A sixteen-year-old boy and a fourteen-year-old girl were running for their lives. Chasing behind them were a group of men. As the siblings neared the forest they stopped for a bit.

« Brother that’s the Elisora Forest, no one goes in there and lives. There are many monsters in that forest. »

« We either die by monsters or be played around by those bandits and sold into slavery. I would rather take my chances on the monsters. » No longer hesitating the two entered the forest. When the bandits saw the two actually entering the forest, they stopped.

« Boss aren’t we going to follow them in? » One of the bandits asked their leader.

« Do you know what that place is? If you want to go and capture the brats then be my guest. » Hearing what his boss said, the bandit turned silent.

« Well, we did capture a lot today, losing two kids ain’t a big deal. Come on let’s get back and bring the new merchandise and have a drink at the hideout. » The bandits no longer bothered with the two brats as they headed back.

Inside the forest, the older boy was holding onto his little sister’s hand while warily moving forward. There were a lot of rumors about this forest, about it being infested with monsters. Usually, if there was a monster den in the area, the knights of the kingdom would’ve handled them. But Elisora forest was different, as every attempt to subjugate the monsters have failed miserably.

Since Elisora was at the edge of the Kingdom’s borders it was hard to send knights to deal with the problem. It took a lot of resources to send even a few knights to the area. So after so many failed attempts the Kingdom no longer sent any knights.

While they were cautiously moving forward, the siblings suddenly heard the rustling of some bushes. When they heard this they started to run. As they kept on running, they felt like there were now many more things following them. When they felt their hearts beating so fast that it felt like it would burst, It was then a group of green-skinned monsters appeared before them. They were small monsters that were half the size of an adult human, they looked at the siblings while brandishing different types of weapons. Seeing the monsters in from of them, made the little sister tremble in fear.

« Brother I’m scared. »

« Don’t worry Roselia, I’ll protect you no matter what. » As the brother comforted his little sister, he noticed that they were now surrounded by these green-skinned monsters. He let go of his sister’s hand and got a rock from the ground. He was ready to make a path for his sister to run away. As he was readying himself for his death struggle, a spear pierced one of the monsters.

The siblings then saw a knight wearing a majestic looking armor killing the monsters. Then from behind them, another person appeared. Though he wasn’t wearing any flashy armor like the knight, his movements were agile and elegant. It was as if he was dancing with his sword as he slew one monster after another.

While the siblings were mesmerized with the mysterious man’s swordplay they saw one of the green-skinned monsters was about to stab him in the back.

« Look out! » Roselia shouted, but the man with leather armor didn’t even bother to dodge as the dagger was about to pierce him. To the siblings’ surprise, the ma didn’t die as the dagger was unable to pierce his skin, in fact, the dagger broke upon contact.

What was his skin made of, is this reason why he wears such light armor? When the siblings thought they wouldn’t be any more surprised than this, the man did something even more amazing. He pointed his finger at one of the monsters and a ball of fire shot forth, burning the monster to cinders.

It didn’t take long for the duo to kill off all the monsters present. Even though there was a lot of blood that sprayed from the monsters, the two didn’t get hit by a single drop. The knight then stood behind the man wearing leather armor.

When the siblings saw this, they guessed that maybe the young man before them was a noble lord. The siblings quickly knelt on the ground.

« My lord thank you for saving us. » After a moment of silence, the older sibling looked up and saw the stern expression on the noble lord’s face. They might’ve offended the lord, as he was thinking about how to salvage the situation, the noble Lord spoke.

« Do you desire power? » The siblings were now looking at the noble lord’s face confused as to why he asked.

« Rise and answer me. Do you desire power? » Hearing what the noble Lord said, the two rose from their kneeling position and still looked confused.

« I will ask you once more, do you desire power? » The noble lord was now looking impatient. So the older sibling clenched his fist and answered.

« Yes my lord, I do desire power. » Hearing the older sibling’s answer, the noble lord nodded his head and looked at the younger one.

« How about you, do you desire power? » Roselia hesitated for a bit and looked at her brother who nodded his head.

« Yes, I do my lord. » Hearing their confirmation the noble lord smiled as he raised his hand. A bright light shone before the siblings and within that light two scrolls appeared.

« Then, say your names and pledge your allegiance to me, Raymond, proclaim me as your Guild Master. » The siblings didn’t understand what a Guild Master was, but seeing the numerous miracles happen before their eyes, they no longer hesitated.

« I Brom pledge my allegiance to you Lord Raymond my Guild Master. »

« I Roselia pledge my allegiance to you Lord Raymond my Guild Master. »

Once the siblings spoke those words, the scrolls in front of them opened up and some writing appeared on the blank page. They assumed that the large letters were their names, they had no idea as they didn’t know how to read. The two scrolls disappeared and then a flow of information came flooding into their minds.

[Congratulations on becoming a Guild member. Please choose your class.] The siblings were surprised to see the floating words in front of them, but what surprised them, even more, was that they could understand the words. They could now actually read!