Moments before the battle started Raymond told disguisedfox to translate what he was about to say to Luna.

« Luna let your men stay behind and protect the village. I and my men will go forward and meet the enemy forces head-on. If any of them get past us then you’ll have to deal with that. Though I don’t think any one of those guys will be able to get past us. »

When Luna and the other Lobo Clan members heard what Raymond said they thought that disguisedfox might have mistranslated. Yet when they reconfirmed it, there was no mistake on what was said.

« Are you sure? I think you might have underestimated the strength of the Lobo Clan. » Luna spoke worriedly. In response to that Raymond smiled at her and answered.

« I already promised in the name of the Guild Eternal that I would help your clan in achieving victory. I tell you now the Guild Eternal has never lost, and will never experience losing. The moment we lose will be the moment we die, and I don’t think the Azan clan has the power to do that. So trust in me and witness how we achieve overwhelming victory. »

The moment those words came out of Raymond’s mouth not only did the local Guild Members feel motivated and excited, but the players were also feeling the same thing. Even though disguisedfox has yet to translate what Raymond said, Luna and the Lobo Clan members could somehow understand as they felt Raymond’s confidence.

The group then saw the Azan Clan charing towards them. Seeing this Raymond lifted his sword and pointed at the enemy forces as he shouted.

« For the Guild Eternal! » The Guild Members all shouted in unison. « For the Guild Eternal! » Raymond and the Guild Members charged forward, and at the forefront was Brom. He was the fastest person charging towards the enemy lines, and the moment he was near one of the enemy warriors he used [Shockwave Punch].

The moment his fist came into contact with the enemy warrior, the enemy warrior felt nothing. He sneered as he looked at Brom and thought as expected his only a human. Those were the last thoughts of the enemy warrior before he exploded.

The skill [Shockwave Punch] uses 20 combat energy to activate. It’s a skill that allows the user to punch a vibration attack that could disrupt the internal organs of the target. Depending on how large the difference between STR and VIT of the user and the enemy, the greater the effects.

When the charging Azan Clan warriors saw what happened to their companion they were all shocked but that didn’t stop their charge. They were now charging towards Brom, as one of them was about to face Brom in battle, he noticed that a sword was coming towards his face.

The Azan Clan warrior was able to dodge the thin short sword by a hairsbreadth. As he was about to counterattack, the short sword suddenly turned into a broad sword. The moment the sword changed shape the small distance of the blade to the warriors neck disappeared and his head was cut off.

While that was happening many Azan Clan warriors were being killed or hurt by raining arrows. This was surprising since there was only one person using a bow. If that wasn’t enough balls of flame came shooting towards them burning some of them to cinders.

There was also the monster looking opponent that uses a club. Each time his club would hit an Azan Clan warrior, they would fly away or get smashed.

Yet the most frightening one of all was the person casually strolling through the battlefield. His sword was still sheathed, he was walking as if there was no imminent threat to his life. Yet every warrior that approached him were cut in half instantly, no one was even able to see his blade come out of the sheath. Even the brave warriors of the Azan Clan couldn’t go near the man, as he looked at them in disappointment.

Raymond who had just killed a few dozen Azan Clan warriors was frowning as he looked at his EXP bar. Even though he killed them directly the EXP points he got only filled .10 percent.

‘I was already them to be quite weak, but not this weak.’

Luna who was watching behind saw how easily the members of the Guild Eternal kill the Azan Clan warriors. It was as if adult warriors were facing a bunch of children. She already expected them to be quite strong, based on how they rescued her and the other women from the Ogre cave, but she didn’t know how strong. She didn’t see them fight so she had no way to accurately gauge their strength. Yet now that she saw them fight, it would seem that even her wildest imagination of how strong they were was an insult to the strength of the Guild Eternal.

Kenzan who was watching at the backline saw his men being slaughtered like livestock. That wasn’t a battle that was a massacre. He knew at this point that even if he send his remaining men to the battlefield not much would change, there would just be more sacrifices.

‘Where did the Lobo Clan, such powerful humans?’