[New Task: Help the siblings in their revenge.] [The siblings have now become your Guild Members. As their Guild Master, you must ensure that your Guild Members are fully loyal to you. To achieve this you must help the siblings destroy the bandit group that attacked their village.] [Special Requirement: The siblings need to have the most bandit kills] [Task Reward: +2 attribute points, +1 SP, 50000exp, and one Gacha spin] [Failure Penalty: Affinity with siblings lowers to neutral. Lose one level.]

Seeing the task reward made Raymond happy, since if he completes the task he can finally do ten Gacha spins. But this was the first time he saw a failure penalty. After giving him the information he needed the siblings went to their rooms to rest. Once he was alone in the kitchen Raymond spoke to the system.

‘Hey system what is this failure penalty?’

‘Does the host fail to understand what penalty means? I can’t believe that the host’s current intelligence is at 14, there must be a glitch in my processing, the host intelligence should be -14 instead.’

‘What the heck! I know I don’t look it, with my incredible body and my six-pack, but back in my high school days, I was in the top ten of my class.’

The moment he finished talking Raymond was electrocuted. At first, Raymond thought that he could tank the electrocution once he levels up, yet no matter how high his Vit was he couldn’t handle the electrocution. In fact, with his current skills of Iron Skin (Lvl 3) and martial artist’s vigor (Lvl 2), allowed him to tank the large boar he fought during his first day in this world without a scratch.

Because of Raymond’s fear of dying in this unknown world without being able to achieve anything, he focused more on the attributes Agi and Vit. This was so he could evade and tank any opponents’ attacks. So with his current stats which were far better than before, he felt like he should be able to handle the systems electrocution.

Yet the reality was different from his expectations, as no matter how strong he got, the electrocution still hurt as much as before.

‘Does the host feel better now?’


On the following day, Raymond and his two guild members were standing a meter apart in front of the guild house. It would seem that they were about to initiate a fight as both Raymond and Brom took their stance. The reason for this was because of what happened moments ago.

« So for you guys to get used to your new abilities, how about we have a little sparring match? » When Raymond said those words a notification popped up for the three of them.

[Entering PVP mode] [Fighting until only one side remains standing. Losing condition is if ones HP reaches lower than 10%.] [Do you wish to continue Y/N]

‘Another new function? This time it’s a PVP mode… There’s a lot of things that this system could do. It should stop calling itself the Guild system and be called the RPG system instead.’

‘The host is slandering me again. All of the other modes are just there to help you create the strongest guild. The main job of the host is still to create the strongest guild. More updates will be made once the host is able to upgrade the system. All of the updates will help the host create the strongest guild. In fact, the more you upgrade me and the Guild the more freedom you will have.’

Hearing what the system said made Raymond feel hyped. He had many ideas on how to create a strong guild based on the different novels and animes he has seen. Maybe if he has access to the inner workings of the system, he could do one of his ideas.

« Guild Master, what is this, what’s PVP? » Roselia who has mostly been silent asked Raymond.

« PVP is basically a duel of sorts, it’s basically asking if we’ll fight. You don’t need to join us, Roselia, only me and your brother will do the PVP. Brom are you ready? » Still, a bit confused Brom just nodded his head.

« Then click Y. » The two of them clicked on the Y button.

[PVP will start in 3… 2… 1, FIGHT!]

Raymon stood still, while Brom took a stance. He wasn’t so sure, but like before the moment the PVP began, information on what to do was directly sent into his mind. He couldn’t understand why this information wasn’t given beforehand, but it didn’t matter right now. Since he was given a chance to test out his new power, he had no complaints.

Roselia who was watching at the side also received a more detailed explanation of what PVP was. Even though this was her third time receiving information directly in her mind, it still felt a bit weird. Though she still had many questions, she kept quiet as she watched her brother face the unfathomable Guild Master.

Brom looked at the casual way Raymond stood. With his new ability, unarmed combat mastery (Lvl 1) Brom could see all the openings Raymond was making. No longer hesitating Brom charged forward and attacked. He was surprised by how refined his movement was even while running. As he got close he punched forward, Brom was sure that his attack would connect, but then Raymond just swayed his body a bit evading the attack.

Brom was shocked, but he didn’t let up on his attack as he did a roundhouse kick. Even with that great transition from punch to kick, Raymond easily evaded. But that didn’t stop Brom who started attacking with both his fist and his legs, and he did so with fluent movement. Each attack he made was so precise and flowed fluently that it made him excited. Even though he still couldn’t hit Raymond, Brom was amazed at how good he was at fighting now.

If it was before he wouldn’t even be able to do a single punch properly, like the punches he was doing now. Raymond who was on the receiving end of Brom’s attacks was amazed. He wasn’t expecting the unarmed combat master to be this good a skill. Raymond used to be a martial artist but his skill wasn’t as great as Brom’s. That would mean unarmed combat mastery (Lvl 1) could make one into a martial arts expert, and that was just level 1.

It was a shame that even without the same unarmed combat mastery, Raymond could easily dodge the more skilled Brom. The reason behind this was their stats, in Raymond’s point of view Brom was hardly moving at all.

‘I guess I have a rough estimate on how good the unarmed combat mastery is now. Better finish this fight.’

Raymond then casually threw a punch at Brom. Seeing the incoming punch Brom wanted to evade but he wasn’t fast enough. So he tried blocking the attack, but then as Raymond’s punch hit him, Brom could feel the bones of his arms breaking. Unable to stop the attack, Brom flew a few meters away hitting a nearby tree.

Brom’s HP quickly turned depleted into zero, which surprised Raymond. As he and Roselia were both shocked by the development Brom’s body slowly vanished.

« BROTHER! » As Roselia screamed a notification window appeared before Raymond.