The siblings started talking about the pros and cons of each class were. To the two of them, the most important con of each class was that the classes needed weapons. The siblings were currently penniless, they had nothing on them to buy weapons. They couldn’t ask Raymond for equipment, as they didn’t want to bother the Guild Master more than they already did.

So the two decided to pick the classes that didn’t need weapons. Brom picked the powerful martial artist class that used only their body to battle, while Roselia chose the priest class to support her brother.

When the two picked their classes, they got different notifications. For Brom the notification he got was.

[Class: Martial Artist] [A powerful fighter that uses nothing but his powerful fists and legs. « I need no weapons for I am the weapon. »] [Gained Passive ability: Unarmed combat mastery (Lvl 1)]

Roselia also received her own notification.

[Class: Priest] [A blessed soul willing to sacrifice herself for the safety of others. « May the holy light bless us all. »] [Gained Active ability: Minor healing (Lvl 1)]

Once they read their notifications a flow of information came into the siblings’ minds. The two felt enthralled by the new power they received especially Brom. Though he was a rather hot-blooded young lad, that used to get into fights, he wasn’t skillful in it.

Now that he gained the passive ability of Unarmed combat mastery (Lvl 1), he felt like he could take just about anyone with his fist alone. He wanted to try out his new power, but as he was thinking that he heard a voice that interrupted his thoughts.

« Follow me. »

After Raymond received the notification that his two guild members finished selecting their classes, he told them to follow him back to the guild house. After days of staying in this God-forsaken forest, Raymond knew that staying in one place for a prolonged period of time was bad.

While trying to level up, Raymond had looked around the area near the safe zone which was the guild house. By exploring the forest he learned that the further he was from the Guild House the more monsters that shouldn’t be anywhere near a beginner village start showing up.

He also learned that the area surrounding the Guild house was a place no monster would come near. The system told him that the Guild House was a safe zone, in regards to monsters, it was able to fool them to move far away from the place.

The system also said that due to its current weak state, that its defenses weren’t up to standards at the moment. Due to these imperfections in the defense, there were some monsters that were able to stumble upon the Guild House, but they were easy to deal with. Unfortunately, more intelligent lifeforms such as humans can’t be fooled the same way. So it urged Raymond to level up and finish all his tasks so that the system could upgrade itself.

As they were walking, Raymond was checking out the stats of the siblings, since he saw a new tab in his UI. It was a tab called Guild Members, in it were the statistics of his new guild members.


Name: Brom

Race: Human

Class: Martial Artist

Level: 1

HP: 52/52

STR: 5

AGI: 3

DEX: 3

INT: 3

WIS: 4

VIT: 6

Luck: 7


Active: None

Passive: Undying Body (max), Unarmed Combat Mastery (Lvl 1), Farming (Lvl 2)

EXP: 0/100] [Status

Name: Roselia

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Level: 1

HP: 31/31 MP: 7/7

STR: 2

AGI: 3

DEX: 5

INT: 6

WIS: 3

VIT: 3

Luck: 10


Active: Minor healing (Lvl 1)

Passive: Undying body (max), Sewing (Lvl 2)

EXP: 0/100]

‘What the heck, both of them have higher luck than me?! Also, what’s this undying body?’

‘The undying body allows your guild members to resurrect in respawn sites ten minutes after they die. Once their body dies their soul is then placed into the system, and with their data, a backup body with the same stats will be formed and the soul will be placed in it. Currently, the host can set three areas as respawn sites. The undying body isn’t all-powerful Guild members can still die from old age.’

‘Hey, why do they have an undying body and I don’t?!’

‘The host is a foreign substance and not a part of this world. To resurrect the host’s body will require more power, which I currently don’t have. The system needs to be upgraded for the host to share the same benefit as the guild members.’

« My lord where are we going? » Raymond was startled when he heard Brom’s voice, but he immediately went back to his stern expression.

« Don’t call me lord, call me Guild Master. »

« … Guild Master where are we going? » Brom once again asked, a little bit concerned as they were going deeper into the forest.

« We are heading to the place you will live in from now on. » After giving his answer Raymond no longer spoke. He didn’t speak much since he didn’t want to lose his aura of dignity. He wanted to play the role of the cool, serious, mysterious Guild Master.

After a few minutes, the group finally arrived at the Guild house. The area of the Guild House looked different from the time Raymond first arrived here. Now there was a barricade of wood covering the area of the guild house, and wooden spikes on the ground.

Raymond was able to do all this as he invested some points into craftsmanship which helped him make some basic things with wood. Upon entering the area of the Guild house the siblings noticed a beautiful wooden cabin beside a lake. There was also a small cornfield by the side.

The reason for the cornfield was because of the lack of food. After hunting most of the prey, Raymond quickly found out that there were fewer animals to eat, in the area. Though based on what the system said he could eat monster meat, Raymond refused to eat those disgusting looking monsters.

So he also placed points into the Profession of farming. The first time he planted the seeds, he was given a freebie that would allow them to grow instantaneously. Now, most of the time he eats a bit of meat and mostly corn for sustenance.

After showing the siblings their new rooms, Raymond brought them to the kitchen were the dining table was. He made the siblings a quick meal and fed them, once they were done eating Raymond could finally talk to them properly.

« So why have you come to this forest? »

« We were being chased by bandits, our village has been destroyed, and most of the women and children have been captured. Our mom and dad were killed in the raid. » Brom gritted his teeth as he answered Raymond.

‘What a cliche event… Well, if I follow the normal standard, the next thing I should say is.’

« I see… So do you wish to take revenge on those bandits? » Raymond asked as he rested his face on his fist.

« … I do, I wish to take the lives of those bandit scum. » Brom answered in an almost growl like voice. Roselia was also showing a face full of determination.

« Then you should do it… But before you could do that you need more experience, more power. I don’t want you two to die on me after you just join my Guild. So before you head out to get your revenge, you need to have sufficient power to take it. »

« How do we gain more power? »

« Don’t you already know? » When Brom and Roselia heard Raymond’s reply, they remembered the information they got when they become Guild Members. To get stronger they needed to level up, to level up they needed to complete certain tasks or to kill.

« Alright now that you know what to do, I have some questions for you. As you can see, I and John over here have lived in this forest for a long time, and we don’t know anything about the outside world. So can you tell me what’s the outside world like right now. »

Hearing Raymond’s question Brom and Roselia answered the best that they could. The forest that they were in was called Elisora forest, which was within the Western Human kingdom. There were three kingdoms on the continent that the siblings knew of. The Northern Dwarven Kingdom, and the Eastern Demi-Human Kingdom.

The village the siblings came from was called Raul Village, and they were part of the Valiere Duchy. That was all they knew, and that was based on what they heard from the traveling merchants that visit the village.

« What’s the nearest city from here? »

« The nearest city would be Netter City, it’s a two day walk from here to there. »

Hearing this new information, Raymond received a new task.

[New Task: Help the siblings in their revenge.]