Once they reached the other end of the forest the demi-human women smelled the air and smiled happily. They could smell the familiar scent of other beastmen. While the beastmen were basking in the joy that they were able to return, the players checked their status screen as they were able to level up.

When they opened up their status screens, some of the players were shocked by what they saw specifically the players that changed their race.

Diablo who became an Oni, no longer was given attribute points, instead, his stats were raised automatically in specific areas.

[Name: Diablo

Race: Oni

Level: 6

HP: 290/290 MP: 30/30

STR: 23

AGI: 4

DEX: 4

INT: 3

WIS: 2

VIT: 16

Luck: 4


Active: Roar (max), Goblin King (Lvl 1)

Passive: Undying Body (max) kanabō (Growing Weapon)

Profession: Locked (Requires Level 10 to unlock.)]

The strength and vitality attributes were the ones that increased a lot, while the others only increased by one point while some didn’t increase at all. Also, his kanabō the club weapon he got at level 2 needed to level up as well and had a different experience bar. disguisedfox was also having a very similar problem.

[Name: disguisedfox

Race: Fox Kin

Class: Priest

Level: 9

HP: 72/72 MP: 107/107

STR: 2

AGI: 5

DEX: 7

INT: 15

WIS: 9

VIT: 3

Luck: 7


Active: Minor healing (Lvl 5), Frenzy (Lvl 2), Fortify (Lvl 3)

Passive: Undying body (max) Staff Mastery (Lvl 1)

Racial Skill: ???]

She only had one attribute point per level and the SP she received was reduced to one as well. She also had some attributes that grew by themselves as she leveled up which was her Int and her Wis. Also, her racial skill that was ??? didn’t change. The only good thing that came out of the race change, aside from the aesthetic look was the fact that her mana was double the amount compared to when she was human.

They then started talking to the other streamers about their new discovery. While the players were talking amongst themselves the bear kin girl approached them and bowed her head.

« Thank you for bringing me out of the forest. From here my village is just around the corner, I can go back home by myself. »

« Are you sure, if you want I can accompany you all the way, » Merlin asked the bear kin and disguisedfox translated. He didn’t ask because of the goodness in his heart but because of the chance that more quests could be found in the bear kin village.

« I appreciate your offer but, though we are no longer hostile against humans, most of my clansmen do not like your kind. » Once she said that Merlin had nothing more to say. So the bear kin once again bowed her head and was about to leave, but then lonelypants spoke.

« Before you leave can you tell us your name? »

« It’s Natasha. » After saying her name Natasha left. When Natasha was no longer in sight the older of the two wolf kin spoke to the players. « By the way, my name’s Luna and she’s Taika. We would also like to thank you for your help, but the same as Natasha we can go by ourselves from here. Cause, unlike bear kin the wolf kin are mostly hostile towards humans and would probably kill you on sight. »

« We aren’t afraid of death! The Guild Master has ordered us to safely escort you guys home and that’s what we’re going to do. » Gandalfisawizard acted passionately as he spoke.

« If that’s true then why did you let Natasha go? » Gandalfisawizard had no come back for this. It was Diablo who answered instead.

« We were just momentarily shocked and had weren’t prepared. But now that we got our bearings back we must insist on escorting you. » Diablo knew what he was saying was just some random bullsh*t but he did not know what else to say. Seeing them act this way made Luna chuckle.

« I do not doubt that you do not fear death, but it might cause other problems if you were to come with us to our village. »

« It doesn’t matter, if you leave we will just follow you. » The players who let go of Natasha easily didn’t allow to let Luna go as well. They were more aggressive especially the male players since aside from more quests they wanted to see more fluffy-tailed girls.

Seeing that she wouldn’t be able to convince the players, Luna shrugged her shoulders and guided the players to her village.

It took them only a few minutes to reach their destination and on the way, the group had encountered zero enemies which the players found a bit disappointing.

« Since we’re near my village the warriors would’ve dealt with any hostile being in the vicinity. »

« If your village is that well protected, then why were you two captured by the goblins? »

« We were captured when Taika and I alongside some warriors who were tasked to protect me were heading to a different village. On the road we were ambushed by a group of hobgoblins and ogres, the warriors fought bravely and died honorably in battle. That group of hobgoblins and ogres didn’t kill me and Taika instead they captured us and brought us to their cave. The rest after that you already know. »

Though she was once again speaking about something rather dark, Luna didn’t seem to be bothered by it. After hearing that story the players no longer asked any follow-up questions. The group then arrived at the entrance of the village which had no walls and was composed of large tents in the middle of the plains.

When they arrived the villagers looked at the players and were emitting extreme hostility. It was then the players noticed why Luna said that they would notice the difference between a male and female wolf kin once they see it. The male wolf kin was a literal wolf standing on two legs and had arms with opposable thumbs. The male wolf kin looked like a werewolf which got the players excited.

The warriors of the village got their weapons out and were about ready to attack the players when a notification popped out.

[New Task: Escort the demi-humans to where they want to go (completed)] [Task Reward: Race change: Beastman, SP+ 1] [Do you want to receive your reward now? Y/N]