[Recruit future Guild Members: Rescue the siblings that are being attacked by goblins and recruit them into the Guild. (Completed)] [Reward: +2 SPs, +5 Attribute points, and one Gacha roll.] [Do you want to receive your reward now? Y/N]

While the siblings were distracted Raymond clicked Y. As he did that the system suddenly spoke.

‘Host congratulations for being able to satisfy your chuunibyou.’

‘I ain’t no chuuni! Also, you’re the one that told me that I need to make a good first impression. You told me to act like a cool Guild Master.’

‘If that’s the host impression of being a cool Guild Master the host really is a chuuni.’

Raymond gritted his teeth as he was thinking about how to respond. It has been a few days since Raymond came to this world, and he already understood that the system was, the kind of system that would counter everything he said. If he ever wins an argument or insulted the system, the system would threaten him with a massage (electrocution).

While Raymond was arguing with the system, the siblings were about to pick their classes. Due to the information given to them by the system, the siblings understood what classes mean. Basically they needed to pick something like their occupation.

The two new Guild Members were now on the character selection screen. They were given five classes to select. Upon selecting a character a short video of what they could do was shown. Seeing something like that for the first time, the siblings looked at each one with anticipation.

The first class they looked at was the martial artist. Upon clicking on the class a video played in front of them. In that video, the siblings saw a lone man being surrounded by multiple men with swords.

Despite the overwhelming odds in front of him, the martial artist was calm. The swordsmen charged at the martial artist, and they slashed at him from different angles. But upon contact with the martial artist skin, the swords were unable to slice through.

The martial artist then proceeded to pummel the swordsmen with his bare fist. Kicks and punches were done in quick successions, hitting the swordsmen and pushing them back. The martial artist then jumped upward to the sky and released a palm strike.

A huge hand came from above squashing the swordsmen down below. The martial artist then landed on the ground bowed at his fallen opponents and left.

After watching the video for the martial artist, the siblings grew excited. Will they be able to become that strong if they choose the martial artist class? The two wanted to pick the class immediately but stopped as they decided to see what the other classes could do first, before choosing one.

The next class was the swordsman class. When the two saw this they weren’t as intrigued as before, since they thought that the swordsman class was weak. Seeing as the martial artist killed a ton of them. Though they were reluctant they still watched the video.

Once again a man was standing in an open field this time he had a sword at hand, and his opponents were around three people.

The lone swordsman chuckled and provoked the three other people which infuriated them into attacking. Once the enemy swordsmen were near, the lone swordsman slashed in a wide arc. The three swordsmen blocked the attack but were still pushed back.

Once the three swordsmen were pushed back a few meters, the lone swordsman smiled cockily at them and charged. The three swordsmen were about to intercept, but then as they slashed at the lone swordsman his body blurred. The lone swordsman then moved at a super-fast pace that made him look like he had clones attacking the three from all directions.

The three swordsmen were unable to react as they were sliced into pieces. After his opponents were gone the swordsman sheathed his sword and left.

Seeing that they were wrong about the swordsman, the siblings quickly checked the other classes. The next one was the Archer class, so this time it was a long-range class. When they clicked on the video, they saw a beautiful maiden jumping from one tree to another.

Below the trees were other archers ready to fire at the maiden. The maiden then quickly moved from tree to tree to evade the arrows, as she moved she also fired back. Each arrow she released would kill one of her enemies.

The maiden saw the enemies had lined up in a straight line, so she jumped down from the trees, and pulled on her bowstring her arrow glowed red as she released it. That one arrow pierced through all that stood in its way.

After the archer, was the mage class. The siblings couldn’t understand what a mage was, so they were quite curious to watch what the class can do.

A robed individual carrying a staff was in the middle of an open field. Similar to the martial artist class he was surrounded, but the number of enemies was twice as much. The mage raised his staff and pointed it at the enemies ahead. A ball of fire came forth and engulfed the enemies.

The mage then fired a second shot and this time a large spear made of ice pierced through enemy lines. As the enemies got closer the mage raised his staff above his head, and dark clouds started to gather. The mage pointed his staff at the remaining enemies and bolts of lightning came down, killing off the enemies that were charging.

Was the mage class a God, it summoned fire and lightning, was this perhaps the strongest class? The siblings then thought about it for a while and felt like though the mage had a lot of firepower they never saw it move or take a hit like the other classes. Maybe it had no defense capabilities, so once you get near it might be vulnerable. With that as their last thoughts, about the mage class, they checked the final class priest.

The priest that the siblings know off were old men that preach the way of their Gods. They weren’t combat-ready and were only people that know how to talk. So they weren’t sure what to expect from the priest class.

Once again another person wearing robes appeared in the middle of an open field. This time the robes were white, and there seems to be two swordsmen fighting. One of which was badly wounded. The priest pointed his open palm at the wounded swordsman. A holy light covered the swordsman and his wounds gradually healed.

The scene changed and this time there were numerous individuals on the ground that looked like they were poisoned. The priest then knelt on the ground and started praying. A small circle of holy light enveloped the poisoned individuals, and after a few seconds, they were no longer poisoned.

Finally, the scene changed for one last time. An army of knights were attacking another army of knights. The priest raised both his hands and a beam of holy light surrounded the army of knights on the same side as the priest. The knights that were at a stalemate started to overpower the army that they were facing.

The priest then knelt on the ground exhausted but he had a smile on his face.

That was the end of the video, the siblings now had some basic idea of what each class does. They wanted to ask the Guild Master about his opinion, but upon looking at his stern face they decided to talk between themselves.