Not one wolf kin warrior from the Lobo Clan stood up to challenge Clarise. Standing behind Brom, Roselia was looking at Clarise with shining eyes. Ever since she was told by Lux that Clarise was none other than, Clarise the Iron Maiden.

Clarise the Iron Maiden was one of the few women knights in the Regon Kingdom. She was the youngest and also the strongest of all the female knights. She was the idol of most of the girls in the kingdom and Roselia one of those girls.

She had heard of Clarise’s deeds from the traveling merchants and all of them seem like something that came out of a fairy tale. Now that she has seen her in person those stories might all be true after all.

Clarise stood proud and tall among the hundreds of warriors of the Lobo Clan. She challenged them without fear of losing.

The players were liking Clarise more and more. A beautiful proud and powerful maiden. On the other hand, Brom felt like he needed to train harder. He and his sister were one of the first people to join the Guild and yet they were lagging behind a newcomer.

Raymond was surprised at how quickly Clarise adapted to her new class. Was this perhaps a talent honed by battle?

‘She really is the whole package, if only she wasn’t so much of a brocon.’ Raymond couldn’t help but sigh.

Seeing that no one was going to respond Luna approached Raymond and bowed her head. She then spoke in the human language but it was obvious she wasn’t used to it.

« Please… Help Our Clan. » It was as if an infant was talking but Raymond still understood it. He nodded his head.

« In the name of the Guild Eternal, I vow that we will save your clan. » Knowing that Luna wasn’t that adept in speaking the human language, so he had disguisedfox translate for him. When Luna heard Raymond’s answer she felt relieved and almost cried.

Even though Raymond only arrived with few reinforcements, Luna couldn’t help but think if it was Raymond he would be able to do it. When the other members heard Raymond’s response they also felt the same as Luna. They all started thinking that the man before them would be able to save them from their predicament.

Once again Raymond’s charm skill was working its magic.

After the initial distrust, and after that one battle coupled with what Raymond said. The Lobo Clan finally accepted the Guild Eternal’s help. Their attitudes change rather quickly. This was a normal trait of the beast kin. Some days friends might become enemies, and enemies might become friends. Once that was out of the way the Lobo proceeded to hold a celebration.

This was a ritual most wolf kin clans do before they head into battle. They believe that since this might be their final meal, they needed to have the best meal they can have as tomorrow might be their last.

The players were having fun dancing with wolf eared girls. Some of the wolf eared girls tried to approach Daniel but were stopped by the glaring Clarise. Some of the brave male wolf kin were trying to approach Clarise but they too failed.

Raymond one the other hand was having fun testing his strength against the wolf kin warriors with a friendly match of arm wrestling. Not one of them were able to even make his hand flinch.

As the celebration was reaching its climax, the wolf eared girls invited the male players to their tents to allow their seeds to be pass on. Even Raymond was invited and it was Luna who invited him, this was also part of the tradition of the clans. This was just in case the warrior dies in battle, it was to ensure that his strength would be passed onto the next generation.

Of course, everyone was invited all except Daniel, who was actually looking a bit envious at the others. Brom also refused as he didn’t like doing something like this casually. The players who wanted to see if they can get some 18+ content also begrudgingly refused as the game time was about to end.

Of course, Raymond had no reason to refuse and was the only man among the Guild Membres that was able to have the most fun that night.