Raymond who had just finished giving Clarise a tour around the Guild Space was now in his room in front of the computer. Even though he really wanted to start reading some manga, and light novels, he needed to finish the pending tasks he had. It was about time that he recruited other players into the guild, seeing as he still needed to recruit fifteen more players to finish his quest.

So after checking the list of applicants, Raymond couldn’t read each and every one of them. So in the end, Raymond simply decided to accept the group that would help increase the strength of the Guild quickly and this group were the pro players.

At first, he was going to just recruit one pro player team, but then Raymond had a great idea. If he recruited to competing teams of pro players, their rivalry should push them to try and level up faster.

So Raymond accepted two groups of pro gamers that were from two rather well-known gaming clubs to be beta testers. One group had eight players, while the other had seven. The one with one less player in their group was the stronger more well-known team.

Once he had sent them their invitations, the two pro teams quickly responded and almost instantly logged into the game as if they were waiting for it. It was at that moment a notification appeared in front of Raymond.

[New Task: Prepare for the otherworlders (Completed)] [With the System Upgrade, you are now able to summon players from another world. Create a popular MMO to bring in more players. Use these players to create a stronger Guild.] [Requirements:

Create an official Forum 1/1

Advertise Beta test 1/1

Otherworld Players 20/20] [Task Reward: +10 attribute points]

Raymond did the usual speech and accepted them as Guild Members. It took them only a few seconds to picked their classes. Once that was done they were guided to the storage room were they got their weapons, and each team quickly headed out into the forest.

Though they did leave one member of their team to talk to the NPCs trying to see if they could trigger a quest. Raymond was quite amazed by how efficient they moved compared to the streamers.

‘As expected of pros, they really are different. I guess the next type of player I would want would be the guys who got a lot of money to spend. Well, that’s after I figure out a way to make the cash shop viable, as well as find something they can spend that money on.’

‘It’s good that the host is thinking so hard about this.’ The system suddenly chimed in Raymond’s thoughts.

‘Of course, I need to grow stronger faster, so that I can feel safe enough to live my life reading, watching, and playing.’

‘It’s good to see the host hasn’t changed and is as simple-minded as ever.’ When Raymond was about to respond, he suddenly saw disguisedfox appeared at the respawn point. She quickly looked around and once she spotted Raymond she approached him.

« Guild Master I have some urgent news! » disguisedfox then started to explain the situation with the Lobo clan. Once disguisedfox was done with her explanation a new task prompt appeared before Raymond.

[New Task: Show the guild’s might] [The Lobo clan has requested the Guild Eternal to help them win the war against the Azan clan. This is your chance to show the beastkin clans the strength of the Guild.] [Requirements: With you at the forefront as the Guild Master, bring Four Local Guild Members and Seven Foreign Guild Members. You cannot bring any NPCs. Win the battle with these limited members and showcase the Guild’s might.] [Task Rewards: Affinity with the Lobo Clan (max) and will become allied forces, other rewards will depend on the Lobo Clan]

While Raymond was reading the task notification, someone spoke behind him.

« That seems to be quite an interesting mission. My brother and I, will of course be going. » Raymond looked behind and saw Clarise and Daniel. When Raymond heard what Clarise said, he didn’t mind since he was going to invite her anyway. Even though she was only level 1 her skills and basic stats were better than most.

‘So now I only need two more local guild members. Also, since there are already four players waiting at the Lobo Clan plus disguisedfox, I just need two more players.’ Raymond then saw the two pro players looking at him, he smiled and signaled them to come to him. The two approached Raymond, who then gave them the quest.

Upon receiving the quest the first thing the two pro players did, was to try and convince Raymond to allow more players to join. Unfortunately for them, Raymond was never going to budge. Seeing that they had no room to negotiate they agreed to do the quest by themselves.

The next people Raymond invited were the siblings Brom and Roselia. Among the guild members, they were the highest leveled ones and had the most seniority. Once Raymond was done and assembled the group that would help him complete the quest he wanted to quickly move out. But, before they left disguisedfox asked a question

« Guild Master, shouldn’t we bring more with us? »

« Don’t worry, this group is enough, » Raymond answered with a confident smile on his face. Even though deep down he also felt that this many weren’t enough. Though based on the task description maybe this quest would be easier than expected.