The warriors of the wolf kin village surrounded the players and were about ready to attack when Luna stood before them.

« Cease. » When the warriors heard her voice they actually stopped. They then looked at her surprised. One of the men approached Luna and Taika.

« Luna you’re alive… Why did you decide to return now? » The warrior spoke brimming with hostility. Luna was surprised to see this reaction. She was expecting them to be hostile to the humans especially the Oni, but she wasn’t expecting them to be hostile towards her. The warriors pointed their weapons towards her.

« What are you doing?! » Luna asked while looking outraged.

« Because of you, our clan is doomed! »

« What do you mean? Nevermind, where’s my father, I want to speak with my father! » Luna bypassed the warrior blocking her path and was about to walk forward when the warrior spoke.

« The chieftain is dead. » When Luna heard those words it was like her brain stopped working for a second. The players who were also being surrounded by the wolf kin warriors were waiting for an opportunity to do something. It would be awesome if they could just kill there way through but since this place could have a lot of hidden missions they didn’t wish to kill the wolf kin if possible. Well, even if they wanted to they couldn’t since they were extremely outnumbered. So they decided to treat this whole event as a cutscene.

« Father is dead… How is that possible?! You lie! » Luna bared her fangs at the warrior and growled.

« It is true the chieftain is dead, and it’s all because of you. When you disappeared we tried looking for you, but we couldn’t find a single clue. We couldn’t even say if you were alive or dead since there was no trace of your body. Because of that incident, the Azan Clan broke our alliance claiming that you have disgraced them by fleeing from your marriage. The chieftain tried to explain that you wouldn’t do such a dishonorable thing such as fleeing from duties. Unfortunately, the great son of the Azan Clan your supposed husband felt so humiliated he didn’t believe a single thing the chieftain said. He then challenged the chieftain in the eyes of the God of war to Kazan, the chieftain refused and was killed. »

Luna couldn’t believe the story the warrior was telling. Her father was old but he was still the strongest warrior of their clan.

« My father would never refuse to do the Kazan. »

« He refused because of you. It was for your honor, the chieftain truly believed you were innocent. If he were to accept the Kazan that would’ve meant that all the accusations of the Azan Clan were true. »

When Luna heard that she couldn’t help but clench her fist, her claws pierced her skin making it bleed. Her eyes were red as she wanted to cry but stopped herself. She was angry at the Azan Clan but she was also angry at herself. It wasn’t her fault that she was captured by monsters, but maybe she should’ve committed suicide when she knew she would be captured. If she had died and left a body, they could’ve used that as an excuse.

‘I even thought that I was so lucky to be able to come home… But because of me, my father died.’ As Luna was wallowing in her sorrow Taika spoke out for her.

« It wasn’t the mistress’s fault! We were captured by ogres! » When the warriors heard what Taika they were stunned into silence but only for a few seconds.

« It doesn’t matter now, no matter what the truth was. Now the Azan Clan wants to take over our whole clan as slaves. They have given as three days to answer, today is the second day. Tomorrow if we don’t give our answer, if we don’t submit willingly they will wipe us out. »

Luna was jolted awake when she heard the warrior’s words. « I will not allow this clan to fall! » She then looked at the players and approached disguisedfox.

« You people are like mercenaries correct? I want to hire the Guild Eternal to protect my clan. » When the warriors of the tribe heard what Luna said they all looked at her as if she was insane. She was actually hiring humans, a fox kin, and a monster to protect them?

« Not only have you lost your mind, but you have lost your pride as well. Actually hiring the likes of humans to protect us. » The warrior growled at Luna who then growled back.

« My father might have died, but I am still the daughter of the chieftain! I will do anything in my power to ensure this clan survives! »