Clarise took a look at the hidden classes and made a decision. Even though the paladin class looked quite good, she was much more interested in the aggressive style of the Queen of Swords.

The style of the Queen of swords seems to be able to do less than the paladin. Seeing as the paladin can summon, heal, and attack. But the Queen of Swords offensive ability was nothing to sneeze at. What really got her to like the Queen of Swords class was the ability to use all manners of swords.

Ever since she was little Clarise had an extreme fascination with swords. She found the various styles of swords and the sword styles to match said swords to be truly intriguing. She had tried most of the swords and sword styles the Regon Kingdom had to offer. So when she saw the different kinds of swords in the video, swords that she has never seen before, Clarise eyes sparkled.

It was like a child that found a brand new toy. Swords were the only thing that could match Clarise love for her little brother, sometimes it could even exceed it. This time was one of those times the sword exceeded her love for her little brother. The only reason she even thought about choosing the paladin class was that it was a class that could help her better protect her little brother. Yet this time her fascination with swords had gotten the better of her.

So with excitement Clarise no longer hesitated, she clicked on the Queen of swords. When she finished selecting her class another stream of information was relayed to her brain. Her status screen then appeared before her.

[Name: Diablo

Race: Human

Class: Queen of Swords

Level: 1

HP: 110/110 MP: 3/3

Combat Energy: 160/160

STR: 12

AGI: 10

DEX: 10

INT: 5

WIS: 5

VIT: 4

Luck: 7


Active: Sword Change (Lvl 1)

Passive: Undying Body (max)]

While Raymond was dealing with Clarise, the players who were given the task of escorting the three demi-humans were having a nice chat as they walked. Seeing as none except disguisedfox could understand the three, she became the players interpreter.

« So you three don’t come from the same tribe, right? » One of the players asked and disguisedfox translated.

« Yes, the two of us come from the wolf kin tribe. She, on the other hand, is from the bear kin tribe. » The oldest of the three replied while pointing at her tail and ears and then pointing at the ears and tail of the girl that was from the bear kin tribe. « You could tell the difference by our tails and ears. That is regarding the females of our tribe, but when it comes to the males you should be able to instantly know which tribe they are from. »

« Why is that, are the males different somehow? »

« Yes, as you can see us females are no different from you humans aside from our ears and tails. In fact, aside from the people of our tribe, the human race is also the only other race we can mate with. This is one of the reasons why I think you, humans, like capturing our women and selling them as slaves. »

When the players heard her answer they suddenly went silent. The backstories in this game weren’t anything new but when modern people like them hear about slavery from another person it feels bad. Even though they knew the humans they were talking about weren’t them the players still felt like it was them.

Seeing the reactions of the players the wolf kin maiden smiled gently. « Don’t worry, I do understand that like us wolf kin that has bad and good people, the humans are separated like that as well. It’s not like our tribe hasn’t committed evil upon the human race. The test for one of our tribesmen to be considered true warriors is if they can bring the head of a human warrior. Though this tradition did start after humans started kidnapping our tribesmen it doesn’t excuse that we too have done wrong in your eyes. »

The wolf kin maiden continued to talk about such dark topics with a smile on her face. The players didn’t know how to react to such stories and were quiet for some time.

« Do all beastmen tribes do that? »

« No, based on my knowledge each tribe has a different way to get back on the humans. Though I do remember hearing that the humans the bear kin tribe don’t have this kind of relationship. » When the wolf maiden spoke she looked at the bear kin maiden, who sighed.

« It is true our tribe doesn’t mess around with the humans since the humans no longer mess with our tribe. The reason for this happened a few years before I was born. At that time the bear kin tribe was also facing the problem of the women being captured and sold to slavery. So in retaliation, the chief at the time annihilated nearby human villages. »

« Of course the humans wouldn’t stand for this and had sent a group of knights to annihilate our tribe. Yet when the knights came with our tribe’s superior strength as well as our knowledge of the terrain, we have were able to win the battle. In fact, after the first attempt, the humans sent a stronger force and attacked but we were also able to defeat them. After that, the second attempt th humans no longer sent any people to attack. Even though we won the battle our tribe had suffered a lot of casualties. »

When the players heard the bear maidens story they felt like the humans in the story gave up too quickly. There must’ve been something else that was happening another factor that contributed to the humans backing out.

The group continued talking even while the occasional monster comes to attack. The players who were now a bit used to the game were no longer fidgety even while facing the rather scary looking things. After a few hours they were finally out of the forest and had reached the territory of the demi-humans.