Looking at the bow and arrow in his hands, the Knight of Marhsall would never imagined in a million years, that the castle’s crisis could be solved by only shooting some arrows. He wondered, could this be this the true power of a blacksmith master?

As Abel looked at The Marshall Knight, deeply drawn by the composite Bow, his facial expression became very familiar to Abel’s. It was the same expression when the knight was looking at his beloved armour.

Abel hoped that the Knight of Marshall would returned the composite bow to him. After awhile, Abel reached out his hand. He wanted to take the Bow back from the Marshall Knight.

However, the composite bow remained glued to the Knight of Marshall’s hand. Even when Abel had pulled on it a few times, it did not budge a single bit.

“Abel? Your uncle’s been good to you this whole time, hasn’t he?”

The smile on the Knight of Marshall’s face reminded Abel of the wolf’s expression in Little Red Ridinghood. It sent shivers to Abel down to his spine.

Abel lowered his head and said “Uncle Marshall is very good to me.”

“Your Uncle Marshall has never had a good bow. You know, as an intermediate knight, I was always embarrassed to take my ugly bows out on the streets …. until now.” The Knight of Marshall said pitifully.

Abel rolled his eyes. Every time the Knight of Marshall went outside, he would wear the most expensive clothes, carry a magical sword and put on the shiniest armour. Even the horses were stronger than the average war horses. Therefore, why would he carry a ordinary bows and arrows around. In the Abel understanding of the knight of Marshall, equipment were the most important things to him. Unless it was necessary for combat, he would not carry any ordinary equipment with him.

The Knight of Marshall knew that this bow might be very difficult to make. However, how could he return something he had already revived, that was not his style.

Today’s military service had been over achieved. 12 orcs were killed outside the castle, but these were not just ordinary Orcs. If they were just ordinary Orcs, The Knight of Marshall would not have hidden inside his own castle and not dared to fight. These Orcs were at least level 6, and every single one of them knew how to flight with combat Qi. The Knight of Marshall was only an intermediate knight. He could defeat these orcs if they were having a one to one battle. However, the orcs were often more powerful than the human of the same level. This was because of their stronger build and years of battle experience. It made them machines for war.

The Knight of Marshall did not remember when was the last time he had felt this thrilled. He stood on the defence wall, shooting an arrow for each orc. This bow was like a messenger of death, killing anything that got in the way.

Seeing the forty-year-old Marshall Knight trying to act cute in front of him, Abel felt defeated. He hopelessly glanced in sorrow at the composite bow in the hands of the Knight of Marshall. He felt this 400-pound super composite bow drifting further and further away from him. At last, Abel waved his hand and said: “Uncle Marshall, since you like it so much, you can take it.”

Marshall Knight let out a huge laugh. He pulled on the bow and made an archery stand. He then proudly looked at Abel and said, “Only the most powerful knight can use a godly bow like this!”

“Uncle Marshall, if you pull on the bow too hard without an arrow, it can badly damage the bow, and I don’t have any spare parts to repair it for you.” Abel ignored the Marshall Knight’s pretending to be cool, and ruthlessly pointed out the main weakness of the bow.

The Knight of Marshall stopped laughing. He carefully retracted his force and slowly began to restore the bowstring in to its original position. However there were also some obvious differences between this bow and any ordinary bows. When a person pulls on the bow, it requires their full force. However, once the boystring retracts, the more force it requires. A white light of combat qi appeared from the knight of Marshall’s body as he was restoring the bow, finally the bowstring flattened. The Knight of Marshall wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, and anxiously observed the bow. He had only just received this godly bow, so pretending to be cool was definitely not worth the risk of damaging it.

Abel sighed. He depressingly left the guarding wall. He would now need to go back to the blacksmith guild to make a second composite bow. He need to make 2 new ones in total, one for himself, and one for his father, the Knight of Bennett, Abel understood very well that, since he gave the composite bow to the Knight of Marshall, it would not take long until he show it off in front of the Knight of Bennett. Therefore, if he didn’t also make one for the knight of Bennett, he would have felt very sorry. Although his father, the Knight of Bennett would not say anything to him, Abel knew deep down, his father would feel very sad.

“Open the gate of the castle! Drag the dead bodies back, and also don’t forget the mounts,” the Knight of Marshall shouted at the cavalries waiting inside the castle gates.

After the gate of the castle was opened, ten of the cavalry rushed out. There were two grieving mount wolves remaining in the battle field. When they saw the human appearing, they immediately rushed forward and prepared for their last fight.

However, the two mount wolves only got the chance to took a few steps, before arrows pierced their skull from the guarding wall. The cavalries looked at their their leader, the Knight of Marshall in shiny armour with adoration. Their leader signified the safety of the estate and their families.

Other than the two mount wolves that were shot, there were also four inferno bovine outside the castle. All the other surviving mounts had ran along with the orcs. However, the inferno bovines were often not very smart and not that loyal ether. Therefore, since inferno bovines were often worth quite a lot of money, they could be sold in the market after domestication.

After the cavalries dragged the the dead bodies, and the four inferno bovine back to the castle, the Knight of Marshall had already decided the fate of these bovines. He would convert his horse carriages in to bovine carriages. He would keep two for himself, and the other two for Abel. This way, the Knight of Marshall could feel less guilty for taking his adopted son’s weapon. However, the Knight of Marshall actually didn’t felt that guilty for taking Abel’s bow. He knew if Abel could make a bow of this kind, he could make a second one. Also, the Knight of Marshall thought that, if didn’t take the bow from Abel, maybe Abel would not have the motivation to make another bow again.

The crisis had been resolved. There shouldn’t be anymore more orcs who would dare to seek death at Harry Castle. Therefore, The Knight of Marshall ordered the guards to patrol while he could have some rest. These days, the Knight of Marshall had been very stressed, and he had never taken off his armour. He had to be the leader of the castle.

If the orcs had appeared near a castle, the nobels of that castle could no longer leave their castles. This was a rule of war established for all mankind. If a common enemy of human had appeared in a nobel’s estate and the nobel left his estate, it would signify that he had given up his estate.

This rule did not include the conflicts between humans. If two humans were battling against each other, and if one party knew that they couldn’t win, surrender was always approved. Furthermore, because of the Noble Prisoner of War rule, no one would really want to take such a risk and pick a fight with a nobel, unless they really possessed a deep hatred towards them.

After returning to the Blacksmith Guild, Abel began his repetitive work again. He was making another 2 composite bows. He gathered the last 4 heavy bows in the warehouse, but since the knight of Marshall knew what Abel was doing, he did not became dissatisfied.

This time, Abel had made a lot more than last time. He made 4 bearings, and even made a few extra the large springs in preparation for upgrading his carriage. Abel was traumatised every time he rode on a carriage. He was too accustomed to the smoothness cars in his previous life, while the carriage of this world felt like it was dancing on rocks every time it moved.

In the next 2 days, Abel spent all his energy on making the composite bows. Since he had gained the experience from his last attempt. The 2 composite bows he made this time had been further refined.

Because the orcs were now all driven away, Abel decided to go outside to test out the range of his new bows.

Abel perfected the scale of the sighting device, it was divided into 100 meters, 100 to 200 meters, 200 meters to 400 meters. Abel realised when shooting beyond 400 meters, the power of the arrow would be greatly reduced. So Abel estimated that the maximum range of these composite bow was within 400 metres. Any range beyond that would be impossible to kill anything, at most it could only badly injured the enemy. Further more, the speed of the arrow would also be greatly reduced after 400 metres. Therefore, the enemy could easily avoid it.

Upon completing the two composite bows, Abel was eager to send the bow to his father. Therefore, he had proposed to the Knight of Marshall to visit Bennett Castle.