When Raymond was about to leave and return to the Guild Space, the system spoke to him.

‘Hey, Host, you shouldn’t deny that lady from joining. Her initial strength is beyond the others we have seen in this world. Based on the fight you just had, without any buffs, you would only be slightly stronger than her. Well, that is, if she gets serious.’

When Raymond heard what the system said he was surprised. Unlike the Oni, Raymond didn’t feel threatened by Clarise, also unlike the Oni, she was good to look at which might have made him feel less scared. Still, the system had appraised that Clarise was near his strength if he had no buffs. The strength he has currently was beyond that of a normal level 41 since the task rewards he gave him additional attribute points.

‘So does that mean she would jump to level 41 if she becomes a guild member?’

‘No that won’t happen. Instead, her strength will decrease a bit, but her potential will increase as I am a mighty system that can grant her near-infinite growth.’ Raymond could somehow feel that the system was slowly sounding a bit more human, and that’s not only because its voice was sounding less robotic now.

‘Even with that, I wouldn’t want her in my guild since it still feels too troublesome.’

‘If she was only going to be a strong guild member, I wouldn’t bother with the host’s decision. But she has the possibility to unlock a hidden class. The more classes there are the more skills the host can gain and the stronger the host will be, which in turn would make the guild stronger.’

When Raymond heard what the system had to say he started to hesitate and was now conflicted. He really wanted to see what kind of hidden class Clarise could get, but he was still troubled by the usual cliches of brocons that he has seen and read.

As Raymond was talking to the System the three who were stunned by the rejection finally reacted. They all looked at Raymond who suddenly stopped moving. Lux and Daniel didn’t find this strange as Raymond has done this kind of thing multiple times. Clarise, on the other hand, thought that Raymond was feeling bad for rejecting her.

The three waited for Raymond to do something. After a rather long time contemplating, Raymond sighed heavily. He looked at Clarise who seem to be eagerly waiting for him to change his mind. When he saw how cute Clarise looked at this moment Raymond felt that maybe it was alright even if she is a brocon… Truly everything about her was mostly positive but the brocon thing just makes it a little bit harder to like her. Raymond once again sighed heavily.

« Fine, I will allow you to join. » Hearing Raymond changed his mind, Clarise gave Raymond a knight salute.

« Thank you. » Raymond looked at the eager Clarise who still looked dignified but at the same time cute. ‘Damn it, if only this girl wasn’t a brocon.’

« Alright then, pledge your allegiance to me and proclaim me as your Guild Master. »

« As you wish… » After Clarise responded she went silent for a few seconds.

« What’s the problem, are you having second thoughts? »

« No, it’s just that I don’t think I got your name. »

« Oh, right, sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am called Raymond. » When Clarise heard his name she knelt on one knee and spoke.

« I Clarise pledge my allegiance to you Raymond my Guild Master. » Unlike the others, Clarise didn’t call Raymond with Lord and simply called him by his name without any honorifics. The moment she proclaimed her allegiance the usual stream of information flowed into her mind. Once that was done Clarise felt her combat energy weakening. She knew that there was a power restriction on her at the moment, but based on the information that flowed into her mind, she would be able to get her power back rather quickly and more as long as she kills a few enemies.

After that, she was asked to pick her class. She was given the five basic classes the same as the others. Once she was done watching each class in action another notification appeared before her.

[Due to your innate talents you have unlocked hidden classes] [Paladin- A warrior that wields the sword and has the power to cast divine miracles.] There was a video of the class that was available and of course, Clarise watched it.

In the middle of a battlefield, surrounded by numerous enemies there was the supposed paladin holding a two-handed sword. This paladin was able to deal with his enemies with swift and powerful swordsmanship. But since the paladin was alone against multiple opponents he was easily surrounded.

The paladin then received the attacks of his enemies and was unperturbed as he continued to cut his enemies down. Once he was able to escape the encirclement he raised his sword and a divine light surrounded him healing his wounds.

The paladin then stabbed his sword onto the ground and two knights with a holy glow were summoned defending him from the approaching enemies. He then lifted his sword, swung it forward and a wave of energy came out sweeping through the enemies on the battlefield.

Seeing the enemies were still numerous, the paladin once again raised his sword up, but this time he raised it higher than before, pointing straight at the sky above. He then swung his sword down towards his swarming enemies, and a huge cross of light fell from the heavens crushing all of his opponents.

That was the end of the video and Clarise checked the other hidden class.

[Queen of Swords- A class that could only be unlocked by a female swordsman that is loved by swords. This class is able to use all manner of swords, complemented with different sword styles.] Clarise started watching this class’s video as well.

Once again it was one person against multiple opponents. The female swordsman had a short sword at hand as she charged at her opponents. With the short sword, she was able to use swift attacks.

While she was slashing at her opponents the short sword glowed and turned into a two-handed broad sword, in which she swung with a powerful blow. Her opponents started flying into the air. She jumped upward and her broad sword turned into a whip sword which extended and slashed at her enemy like a whip.

Then as she landed the whip sword turned into two one-handed swords in which she used to do a combination attacks. As her opponents surrounded her she stabbed the two swords onto the ground, and then two became four and the four became six until the field turned into a field of swords.

The enemies tried to grab hold of the weapons on the ground but they were unable to touch them. The female swordsman, on the other hand, was able to use every single sword on the field, which she used in a devastating massacre.

The speed she moved in made her look like she there were four of her using all manner of swords killing her opponents. Once every opponent was dead the field swords turned back into one sword.

Clarise really liked both of the hidden classes and was unsure as to what to pick. Raymond on the other hand was ecstatic in seeing two hidden classes appearing.