When the Knight of Marshall’s strikes reached peak performance, his imposing manner had fully captured Abel’s attention.

Abel just couldn’t’ take his eyes away from the Knight of Marshall. As he watched the Knight of Marshall drawing a perfectly straight line in the air with his sword, he knew that he had only 2 options to react to his attacks. He could try a counterattack. Or, he could take a step back to make a retreat.

Abel was reimagining the fight for about a hundred times with his Power of the Will. It didn’t matter how many times he had tried. Whatever he thought his moves were, he would always be smashed into pieces within one move.

After surrendering for countless times, Abel gave up and focused himself back to reality. As it turned out, there was a major difference in the ways that fights were waged between planet Earth and the world he was in. Due to long years of cold weapon uses and physical battle, they had become very acclimated to using these simple weapons and making simple moves. Yet, every one of these moves they made was applied with full force.

The orcs were the biggest enemy to the humans in this world. It should be very clear by now. If humans didn’t apply full strength to their attacks, it would be very hard for them to penetrate the thick skin of their rivaling species. Since the orcs were much faster and more flexible than the humans, the humans had to make their attacks as direct and simple as possible.

When Abel realized that he had become a rank 5 novice knight, he was still not quite familiar with the ways that different sword striking techniques were performed. After seeing the Knight of Marshall practice today, Abel gained a new perspective on how he should go about his training.

“Abel, were you looking for me?” the Knight of Marshall called out and stopped waving his sword.

“Oh,” said Abel, coming back to reality through The Knight of Marshall’s voice. “I am here to test out my new sword”

The Knight of Marshall suddenly became excited as he stared at the sword Abel was holding. He asked “Is this the sword? What’s its ability?”

The Knight of Marshall was well aware that Abel could forge two kinds of magic swords, but his favorite was still the ice magic sword, although the striking power was a little stronger on the firemagic sword. When fighting against a stronger opponent, slowing down their moves were much more helpful.

Since Abel was coming to test out a new magic sword. It shouldn’t be either a fire or ice, it should be a completely new type of magic sword. The Knight of Marshall was thrilled. The ice magic sword and Harry’s bow that Abel gave him had already raised his fighting ability.

Abel thought for a while. The ability of the rune was to rumble away from his enemies. Since chopping wood didn’t make any difference, maybe what he need was a physical opponent. So that’s why he found the Knight of Marshall.

“Uncle Marshall, I’ll strike with my sword and you try to defend it with your sword. Let’s see what happens.”

“No problem,” the Knight of Marshall was very confident in his ability, and Abel’s power should be too strong anyway.

“Ready?” Abel lifted the big sword above his head. Since he had just witnessed the Knight of Marshall’s strikes, the scenario that he had imagined with his power of the will had become prevalent again during that split second. His power of the will pun widely, as though as the sword had become one with him.

The expression of the Knight of Marshall immediately changed. He felt a gigantic sword pressing above him. Was this the sword impose? Only experts who spent years of training could have the sword impose.

The first time that the Knight of Marshall had attained a sword impose was about 5 years ago. Abel had only practiced his sword skill for a short while. When he adopted Abel from the Knight of Bennett, Bennett already told him everything he needed to know about Abel’s ability.

Abel had entered a state similar to the first time he used a hundred skills model. Combat qi began to fill his entire body, and soon it began to flash with glory.Abel felt like he had become a sharp gigantic blade. When the energy reached their peak, Abel felt all his combat qi rushed towards the big sword. However, since his rank was still too low, the combat qi could not travel into the big sword. Yet, it still sped up the big sword as he strikes down. It chopped through the air like a piece of sheepskin, making a cracking sound.

The Knight of Marshall was speechless. As an intermediate knight, he could counteract this strike, but it also required him to use his own combat qi. He knew that once he used his combat qi, he would go all out and it would be very hard to not hurt Abel.

The Knight of Marshall jumped back and dodged the strike. After making this empty strike, Abel had used up all his energy, he couldn’t even hold his sword and it fell straight towards the floor. Abel immediately sat down, relentlessly inhaling huge breaths.

Novice knights could only use combat qi once at a time. When they used it, it wouldn’t damage their core, but they still need a few days of recovery until they could use it again.”

Abel had just tried to imitate an advanced sword striking stand. It had ignited all the combat qi in his body to explode at once.

“What happened?” Abel asked. He sat on the floor, still feeling dizzy upon waking up from his flash of realization.

The Knight of Marshall felt so stupid. It was like he was a pig or something. He spent decades, only until he was in his 30s he learned to do the sword impose. However, this 13-year-old teenager in front of him learned how to do it just by going through a flash of realization.

As a grown man, the Knight of Marshall had never experienced a flash of realization before. But this kid, Abel had already experienced it twice. How come the disparity between people was so big.

The Knight of Marshall suddenly had a change of mind. He was reminded that this kid was actually his successor. Suddenly, he’s felt kind of happy about that. After all, the Harry family hadn’t had a real heir.

“Did you had another flash of realization?” The Knight of Marshall said, clutching his teeth.

“No wonder why I feel so weak. Does it have to be like this every time?” Abel said. He felt a bit helpless, as though the flash of realization was troubling him.

The Knight of Marshall stared coldly at Abel, he cracked his knuckles. He wondered if he should go to Abel to teach him a lesson. It seemed like he didn’t even appreciate how gifted he was.

“Why did you step back? Or… did you get knocked back?” Abel said surprisingly. He realized the Knight of Marshall had changed position.

“Are you crazy? I stepped back myself” the Knight of Marshall replied directly to Abel. He couldn’t understand where the surprising tone in Abel’s voice could have stemmed from.

Abel stood up disappointingly after he regained a bit of energy. His combat qi has been completely drained, only an empty shell left in his meridian. But he was not planning to use his combat qi again anyway.

“Again, this time I’ll just use the force in my body. So just try to defend with your sword,” said Abel as he lifted the big sword above his head again. Since his energy had not fully recovered his energy, the movements seemed to be a bit slow.

The Knight of Marshall got into his defensive position, placing his sword horizontally across his chest. He gave Abel an affirming look, suggesting he was ready.

The big sword strikes down. As expected, it traveled slowly through the air. The Knight of Marshall felt like he doesn’t even need to try to counteract it, he could just remain still.

The moment when their swords made contact with each other. it didn’t make a loud sound since there wasn’t much force in the first place.

When the Knight of Marshall was about to laugh at Abel, for this atrociously weak strike of his. Suddenly, an unstoppable force expelled from Abel’s big sword. This force did not hurt him, but it seemed to hold the weight of a mountain. The Knight of Marshall couldn’t help but get knocked backward. 1 steps.. 2 steps.. 3steps.. the Knight of Marshall got knocked back 10 steps until he came to a halt.

The cocky expression in the Knight of Marshall’s face completely vanished, and it was replaced with a shocked expression. He was 100 percent certain that this force could not have come from Abel since Abel was so weak. This force made the Knight of Marshall felt very insignificant, the last time he felt like this way, was when he met a commander a long time ago. But still, it was nothing compared to the force he felt this time.

Actually, this unknown force was coming from the rune that was marked on the sword. That rune has the ability of “rumble off enemy”, which states that it could knock your opponent backward. Once rune was ignited, the reality would be set in stone, no matter how powerful your opponent was, they had to step back. It was a powerful force that both the Knight of Marshall and Abel could not comprehend.

“What.. what’s the ability of this sword?” asked the Knight of Marshall, his eyes completely locked onto the blade. He was clearly thinking about snatching sword away from Abel’s hand.

“Rumble off the enemy? Seems like you had just been rumbled off,” Abel said as he happily stared at the sword in his hand. He succeeded again.