The sky sparrow was a strategic weapon from the Orc Empire, and it stood out for Its impressive load capacity. Its wide shoulders had the capacity of carrying more than 5 heavy orc cavalry at a time. They were considered as the most valuable transportation assets for the Orc Empire.

Had it not been for the sky sparrow’s cowardice, and its tendency to fly around chaotically when frightened, the orcs would’ve used them as giant flying mounts. Despite that, the sky sparrow played an irreplaceable role in the Orc Empire’s army due to its’ ability to carry a tremendous amount of weight. Besides, its flying range was also superb.

These flying mounts were pretty much the same as how war horses were to humans.

They were also similar to the wolf rider’s mount wolves, which were also important assets to engage in warfare. Unlike regular flying beasts, flying mounts could be used in direct combat, which made it all the more desirable for humans. Unfortunately, however, the only flying mount unit that was available to men was the vulture troop in the Duchy of Saint Alice.

The reproduction of these birds sparrows was extremely difficult. Nowadays, it was very rare to see such huge birds. Any casualties of these birds would be a great loss to the orc empire.

Meanwhile, the team had begun to seal off the valley. They rolled giant boulders down from 10 meters above.

The sound of these giant boulders immediately startled all of the orcs. The joy of seeing the sky sparrow was suddenly interrupted. Then a small part of the orcs began to rush out to the mouth of the valley.

A large amount of wood that was poured with oil, were also rolled down, followed by the boulders. When the orcs reached the mouth of the valley, a rocket set all of the wood on the fire, which completely sealed the mouth of the valley.

The sparrows immediately paused its downward flight path towards the valley, as it saw the situation on the ground. Luckily, the orcs were quite far away from the mouth of the valley. If they were nearer, what would’ve happened to the sparrows? Would they be frightened? As the driver of these large birds tried to calm them down.

Among the confused orcs, there was a party of 10 wolf riders that had a different reaction from the crowd. One of them stood in the middle wearing black siamese armor, and the other nine in full leather armor.

“Lord, something’s not right. I think we’ve been ambushed by humans.” Said a wolf rider with a grim look on its’ face.

“Take my token and make everyone listen to my orders!” said the Lord calmly. The current situation did not seem to have much effect on him.

“I hereby present the Woolf family token. Now listen up everyone, gather up by your dedicated party!” As the wolf rider held up the lord’s token and shouted.

Suddenly, the restless orcs were all silent. Then, they quickly found their squad and joined up according to their specific race.

“I’m Fowler, the sixth son from the Woolf family, and all the orcs here are by my command. Now all of you, be quiet!” Fowler watched in satisfaction as he witnessed all of the orcs obeying by his orders. “We are the most powerful orcs within our kind and these despicable humans have surrounded us with their dirty tricks Now, the only option we have is to fight!”

As Fowler looked up at the birds hovering in the sky and yelled, “These flying beasts that will take us home are right over our heads. They can’t land until we’ve defeated our enemies. Do you want to make it back home alive? Then we must fight! May the beast gods be with us! May the orcs be victorious!”

“The Orcs will be victorious! As the spirits of the orcs became extremely aroused with a desire to fight in their hearts. Although there were only 160 orcs, their voices were so loud that the echoes of “The Orcs will be victorious” were heard throughout the valley.

The Knight Of Saroyan carefully assessed the situation in the valley said to the two elite knights beside him, “I thought we’d let them mess around for a while so that our attack would go more smoothly. But who knew they had calmed down so quickly, I thought they were experienced orcs in the battlefield!”

Knight Bernal touched the handle of his sword and his face was brimming with a thirst to fight. “Can we attack them now, my Lord?”

The Knight Of Saryoan then nodded to his lieutenant, who stepped forward and began to shout, “Shield brigade go forward, gunmen follow the shield brigade and archers, prepare to strike.”

As Bernal announced the orders, the 800 soldiers that were stationed in the valley quickly began to form a battle formation. 150 shield hands who were all equipped with tall shields firmly pressed their shields onto the ground and held them with their arms. They were positioned in the front and were considered as the front line of defense

Behind the shield hands were two hundred rifle brigades, these soldiers were equipped with a five meters long rifle. Their rifle contained a sharp, slender gunpoint that was crafted from fine iron that could’ve easily pierced through any light armor. The rifle brigades carried a gun on one hand and had the tip facing outwards with the tail of the gun resting on the ground with their feet.

When you first see the brigade in the front line, all it looked like was a turtle who had grown spikes. However, the main attack in this formation was the archers, who used a longbow, which was a simple and practical weapon for all purposes.

By this time, the orcs had already organized themselves into a charging formation of 160 which were all level 6 and above. At the front line were the thick-skinned bear men who rode on their gigantic bear starting with the rough-skinned bear men on the bear. Then there was the Tauren who rode on their raging inferno and there were the wolf riders, who surrounded Fowler to keep him safe.

When the orcs’ charging formation reached the humans’ defensive formation within 150 meters. The deputy had already raised his left hand, and the archers automatically split into three lines and kneeled to load arrows into their bow.

“First row, fire! At the command from the lieutenant, 150 archers in the first row stood up and shot their arrows into the sky.

“Second row, fire! As soon as the first row of archers had fired their shots, they crouched down to retrieve more arrows for their next shot their quivers. Immediately, the second row of archers stood up and shot their arrows into the sky, then crouched down.

“Third row, fire! The third row of archers rose to shoot their bows and crouched down.

Just like this, the three rows of archers were able to fire their arrows simultaneously. There were barely any intervals between these arrows as the arrows were like rain.

As the arrows rained down onto the orcs charging formation and their toll began to rise. There were constantly orcs falling off their mounts and ended up being trampled into mush by the mounts that followed. Now, the only chance that the orcs would be able to win was if they increase their speed so that they could get closer to their enemies.

Within a short distance of 150 meters to 50 meters, the team of orcs had left behind more than 40 members.As the orcs came closer, the rifle brigades in the front row could already begin to see the sharp teeth from the orcs. The collision between the two teams was about to begin.

“Combat Qi!” Said Fowler. As he and the rest of the orcs drank it, they began to glow white.

The two sides finally collided. The humans’ main focus was to stab the orcs with rifle point into the orcs body. Some rifles were broken into pieces due to excessive force.

The first line of shield brigades took the most damage. Since the orcs already possessed good charging power, many shield brigadeshad been knocked flying away by the rebound of their combat qi.

At that moment, the scene of the battle was a bloodbath. It looked just like hell. There were orc blood and human blood interwoven together. With orcs howling, humans shouting and also a variety of screams and groans coming from both sides.

The orcs rushed directly into the defensive formation. Although they had made significant progress, they lost more than 30 orcs already. In this kind of short distance battle, the orcs had an immensely more powerful advantage. Their strength and speed, as well as their ranks, were much higher than humans. This made the next part of the battle almost a complete one-sided slaughter. Under the command of Fowler, the orcs rushing out from the siege. They did not stay for long, but instead, they quickly moved forward and kept pushing.

The lieutenant stood on the left of the three rows of archers as he watched the battle in front of him without any emotion on his face. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, he shouted, “Change to the knives!”

The archers then proceeded to drop their defunct bows and arrows and drew their swords from their belts. They had the look of certainty of death in their eyes as their main task was to use their lives to exhaust the orcs’ fighting power.

The lieutenant took out his military saber from his waist. At this time, the orcs had already broken through the first line of the defense formation and were charging directly towards the archers.

The orcs were stimulated by the blood, their natural fighting instinct was fully incited. Their eyes highlighted their strong desire for blood. The archers in their eyesight were like lambs for slaughter. Their eyes shone with a strong desire for blood, and the archers before them were like lambs for slaughter.

Before the orcs rushed up to them, the archers in the front had already rushed directly towards the orcs. As they held the orcs’ legs with their bodies which would slow down their charging speed as well as allowing other archers to attack them.

The lieutenant had also rushed up, he was followed by the last two rows of archers. However, the archers’ frantic war rage did not stop the pace of the orcs. At last, the human defense was completely penetrated by the orcs.