When the warriors heard what Luna said they still felt like it was wrong. « Are we really going to give out our pride just to survive? »

« Is our pride more important than our lives? If we die here today then that’s the end of it! Our clan will cease to exist and no one will even remember our names, or if you wish we could become slaves to the Azan clan. We would be able to live but what kind of life will that be? Isn’t being a slave worse than just asking for help, we aren’t even just asking them to help us out of pity, were paying them to help us in our war. »

« But they’re humans. Not only that there’s also one from the fox kin tribe. » One of the warriors spoke out. Even though they understood that there was a need to ask for assistance, asking help from humans was not something they would ever dream of doing.

« Yes, shouldn’t we ask other clans for help instead of asking these outsiders? »

« You do understand that the reason we tried to please the Azan Clan was that no one from our tribe can face them. Even if we could no other clan would risk their people’s lives to help us. »

« So you believe these humans can do it? »

« I know they can do it? » Hearing Luna’s confident answer the warriors grew silent. Even if these humans were weaker than what Luna claims, having more forces does help. It was either compromise now or die.

When Luna saw that the warriors were now silent she once again looked at the players and spoke to disguisedfox.

« Will you help us? » When Luna asked this question disguisedfox got a quest prompt.

[New Task: Help the Wolf Kin] [The wolf kin of the Lobo clan wishes to hire the Guild Eternal to help save their clan. Relay this information to the Guild Master, and convince him to join the battle.] [Requirement: Guild Master helps the Lobo Clan] [Task Rewards: +10 affinity to all Lobo clan members, 1 random racial ability of the Wolf Kin tribe.]

« I will tell my Guild Master of your request. » When Luna heard disguisedfox’s answer she remembered the man that they call the Guild Master. He was a normal-looking human but the aura he emitted was different from the others, it felt grand.

« I see… Please make hast we might not have enough time. » disguisedfox also knew that they don’t have enough time, well gaming time. Walking to this area took around three hours time, meaning walking back and forth would take six hours of their time, and the gaming time limit of twelve hours might happen in the middle of this quest mission.

disguisedfox looked at her Exp bar and sighed as she approached Diablo who had the strongest attacking power.

« Can you please kill me. » When the players heard disguisedfox’s request they got confused. She then explained the new quest she received. When Diablo and the others heard that she was the only one who received the quest they felt envy. Some of them even thought of changing their race then and there but stopped themselves.

They stopped since though there were many merits in changing race there were also many demerits. When they were checking out the race change properly, they noticed that they could click on the line human and information about the race appeared. What they saw went like this.

[Human- The race with the most population on the planet. Among all the other races the humans have the most potential. At the start, they are born physically and sometimes mentally weaker than the other races but that does not hinder their potential growth. The human race is the only race that is compatible with almost all job classes, not including race-specific hidden classes.]

The others felt like changing races was a gamble they didn’t want to risk at the moment. So they stuck with the human race.

Now knowing the situation and seeing that things won’t move unless Raymond was here, Diablo agreed to disguisedfox’s request. He then tried to attack disguisedfox but then a notification appeared.

[Do you wish to challenge disguisedfox to a PVP, Y/N?]

« It doesn’t seem like I can kill you. » Diablo clicked on N and shrugged his shoulders.

« Fine, then let me borrow your sword. » disguisedfox extended her hand towards Gandalfisawizard who handed his sword. Without any hesitation disguisedfox stabbed herself.

When Luna and the other members of the Lobo Clan saw what disguisedfox did they were shocked. What had happened why did the fox kin killed herself? While they were confused disguisedfox’s body turned into orbs of light and then disappeared.

« What happened?! » Luna asked the players with a look of pure confusion on her face. Unfortunately for her, the players couldn’t understand a word that she said.