After Raymond used his SP to gain new skills, the knowledge of those skills flowed through his mind. He now understood how to use his new abilities. Aside from that, a new bar appeared on his status screen. It was an accumulated power bar, it was something similar to fury and the rage bar in other games that had barbarian classes. So Raymond decided to call it the Rage bar instead since accumulated power bar sounded too long.

The Rage bar fills up every time he successfully hits an enemy target. Once it fills up, he’s able to use either Iron Skin or Battle Cry, one was from the martial artist skill tree, and the other from the swordsman skill tree. He also had the snipe skill from the archer skill tree which can be used continuously and has a cooldown of ten seconds.

Once he was done understanding what the new skills do, Raymond touched the large boar and then placed it into his inventory.

Aside from those three class active skills, Raymond got a lot of passive skills. Which helped him understand his weapons better.

He also had one common skill which was the inventory (Lvl 2) skill. The inventory was something like a spatial pocket, were he could store his items. Basically, it was like any inventory in games. The level of the inventory skill determines how big the spatial pocket was.

Then finally there was his one Profession skill which was cooking. He got the skill since Raymond didn’t know how to cook the large boar.

« Hey System, why didn’t I have a cooking skill at the beginning. I already know how to cook, so shouldn’t I have cooking level one right from the get-go? »

« Does the host think that being able to cook an egg could be considered cooking? » Though her voice was rather robotic, Raymond could still somehow hear a mocking tone.

« Hey, don’t you know that eggs are the symbol of life. Being able to cook eggs should make me a cooking God. »

« … The host seems to have sustained brain damage. Will now commence brain massage via electrocution. » Raymond was about to retort, but before he could do so he was electrocuted.

‘The f*cking system actually electrocuted me!’

‘Host you do know I can read your mind. Stop slandering this honest system, I just did this in the best interest of the host who seems to be delusional.’ Hearing the system’s answer Raymond no longer bothered arguing with it.

He then checked his equipment, and it turns out to be quite normal. The gladius only showed the stats of its attacking power, and the armor only showed its defense attributes. There was nothing special with his equipment.

Once he was done checking the new things, Raymond finally accepted the mission reward, and the Gacha function was unlocked. Seeing the Gacha function Raymond was extremely excited, as even before he was transported here, the thing he liked the most was the feeling of the Gacha game. You either go big or go home crying.

In the Gacha function, you can win anything from items, equipment, mounts, and summoned NPCs.

« Hey system, how can I have more chances in doing more Gacha rolls. »

« The host needs to defeat specific enemies to gain Gacha points to be able to do more rolls. »

« What are these specific enemies and where can I find them? »

« You will know when you see them, as for where to find them the host needs to look for himself. »

« You really are a useless system aren’t you? »

« Host if you slander me any more than this, I will think that there is something wrong with the host’s brain and will need to perform another massage (electrocution). »

« … Whatever, just do the Gacha roll already. » The Gacha function started to roll as Raymond prayed to the RNG Gods for an SSR. When it stopped rolling the system notified him of what he got.

[Acquired Rare NPC Royal Knight.] A card then appeared before Raymond, and in it was a picture of a knight that looked rather familiar. It looked like one of the knights in an old game he used to play. A stream of information about how to use the card was sent to his mind.

Raymond then activated the card and a 191 cm tall knight appeared before him. The knight was fully covered in plate armor and he had a kite shield on his left hand and a spear on his right hand. A new tab appeared in Raymond’s UI. It was a tab for the NPCs he had, the UI was getting even more complicated than before, which excited Raymond.

As he was getting excited by himself, the knight NPC stood in front of Raymond without moving or saying a word.

« Hello, do you understand me? » Raymond tried communicating with the knight but it didn’t respond.

« Is this Sir Knight okay, why isn’t he responding to me? »

« The NPCs created at this stage have simple AI’s and can only respond to the commands attack, defend, and follow. They’re unable to talk to you or respond like a normal human being. They also don’t need to eat and sleep. » Hearing the system’s answer made Raymond a bit sad. He thought that he would be able to talk to another person aside from the system.

‘Well, whatever let’s check his stats for now.’ Raymond opened the NPC tab on his UI.

[NPC 1:

Name: (Guild Master should assign a name)

Race: Human

Class: Royal Knight

Level: 1

HP: 182/182

STR: 27

AGI: 17

DEX: 18

INT: 8

WIS: 9

VIT: 20

Luck: 11


Active: Spear charge (Lvl 1), Iron Wall (Lvl 1)

Passive: Spear Mastery (max), loyalty to the master (max), Knight’s honor (max)

EXP: 0/1200]

‘What the heck! This guy is way more powerful than me and he’s just level 1! As expected from a Rare drop, with this, I can hunt more freely, time to level up some more!’ As Raymond was getting even more pumped up he noticed something weird.

« Hey system, why are there aren’t any more tasks given? »

« Tasks will be given at the appropriate time. The host can also look for some tasks to do. »

‘Well, whatever I’ll just try looking around for more monsters and level up a bit more before returning to the Guild House.’