Raymond continued to desperately deflect all of Deza’s attacks, it doesn’t seem like Deza would tire out anytime soon. In fact, it felt like he was the one who was getting tired from defending. He was moving less but he was the one who losing stamina.

‘Is this the difference between our physiques? But that can’t be right as my body is enhanced by my stats, so physiques shouldn’t really matter…’

While Raymond was thinking one of Deza’s claws nearly hit him. Raymond held onto his weapon tighter than before, he had no time to be thinking about such things. After some time Raymond was finally getting used to Deza’s odd movements and was feeling more at ease in dodging.

Yet at the moment he lowered his guard a bit Deza made an impossible move, he stopped mid-jump and actually stepped on the air. When Raymond saw this his eyes almost popped out.

‘What the fck isn’t this blood destruction from NGNL! The hck you’re a wolf kin, not a f*cking warbeast!’ Raymond couldn’t help but scream in his mind. Seeing the nonsensical movement that Deza did, reminded him of that ability that only a few had in that particular anime he liked to watch.

The torrent of attacks grew even fiercer as Raymond could no longer keep up. Despite his advantage of having higher stats, Raymond was still unable to keep up with Deza’s growing speed. If he wasn’t allowed to attack or counter and only had the option to evade Raymond knew that this was nearly an impossible quest.

Raymond was now getting irritated as he continued to defend for a whole forty minutes. Even the players and the wolf kin clans who were watching were getting tired of looking at Raymond doing nothing but defend.

Of course, the Azan Clan, kept on screaming at Deza to finish it quickly, while the Lobo Clan was quiet on the other hand the players were screaming at Raymond to do something. It was at that moment Raymond finally made a mistake and the grip on his sword slipped a bit allowing one of Deza’s claws to nick the side of his neck. A drop of blood fell from Raymond’s neck.

When everyone saw that the Azan Clan warriors started cheering in delight. The players were feeling a bit confused. To the local Guild Members, this was the first time they have ever seen Raymond take damage. On the other hand, the Foreign Guild Members aka the players all thought that this was just unavoidable cutscene. In their minds, Raymond would somehow pull a miracle win, or if he dies because of the plot then they started thinking about who would replace him, maybe it would be Clarise.

While everyone was thinking about what will come next, Raymond was looking at the notification that appeared before him and wanted to scream.

[New Task: Guild Master’s prestige(Failed)]

All that hard work was for nothing. This was the first time he had failed to do a quest, and he wasn’t liking the feeling. The moment he saw the notification he no longer evaded Deza’s attack. Everyone was shocked to see that Raymond was no longer moving and he lowered his hands. Did he give up? This was in everyone’s thoughts, they then saw Deza use his claws to pierce Raymond’s body. They all thought that would be the end, but to everyone’s surprise, the claws couldn’t go deep enough to wound Raymond.

The very moment Deza stopped moving Raymond was able to grab hold of both of Deza’s arms. Deza tried with all his might to separate from Raymond, but no matter how much he pulled Raymond’s grip wouldn’t loosen. So Deza started biting Raymond but neither his claws nor his fangs could pierce through Raymond’s skin.

Everyone was shocked by the sight, as the roles have reversed. The one who seem to be winning was now struggling, while the one struggling was now in control.

« You f*cking mutt, you actually made me fail a quest. » No one could hear what Raymond said as he whispered those words into Deza’s ear. Raymond then tightened the grip on Deza’s hands. Even though Deza was in a berserker state and wasn’t supposed to feel pain, the wolf kin chieftain sounded like he was whimpering. Raymond then pulled both of Deza’s arms off, and blood sprayed all over the place.

Raymond then grabbed hold of Deza’s head and smashed it onto the ground repeatedly. Even though what he was doing was a horrible sight for both sides, Raymond felt a bit of his stress was going away as he continued to smash Deza’s head onto the ground. The system might be controlling a part of Raymond’s emotions but that wasn’t the case all the time. It was only removing some factors that might make it difficult for Raymond to complete his tasks, and because of that, this situation was happening. It removed some of Raymond’s emotions at this moment for him to be able to complete the mission, but it didn’t remove Raymond’s anger and frustration which accumulated during the fight.

After Raymond was done with Deza, there were no cheers from his side only silence. Some of the Lobo Clan members were looking at him in fear. Clarise on the other hand could sympathize with Raymond’s plight. This has happened to her before as a commander when her actions were misunderstood.

In her eyes, what Raymond did wasn’t some random violence, it was a warning to the Azan Clan. It was a message in blood, telling them to never even think about going back on their agreement or else.