« Chieftain the third day since we have given the Lobo Clan our demands is coming. » One of the wolf kin warriors of the Azan Clan knelt in front of the Chieftain. The Chieftain of the Azan Clan was a rather young wolf kin who was twice the size of all the other warriors of the clan.

He was Deza the Chieftain of the Azan Clan. Despite his age, he was chosen as the Chieftain simply because of his strength. He was the greatest son of the Azan Clan and the supposed husband to be of Luna.

He looked at the warrior who reminded him of the deadline he gave and nodded his head. He got his knives out and spoke to the warrior.

« Get the warriors ready for battle, tomorrow the Lobo Clan either submits or dies. »

While the Azan Clan was preparing for war, the Lobo clan was having a bit of a problem. Luna was surprised to see only eight people come back from the Guild. She then started talking to disguisedfox as to why that was.

While Luna was confused and complaining to disguisedfox, Raymond couldn’t understand a word that was said.

‘Hey system, is there a skill that could help me understand all languages?’

‘Yes, there is, it’s a Guild Master skill that could be unlocked when you reach Level 45.’

When Raymond heard the system’s answer he looked at his level which was 42 and his Exp bar was barely growing even with the help of his [Guild Master’s Influence] skill he was having problems leveling up. While he was thinking if he should risk going deeper into the Elisora forest, disguisedfox approached him.

« Guild Master, Luna wants to know why we only brought so few guild members. »

« Tell here cause this is all we need to win. » disguisedfox told Luna what Raymond told her, and before Luna could say anything back one of the Lobo Clan’s warriors started shouting.

« What is he saying? » Clarise asked disguisedfox who was getting a bit tired of translating but did so anyway.

« He said that he was right not to trust filthy humans. There simply toying with us. The reason they brought so few is that once they feel like it would be losing battle they’ll flee. I don’t even think they can fight our weakest warrior. »

When Clarise heard what the wolf kin warrior had to say she nodded her head as if she understood something.

« Tell their leader to bring out their strongest warrior and I will face that person in one on one combat. » disguisedfox translated what Clarise said, which made the Lobo Clan warriors howl. One of the warriors stepped forward. He was a male warrior who had a huge sword like weapon, made from a bone of a large monster or animal that was attached to some wood. Simply by the looks of it, the weapon seems to be quite heavy.

« I am Kenta a proud warrior of the Lobo Clan. Come at me little girl and I shall show how a true warrior fights. » Clarise didn’t need disguisedfox to translate as the gestures the warrior was making was enough for her to understand that the fight was on.

Clarise took out one short sword and dashed forward without hesitation. Kenta and the other Lobo Clan warriors who were watching were surprised by Clarise’s speed. Caught by surprise Kenta could not evade the incoming sideward slash. So he had no choice but to block. Seeing as Clarise was rather skinny and the weapon she was using was a twig compared to Kenta’s weapon, the warrior of the Lobo Clan was confident that the strike would do little to no damage at all.

When Clarise’s sword was about to make contact with Kenta’s weapon, her sword changed shape. Clarise’s one-handed sword grew in size and turned into a two-handed bastard sword. With her strength enhanced by her combat energy, Kenta was blown away. He flew a few meters before stopping.

While Kenta was trying to get back to a fighting stance, Clarise quickly changed her sword back to the one-handed sword and rushed towards Kenta. This time with him being unbalanced Kenta wasn’t even able to lift his sword to block the incoming attack when he felt the cold steel of the sword was pointing at his neck.

Everyone was shocked by how quickly that duel ended. The Lobo Clan as well as the Guild Members were shocked by Clarise’s prowess. But more than that they were surprised that her sword changed from a one-handed sword to a two-handed sword and vice versa.

The Lobo Clan thought it was another one of the human’s trickery. On the other hand, the players were excited since that was not a skill from the swordsman skill tree. That would mean it was either a skill from an advanced class of the swordsman class, or it was skill from a different newer class.

« So are there any more challengers? » Even though they couldn’t understand the human language, the warriors of the Lobo Clan could pretty much guess what Clarise said. Even if they considered Clarise’s ability to change her weapon during a battle a form of trickery, they understood her skills. None of the current Lobo Clan warriors were her match.

It would be shameful to go accept the challenge despite understanding the difference in skill. The Lobo Clan warriors had their heads lowered feeling ashamed at themselves.