll send out a search party. »

« Like I said I’m going to quit, I’m not going to fake my death. I’ll head back to the stronghold and I’ll quit the normal way by resigning from my post. »

« If you do that they’ll ask you questions and you can’t just say you quit because you want to join a different organization. If you did that they’ll find out about the Guild and things might get worse from there. » Daniel responded very worriedly to his sister.

« There’s nothing they can do about it. If I want to quit that’s my own decision. If they want to stop me then they need to kill me. »

« I’m afraid that’s what they would actually do to you… Then what about dad and mom, if you quit the whole family will be dragged down. » Daniel wasn’t that worried about the notion of dying since if Clarise joins the guild, she would also gain the undying body and be able to revive after a period of time. Daniel was more worried about the people back home. Their dad was a simple baron and he was relatively poor. While their mom was just the third daughter of another baron.

Daniel’s older siblings weren’t also doing that great, and at the moment they were using Clarise’s status as a knight to expand on the tiny bit of land they had.

« The moment I turned eighteen they already discarded me. If I didn’t have the talent with the sword they would’ve given me as some kind of merchandise to some noble son with too much libido. You know the only reason I even tolerate that family is because of you little bro. But now that you’re also out of their grasp I don’t care what happens to them. »

Hearing Clarise’s answer Daniel understood what she meant. Their father and mother weren’t exactly the paragons of parenthood, there was even some debate if they should even be called parents. The same could be said for their eldest brother and eldest sister, who only cared about themselves. But the people that work in the manor do not deserve to fall with those scum. As if reading his mind Clarise spoke to Daniel.

« Do not worry about those that work under them. I already have a plan for them. Just trust in this big sis of yours. » Clarise gave her little brother a reassuring smile.

« I see… As expected of big sis. »

« Alright then, now that’s settled please allow me to join this guild of yours, » Clarise spoke with her usual dignified appearance.

« No, » Raymond answered without any hesitation. Even though Clarise looked like the character in the VN he loved back in the day, she seems too troublesome. She had the same feel and demeanor as the character he knew but with the added trait of being a brocon.

She was also someone that had great skill with the sword. Unlike the other players and locals, her original skill before joining was actually a cut above the rest. Even her beauty was actually in line with Raymond’s type, but the brocon trait was too much of a negative factor to cover up the positive factors.

Now if Raymond was the brother character that Clarise was being a brocon about, then he might have allowed her to join. But unfortunately, it was someone else, and it was even one of his subordinates. That would mean that she might nag at him regarding the treatment of her little brother.

‘Just doing my tasks was already cutting my time from reading and watching. Heck ever since I got the computer I haven’t even been able to look at a single manga. Adding her to the mix would be a gamble, she either lightens the load or she makes it heavier.’

Hearing Raymond’s reply the three were shocked. Lux and Daniel were stunned by Raymond’s decision because this was the first time they saw the Guild Master reject someone. The same Guild Master that made noncombat oriented women into Guild Members.

Clarise was also shocked to hear Raymond’s answer. Ever since she was little with her talent and beauty no one has ever rejected her. She even noticed that same look that most men gives her, coming from Raymond when he first saw her. She thought that maybe he was already smitten by her, but it seems like she was being overconfident, or did she just hear wrong.

« What did you just say? »

« I said no, as simple as that. Did you not get that? »

« Why? »

« Just because. » Raymond didn’t want to say because she was a brocon since that might trigger her.