Raymond woke up the next day and saw a beautiful naked woman with wolf ears beside him. When Raymond saw Luna he started to remember what happened last night. This soft looking wolf girl was very intense. Remembering what happened last night made Raymond think about his previous world.

‘I guess this counts as my first time. If I don’t count pr*stitutes I guess I have never done it before.’ Once Raymond finished deciding that he stood up wore his clothes and did his usual routine. He noticed that there was a well in the middle of the town were he could get water to wash up.

When he approached the well, he noticed Clarise who was standing outside a tent. It looked like she was guarding her brother from the wolf kin women. Seeing that Raymond couldn’t help but shake his head.

‘I kinda feel sorry for the guy.’ When Clarise spotted Raymond for some reason she approached him.

« Good Morning Clarise. » Raymond greeted her with a smile on his face.

« Good Morning, so Guild Master, I have been going around this village earlier this morning. After a quick look, I found out that this place has not a single fortification. Normally I would advise intercepting the enemy before they reach the village, but because we lack too much information we cannot act carelessly. So Guild Master what should we do? »

When Raymond heard what Clarise said he was a bit shocked. This woman who showed no signs of being interested in anything except for her little brother was actually taking her job as a Guild Member seriously.

‘I guess she really isn’t that bad.’

« Don’t worry about that, we will face them near the village. »

« Is that all? Don’t you have a strategy or some tactic we need to employ? » Clarise was now looking at Raymond a bit disappointed.

« Strategy? Tactics? Don’t you use those if you’re facing an equal or greater opponent? The ones we’re facing now are just a bunch of mutts. The power difference is so huge that I kinda feel sorry for our enemy. » Raymond felt really confident as he answered.

When Clarise heard what Raymond said she was momentarily stunned. The way he gave his response and the look in his eyes, he truly believed every word he said. Baffling enough, it doesn’t sound like he was being arrogant. In fact, Clarise felt weirdly reassured and motivated when she heard Raymond’s response.

This was the first time she felt this way from the words of another person that was not her little brother. Even the Grand Commander from the Custodians of Iron wasn’t able to make her feel this reassured. Clarise found her feelings confusing and strange.

Seeing that Clarise wasn’t responding and remained silent for a few seconds now, Raymond spoke.

« So, is there anything else you want to talk about? » Hearing Raymdon’s voice Clarise snapped out of her thoughts.

« No there’s nothing more. Thank you for your time, Guild Master. » Clarise gave a knight salute and left. Raymond who saw her leaving back was a bit confused by that reaction of hers.

After doing his morning training Raymond saw that the players were had logged back in. They approached and the male players started asking Raymond about what happened to him last night. Raymond responded by giving a knowing smile.

When the male players saw that smile of Raymond’s they all started to curse him, as well as curse the gaming time limit.

‘Someone really should make a better device and remove the time limit.’ All of them thought as they looked at Raymond with envy.

It was near noon when the Azan Clan finally arrived. At the distance, Raymond could see numerous wolf kin warriors. It seems like the Azan Clan was four times bigger than the Lobo Clan. By the looks of it, they were a couple of hundred warriors on the enemy’s side.

When the Lobo Clan saw this their bodies tensed up a bit. The children and the noncombatants of the clan were all hiding at the back of the village. On the other hand, Raymond and the players were looking at the Azan Clan with glittering eyes. To them, the Azan Clan were nothing more than piles of EXP.

When Deza saw the armed warriors of the Lobo Clan, he knew what their answer was. He then noticed Luna was at the front lines, when he saw this he got angry.

‘So she really did flee from her obligations. Hmph, what shame the dead Lobo Clan’s Chieftain must feel, to have a daughter like that.’ When Deza was looking scornfully at Luna, he finally noticed that there humans with the Lobo Clan.

« Hmph, the Lobo Clan actually asked help from the humans. They have lost their fangs and just cowering sheep, they don’t even deserve to be our slaves. Go on my brethren Kill those filthy cowards of our proud Wolf Kin tribe! »

Deza gave the order to charge and half of his forces started running towards the Lobo Clan’s village. The main weapons they were using were knives made out of monster bones. Deza was expecting the Lobo Clan to meet them head-on in battle as that was the usual style of warfare between wolf kin clans. But to his surprise he saw that only the humans were charging to the center of the battlefield, not a single warrior from the Lobo Clan moved an inch.